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For How Long?


Who is in control

When the sun is setting in the western sky
And the daylight surrenders to the darkness of the night
When the day’s work is done and people have time to relax
When the stars of the Milky Way come into sight
Then the magnitude of the universe pervades my soul
And I ask myself the question “who is in control?”
If God is in control why do so many disasters occur?
Why do the powers of evil have so much sway?
These are the questions that I often ask myself
As I lie on my bed at the closing of the day
I have a faith that joy can overcome sorrow
And that daylight will bring a new tomorrow
Many folk believe that God was responsible for creation
But looking around the world today many doubts arise
For all they can see is turmoil and disorder
And nothing that happens is much of a surprise
Church attendance is falling, there are fewer people in the pews
Which means that fewer people are hearing the gospel’s good news
For this reason many folk lack faith in the future
And their lives are lacking any real foundation
The gospel message provides hope and strength for living
Which in times of trouble is a source of consolation
In our despair it will bring comfort to our soul
And we shall never doubt who really is in control
Ron Martin

The River Leen

I sometimes walk down by the side of the river,
Which meanders through the town where I was born,
It is a river with a very proud history,
But nowadays it looks forgotten and forlorn.
The river originates in the grounds of the Newstead Abbey,
At the lake where the poet Lord Byron often went,
From there it flows through several villages and townships,
Until it finally empties itself into the River Trent.
The river is part of our great heritage,
In past days it has served our township well,
In its journey it must have seen so many changes,
 If it could speak it would have so much to tell.
It provided the power to drive several mills,
In which many local people were employed,
But all this has now been confined to history,
And most of the mills have been destroyed.
At most times the river flows by unnoticed,
But sometimes it puts on a bit of a show,
At times when the snow falls have been heavy,
The melting snows have caused it to overflow.
Some of the nearby land has been flooded,
Streets and houses in some places have been submerged,
The water on the Main Street was too deep to traverse,
That’s when the rowing boats suddenly emerged.
The serious flooding took place in the winter of  ’47,
The engineers from the Council were instructed
 That any further flooding should be prevented,
So the flood prevention scheme was constructed.
The river was also a place of entertainment,
Where children would fish or paddle for an hour or two,
Children are rarely seen down there today,
Perhaps they have got more interesting things to do.
The River Leen still flows through the town centre,
But few people seem to know that it is there,
Maybe it’s because they are too busy to remember,
Or, perhaps it’s because they don’t really care.
As I walk down by the riverside,
Many things of interest catch my eye,
But my mind goes back to contemplate its history,
As I watch the waters of the river flowing by.
Ron Martin

The beginning of civilisation

The Ice Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age,
Have all contributed to the development of man,
But it is still less than six thousand years,
When civilisation as we know it first began.
Up to that time man had hunted, and collected herbs and berries,
What they had to eat really was quite bland,
Then someone realised they could have a better diet,
If only they were prepared to till the land.
They began to live together in small communities,
To live together for the common good,
They worked together to grow crops and feed animals,
Building houses to live in from wattle and of mud.
The first cities were built in Mesopotamia,
About five or six thousand years ago,
On the fertile land between the Rivers Tigris and Euphrates,
A very good place for their crops to grow.
Every city had its own market place,
Where the harvest of the fields could be sold,
The wealth provided allowed them to develop other skills,
Records were kept so we know how people lived in days of old.
Another group of cities were built in the country now known as Pakistan,
By those who farmed on the hills of the valley where the River Indus flows,
Their cities were built to a more orderly pattern,
Laid out with a system of connecting roads.
And so it was that man started to live together,
In walled cities that helped them overcome their fears,
This was the beginning of our civilisation,
The start of a process which had continued down the years.
How far has our civilisation developed?
Is this really the kind of world our forbears desired.
Are we still working together for the common good?
Have we achieved the aims to which our ancestors aspired?
If we look closely then we shall quickly see,
Our world is one which seems to have lost its sense of direction,
Those seeking power have torn the world asunder,
What we see is a world full of imperfection.
We still live together in communities,
And some efforts are made for the common good,
But selfishness is still the order of the day,
Very few people do what they really should.
We really, really should make more effort,
To fulfill the hopes which prevailed when civilisation first began,
When everybody has a common purpose,
And thus to achieve the brotherhood of man.
Ron Martin

