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Nottingham is a wonderful city

One in which I’m proud to live

There are so many things of interest to me

Things which keep me busy and alive

Inspired by the legend of Robin Hood

Nottinghamians are known for their generosity

Giving what they can to help other folk in need

Hospitable and willing to see other peoples views

And I am so impressed with my own city

Making me want to share my pleasure with you

Ron Martin



Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

download dream
In the second year of his reign Nebuchadnezzar had a dream,
He called his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and Chaldeans to provide an
Unfortunately for them he could not remember what the dream was all about,
So none of the wise men could provide an interpretation.
The Chaldeans told the King that no-one would be able to explain the dream
He knew then unless he could provide them with more information,
For this cause the King was very angry,
And ordered that all the wise men should be put to death7 if they did not provide an
When Daniel heard of this edict he went to see the King,
For he and the other Princes were now included amongst the wise men of the nation,
He told the King that if he was given a little time,
That he would be able to provide an interpretation.
Soon afterwards Daniel returned to the presence of the King,
To report that he had been speaking to Jehovah who was the God of the Jewish
That the details of the King’s dream had been revealed to him,
And that he was now able to reveal the dream and to provide an interpretation.
In the dream you saw a beast with a head of pure gold,
Its shoulders and arms were made of silver, his belly made of brass7
His legs were made of iron, and his feet of iron and clay,
You saw a rock thrown which struck the feet of iron and clay,
Which caused the beast to collapse into complete disarray.
The beast represents the Kingdom of which you are the head,
The head of gold shows the power of the Kingdom in the present day,
But as the value of the metals diminish down to the feet,
So the Kingdom will diminish and slowly pass away.
When this has happened the God of Heaven will set up another Kingdom,
A Kingdom which shall last for ever more,
In the dream God has revealed to you what shall come to pass,
And the dream and the interpretation are sure.
King Nebuchadnezzar fell down on his face and worshipped Daniel,
And ordered that the people should offer him an oblation,
He recognised Daniel’s God as the God of Gods and the Lord of Kings,
And Daniel was recognised as a great man throughout the nation.
Ron Martin

Goose Fair


Goose Fair has been celebrated from days of old

When geese were brought to Nottingham to be sold

Thousands would gather for the sale

While many others came just to drink the ale

With so many people gathered there

The sale gradually changed into a bustling fair

An annual celebration to be enjoyed by all

A time of entertainment when the autumn began to fall

Folk gathered to watch the wrestlers and performing bears

Feats of skill by jugglers they had practised down the years

There were side shows with freaks thought to be funny

And folk could have a laugh if they paid their entrance money

You could have your fortune told if you had a penny

The gypsies told their stories,but did not convince many

They took it in good humour,but some hoped it would come true

Especially when they were told ‘ good luck would come to you’

The barrel organ was invented,the music was loud and shrill

And this added to the pleasure of those looking for a thrill

The development of the steam engine led to the carousel

Which waits to join the action when the Lord Mayor rings the bell

At noon in the first Thursday of October in every year

The Lord Mayor gives a welcome to everybody there

They come from far and near,there is excitement in the air

The geese no longer come, but it’s still called Goose Fair

Ron Martin


He was arrested on landing at Heathrow Airport
Suspected of being involved in terrorist activity
There really was no evidence to support this
And he claimed to be a Professor at a University
But in his possession he had a note book, compasses and a protractor
And to the Immigration Officer it was a matter of simple deduction
That the notebook could be a dodgy dossier
And the instruments could be used for Maths Instruction
Ron Martin

A Uniform Approach

The Birds


Have you seen the birds in spring?