An early start

bird in tree

I woke early in the morning and nothing could be heard

But as I listened carefully I could hear the singing of a bird

It was the early morning chorus bidding welcome to the day

And listening to its singing that bird was heard to say 

Wake up, wake up everybody the sun is on its way

Daylight will soon be breaking, prepare to meet the day

Don’t lie in bed a’sleepnig, when there is so much to do

Rise early in the morning, take the opportunities life gives to you

They won’t last forever, they will quickly pass away

The time is ripe to take them at the beginning of the day

If you miss these opportunities it could bring sadness to your heart

So take example from the birds and make an early start


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We May Never Understand

The beauties of nature are there to be seen
But have you realised that this is evidence
of where God has been
When you walk in the woods and marvel at the trees
Can you hear god speaking to you in the breeze
If you look and listen it will help you to understand
That creation was the work of God’s almighty hand
Sometimes this can be difficult to comprehend
When as the result of natural disasters
many lives come to an end
If god is the creator why is this destruction taking place?
Is god sending messages to a sinful human race?
If this is something that you honestly believe
The concept of god as a god of love is difficult to conceive
Can we believe that this is part of god’s master plan?
And that he uses natural disasters in order to punish man
Some people might think that this is so
But this is something that we might never know
We can ask the question time and time again
Hoping to discover why nature inflicts so much pain
Seeking to discover if this is something that god has planned
Yet, knowing that we never, never understand

Autumn Requiem

When the green of summer changes to an autumn glow,

When the sun settles in the western skies,

When the hours of sunlight get less and less each day,

When the flowers of the field say their goodbyes,

We can hear the music of the autumn requiem,

Which reminds us that each year part of nature dies.

When the birds flock together and prepare to fly away,

To seek food and warmth in foreign land,

When hedgehogs look fora place to hibernate,

It’s a sure sign that winter is close at hand,

The music of the autumn requiem can be heard,

It’s a message which is easy for us to understand.

When the apples on the trees are ripe for picking,

And the grain harvest has been safely stored away,

When the seed for next years harvest has been sown,

Farmers can relax in the calmness of an autumn day,

As they listen to the music of the autumn requiem,

That reminds them that seed time and  harvest will   never pass away.

This promise of god is one on which they can rely,

Knowing that their success depends upon natures cooperation,

Knowing  that hard work on their part is essential,

If they are to provide for the needs of the nation,

But as they listen to the autumn requiem,

They are reminded that god is part of the equation.

By Ron Martin


One day the journey of life will be over,
Hopefully we shall have reached the promised land,

But the road to life is not always easy,
Things do not always go as they are planned.
Sometimes the weather may be inclement,
Sometimes the road is hard to tread,
There are many distractions to entice us,
But we should always strive to press ahead.
If we have put our hand to the plough,
Then we should never look back,
But keep our eyes looking to the distance,
Seeking for the sign that marks our track.
Then hopefully we shall reach the eternal city,
At the end we shall have reached the Promised Land,
The road to life is narrow, the road to destruction is wide,
If we choose the way to life things will work out as we had planned.
by Ron Martin


As I watched the sapling growing into a mighty tree,
I was drawn to reflect on our country’s history,
Its forbears had provided the wood to build our “Men of War”,
Which had done so much in the defence of our shore.
The “Men of War” sailed out to meet the foe,
To the roars of the crowds gathered on Plymouth Ho,
They sailed out into the Channel knowing they would meet,
The Armada which was the pride of the Spanish Fleet.
Francis Drake their Commander was a man who knew no fear,
And his men were not afraid, knowing that he was near,
Their confidence in him was justified that day,
Most of the Armada was destroyed and the rest turned and sailed away.
Nelson and Frobisher were the names of two more,
Who served our country gallantly in the time of war,
Hearts of Oak had the ships in which they sailed,
Hearts of Oak had their men who prevailed.
For hundreds of years wooden ships sailed the seas,
Driven across the oceans by the prevailing breeze,
To discover lands which had lain unknown,
To find treasures that they could claim for their own.
They brought back fruit and vegetables that no one had every seen,
As trophies from the lands where they had been,
They are part of the good we still enjoy today,
Without any thought of those who risked their lives as they sailed away.
Drake and Raleigh were the heroes of their day,
They were prepared to lead their men into the fray,
Many of the crews did not even know their destination,
But they were prepared to risk their lives for the honour of our nation.
The ships of oak had men with hearts of oak,
As I watched that tree growing in my mind it did provoke,
Thoughts of the men who had created our history,
And whose deeds should live forever in our memory.
Ron Martin