They are nearly always on the wing

Seeking in the east and west

Materials to build their nest

The eggs are laid and are kept warm

Protected from the wind and storms

Until the sound of breaking shell

Tells the parents that all is well

Then they spend all day in search of food

To satisfy their hungry breed

Chicks which grow stronger every day

Until one day they fly away

Parents then begin their quest

To find a site for a second nest

Another clutch of eggs are laid

And the care of the parents is again displayed

The days grow shorter every day

Until one day they fly away

Then no more can they be seen

They have gone away to pastures green

Where there is warmth and food for all

Ron Martin


Safari Ron Martin

The American Civil War

Photo: Fort Sumter in its peaceful, pre-war setting.
       General grant  v   General  Lee  
The slave trade meant many millions of black people were transported to America,
They were used in the southern states as cheap labour,
This proved to be economically successful for the cotton industry,
But amongst the people of the north this did not find favour.
The ill-use of millions of black people in the south,
Was regarded by those in the north as an abomination,
This feeling became prevalent amongst the politicians,
The result of this was finally to divide the nation.
Abraham Lincoln was elected president in eighteen sixty,
At that time eleven of the southern states seceded,
They formed themselves into the confederate states,
From then on all hopes of peace gradually receded.
Lincoln was asked to evacuate the post at Fort Sumner,
But Lincoln refused to allow his troops to withdraw,
The Southern army fired shots at the fort,
This was the opening of the American Civil War.
Patriotic fervour swept through the North and South,
The armies of both factions were deployed,
The Southern States were fighting for independence,
The Northern States to ensure their authority was restored.
The first major battle took place at Bull Run in North Virginia,
Pierre Beauregard led the Southern Army in the fight,
At first the Northern Army drove the Southerners back,
But they rallied and put the Northern Army to flight.
This defeat stiffened the Northern Army’s resolve,
Thousands of men volunteered to meet their country’s need,
Abraham Lincoln appointed George McClellan to take command,
He trained the men into soldiers he was proud to lead.
In March of 1862 the North attacked Richmond in Virginia,
This was the second major conflict of the war,
But after many weeks of fighting against the army of Robert. E. Lee,
McClellan realised it was stalemate, and decided to withdraw.
The Northern Army in the west was faring much better,
In February Grant’s army took Fort Donelson in Western Tennessee,
In April the two armies met on the fields of Shiloh,
This was a bloody battle in which no one could claim a victory.
Both armies had paid dearly with lives lost in this battle,
By late eighteen sixty-two both sides were counting the cost,
Both Governments had resorted to conscription,
Fearing that without support their cause would be lost.
At first only a few northerners thought abolition of slavery was important,
That is until the 1st of January of sixteen sixty-three,
When Abe Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation,
Which said that all slaves should be set free.
Following this the Union Army made advances,
With the result that many slaves were set free,
Two hundred thousand of them joined the Union Force.
They were most grateful to get their liberty.
Financing the war became something of a problem,
Both Governments began to distribute paper money,
In addition heavy taxes were imposed on the civil population,
At the same time they both borrowed heavily.
For the next two years the advantage shifted back and forth,
Grant captured Vicksburg on the river Mississippi,
The south was cut into two along the riverbanks,
Lincoln said “The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea.
The turning point of the war came at Gettysburg,
When Lee crossed into northern territory hoping for a victory,
Lee’s forces were savagely beaten back and routed,
After this the northern forces gained the ascendancy.
The war lasted for nearly two more years,
Grant and Sherman’s armies advanced into the confederacy,
In August eighteen sixty-four Sherman captured Atlanta,
This victory helped Lincoln to retain the presidency.
His opponent had been George McClellan,
A former general who fought on a platform advocating peace,
At this stage the Northern States demanded total victory,
They had no wish that the war should cease.
Sherman expelled most of the citizens from Atlanta,
Then a great part of the city was destroyed by fire,
Sherman set out through Savannah to reach the sea,
When he got there he turned north to Carolina.
At the same time Grant defeated the army in North Virginia,
In eighteen sixty-five the confederates evacuated Richmond City,
For four years this had been stoutly defended,
Its evacuation indicated the North had total victory.
On April 9th the Southern States surrended,
Everywhere there were scenes of jubilation,
The news provoked joy in the Northern States,
In the South there was a feeling of humiliation.
On the evening of April 14th, only five days later,
Lincoln relaxed by visiting the theatre with his wife,
A southern patriot John Wilkes Booth sought revenge for the defeat,
His shot was responsible for taking Lincoln’s life.
Through these four long years of Civil War,
Six hundred thousand men dies in action or from disease,
The war ended slavery and subdued the South,
At last the country was once more at peace.
Lincoln    Davis
Ron Martin


In The Litter Bin

I often go down into the Bulwell market place
I see Gregg’s shop at the corner of the square
When I walk along the main street
I see many paper bags from the shop littered there
Those people who drop them should be ashamed
But I’m wondering if it is a plot to get the town renamed
For everywhere I go I am sure to find
Paper bags which impress the name Gregg’s upon my mind
The new name of Gregg’s Ville has been one suggestion
But the very thought of this give me indigestion
To change the name of Bulwell would be a sin
So I appeal to litter droppers to put their bags in the bin
Then as I walk about I would get a nice surprise
For the name of Gregg’s would not appear before my eyes
No longer would I fear that the town was to be renamed
And of the Bulwell shoppers I would no longer be ashamed
It would make Bulwell a nicer place for friends to meet
And make it much easier for the man who sweeps the street
Ron Martin



2003 UB 313

As The Hedgerows Disappear

At one time Britain was divided into many thousand fields
But the hedgerows dividing them have gradually been destroyed
185,000 miles of hedgerows have disappeared since the end of World War II
As modern farming methods have been employed
The hedgerows provided homes for mammals, birds and insects
And their destruction has impacted on these creatures
As a result many species are starting to disappear
Together with the loss of one of natures notable features
One can understand the need for larger fields
To allow modern machinery to be employed
But natures balance is gradually being affected
And this loss of natures balance must be deplored
Some creatures depend on others for their food chain
That is the way that some species have survived
And eventually the loss of habitat will destroy their food chain
Much of which by the hedgerows was provided
Somehow this destruction of nature’s habitat must be halted
Or alternative provision for the creatures must be made
We know that nature will be changed as they disappear
And eventually the price for this destruction must be paid
We must ensure that tracts of land are set aside
Where a natural environment can be restored
Where the mammal’s birds and insects can survive

And the balance of nature can be ensured

Ron Martin

The Dinosaurs

Take Care

download green
Look right, Look left and right again
Before you start to cross the highway
For if a driver fails to stop
“Ouch” is the last word you may ever say
Zebra crossings were not made for animals
But to ensure we can cross in safety
But if a driver fails to obey the code
You could well end up in casualty
So look right, left and right again
Even if the green man says you can go
For drivers are not always attentive
Something that by now everyone should know
So look right, left and right again
To ensure that you can cross in safety
If there is any doubt don’t take a chance

Make sure you are not in casualty

Ron Martin

Time to Speak

The Air Guitar

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