dv cooper
Who was D.B. Cooper, it’s a name you may not know,
On his death bed he admitted a crime committed many years ago,
The crime was most unusual, being the first of its kind,
If you consider the facts an unusual story you will find.
A Boeing 727 was flying from Portland to Seattle in 1971,
On board were thirty six passengers and crew,
A passenger told the stewardness that a high jacking was taking place,
That she must listen carefully whilst he told her what to do.
He opened his case to reveal cylinders joined by wires,
That he had a bomb was very plain to see,
The stewardess was told to inform the pilot of the fact,
And that their co-operation would guarantee their safety.
The pilot was told to land as normal in Seattle ,
The passenger were set free as soon as the plane landed,
The crew however were not aloud to leave the plane,
It was then that a ransom was demanded.
The hijacker asked 200,000 dollars and a parachute,
Which the authorities decided was a small price to pay,
In return a promise was given that the plane and crew would be safe,
So the ransom was paid, and the plane took off without delay.
The first orders were to fly the plane to Mexico ,
But soon after take off the orders were changed,
The pilot was ordered to reduce height and speed and to open the rear door,
The hijacker jumped when everything had been arranged.
The police knew the area where he must have landed,
It was an area which contained a lot of marshy ground,
They thought that he might have been killed on landing,
But in spite of a widespread search he was never found.
His thin clothing and the atrocious weather conditions,
Made it very unlikely that he could survive,
But after months of searching without finding his body,
The police had to assume that he was still alive.
The numbers on the ransom money had been recorded,
It was hoped that when it was spent it would provide a clue,
But none of it was ever found in circulation,
After a few years the police decided they had other things to do.
In 1977 D.B Cooper married, but used a different name,
His wife had no idea of the crime he had committed,
They lived a peaceful normal happy life together,
It was only on his deathbed that his guilt was admitted.
His wife was surprised and told the police of his admission,
They must have been happy that the truth at last was known,
They could not understand why the money had not been spent,
So the reason for the crime is still unknown.
Thirty years after the hi jacking a young boy playing in the area where the hijacker landed found a bundle of 50-dollar notes, which had been part of the ransom money.
It is possible that the rest of the money was lost in the marshy ground, which would explain why none of it was spent.
Ron Martin

Nature’s Retribution

Katrina and Rita have sent us a powerful message
That nature still has the awesome power to destroy
And unless we begin to look after the environment
That is something that we no longer will be able to enjoy
We have witnessed the scenes of devastation
Inflicted on the cities in the Gulf of Mexico
The hurricanes appear to be getting stronger
And the reason for this is something that we should know
Is it as the scientists say the result of global warming?
If so it is a warning we no longer should ignore
We must do our best to protect the environment
Or the powerful effects of nature will be felt even more
It is obvious that we are subject to climate change
We have been told that the Gulf Stream is on the wane
Now is the time for us to take decisive action
Otherwise, in the future we too shall feel the pain
We have all felt concern for those affected in the U.S.A
And many of us helped by making a contribution
But we must all be prepared to change the way we live
Or nature will continue to take its retribution
 Ron Martin

The Rainbows End

pot of gold 
I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky
It reminded me of the housewives tales of old
That if anyone could find the rainbows end
They would be sure to find a pot of gold
My mother told me this when I was just a child
The thought of the riches filled me with pleasure
When I next saw a rainbow in the sky
I immediately set off to find the treasure
Eventually I was able to find the rainbows end
But my hoped for pleasure was not to be
For nowhere could I see a pot of gold
Someone must have got there before me
I know now that it was just a housewives tale
One of many which has proven to be untrue
My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt
If anyone tries to tell one to you
Ron Martin



I lay upon my pillow, but sleep evaded me,
My mind was filled with the happenings of the day,
I wondered if I had made a good impression,
Or, if I needed to present myself in a different way.
I knew I had been helpful to many people I had met,
Which implies there were others whose needs were ignored,
In other words I had treated people differently,
Which I know is something to be deplored.
I think I am kind and considerate to most people,
At least that is what I always tried to be,
But some people can be difficult,
Such people evoke a different response from me.
It’s so easy to be nice to those who are nice to us,
It’s not so easy to be nice to those who cause us pain,
It’s not easy for us to ignore their actions,
To do so might encourage them to do the same again.
If we deal with people in the way that they deserve,
Hopefully they will understand that there is a lesson for them to learn,
If we do this with a sense of fairness,
There is no reason for us to feel any real concern.
We shall know that our actions are justified,
That we have taken every step that we should take,
We have dealt with people as they have deserved,
And that there is no reason for us to lie awake.
Ron Martin



i way
We all need God to guide us on our life’s way,
And he needs us to speak for him today,
For the voice of God is very seldom heard,
Many, many people are never confronted with his word.
Those who have met and come to know the lord,
Have it as their duty to propagate his word,
Helping others to know Jesus as a friend,
Someone who will support them to the very end.
What is this friendship that we have come to feel,
What is the word of God we have been asked to reveal,
It has been described as the most precious thing that earth afford,
The reason for this being the promise it records.
The gospel message is one which is filled with hope,
To give us all the strength that we need to cope,
With the many problems which beset us on lifes way,
And prepares us to meet our maker when it comes to judgement day.
To those who do not believe this is hard to understand,
It is possible that it will interfere with the life that they have planned,
In itself this is a barrier which will make them resist,
This reluctance on their part is why we must persist.
At the same time we must not only spread the word,
But reveal to others the changes which in our life have occurred,
To show that our new life in Christ gives us satisfaction,
And praying at the same time it will get a good reaction.
When we look around us at the world today,
We should recognise there is a need for the Church to have its say,
The purpose of the Church must be to convince, not to condone,
To help others to accept the life of Jesus as their own.
If this could only be what a change would take place,
As the faith in Christ was spread throughout the human race,
It would give us pleasure to see more people guided on lifes way,
And we would find satisfaction in speaking for him today.
Ron Martin


Are you a person who believes in superstitions,
Or one who believes every “old wives” tales you hear,
If you do you are not a very rational thinker,
Which could cause you many moments filled with fear.
Superstitions has been defined as a false worship or religion,
An ignorant and irrational belief in a supernatural agency,
A general belief which is deep rooted but unfounded,
Silly ideas which have no relevance to you or me.
They say it is lucky if a black cat crosses your path,
How this could be is rather puzzling to me,
If it runs in front of you whilst driving it can’t be lucky,
If in swerving to miss it you crash into a tree.
How many people do you know who touch wood hoping for success,
As though this action could affect the outcome in anyway,
And those people who believe you will wash your luck away,
If you hang you washing out on New Years Day.
Others believe it is unlucky to have a picture of a bird in the house,
This sounds like a load of hogwash to me,
For if there was any truth in this superstition,
It would be unlucky to have a robin on the Christmas Tree.
If a crow lands on the chimney it is a portent,
That someone living in the houses is about to die,
If this was true the number of deaths would be enormous,
Since this rarely happens it is obvious the saying is a lie.
In the western world the number thirteen is said to be unlucky,
In eastern cultures the belief is that the unlucky number is four,
There is no fourth floor in any hospital in China or Japan ,
In Paris there is no house with number thirteen on the door.
In Canary Wharf there is a floor twelve and a floor fourteen,
There is no other numbered floor in between,
Knowing that many people are superstitious,
The builders were concerned about using the number thirteen.
Then again some folk say that disasters always come in threes,
If two misfortunes occur there is bound to be a third,
Whilst it might be true that this sometimes happens,
To believe that it will always happen is totally absurd.
I would certainly never walk under a ladder,
Not because it is unlucky, but because it is good advice,
You never know what might fall upon you,
After all a tin of paint wouldn’t be very nice.
I believe that the word luck has a pagan origin,
That our luck is not influenced by any superstitious thing we might do,
Until I get the proof that these sayings are realistic,

I will continue  to ignore them, and I hope you will do so too

Ron Martin


I lay back in my deck chair and looked up into the sky,
I was fascinated by the clouds as they went on rolling by,
In my reverie I was transported to a land across the sea,
To a far off place I thought I would like to be.
In my heart I landed on a foreign shore,
A place where no man had ever been before,
Untouched by civilisation, revealed only to my eyes,
A very versatile place, in fact an earthly paradise.
Its verdant pastures spread as far as I could see,
It was no barren island set in a tempestuous sea,
It was a place of hope, peace and tranquillity,
A place where my spirit could roam forever free.
So far away from the problems of this life,
There would be no one there to cause me any strife,
With fresh water and enough food to keep me satisfied,
That this was an earthly paradise could not be denied.
But suddenly I realised that I would be on my own,
That the wonders of my dream would be known to me alone,
They would be no one there to share my happiness,
The only love I would feel would be the sun’s caress.
These thoughts began to fill my mind with doubts and fear,
I realised that I would not be happy there,
And so it was I quickly came to realise,
That for me this would be no paradise.
I awoke form my reverie and looked up into the sky,
I could still those clouds rolling by,
I knew this daydream could not come true for me,
I was pleased to return to the world of reality.
Ron Martin
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