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Where are all the broken brollies?

They have all been left in the streets

In Nottingham, all bent and broken

After all the snow,rain and wind has gone

I saw a Council man with a trolley

Picking up all of those broken brollies,

So now I know where they have all gone

The Council man picked up every one

They say in London

The streets are paved with gold,

In Nottingham the streets are filled

With broken brollies

The shops are empty

The brollies have all been sold

Now what will shelter us

From the rain and the cold?

Abbe, Tom, and Gillian


Bank holiday has come

We’re off to seaside

To have some fun,

 Let’s get sand in our shoes

Bucket and spades

Pick up the lemonade

 Sand castles are made,

The seafront is paved with

Fish and chips and candy floss,

Let’s spend our money

 in the penny slots,

Paddling pools and donkey rides

Bank holiday has come

 We had some holiday fun,

So on the bus and homeward bound

How many seashells have we found?

By Thomas Sims

Soldier boy By Thomas Sims


Our dog Pringle

Just a dream


I am an infantry man

I do the best I can,

With my musket cap and ball

I stand proud and tall,

I keep my powder dry

I’m so frightened I will die,

With musket balls flying by

Just like rain drops in the sky,

And I see solders not intact

So I must get ready for another attack

There’s smoke and bodies all around,

Lot’s of friends I have lost and found

Whilst the enemy stands there waiting

He’s anticipating,

It’s just like a game of chess

He’s putting me to the test,

He’s waiting for my move

Who will win or lose?

There are muskets and cannons firing

This battle is so tiring,

I feel my head hit the ground

There’s just this deafening sound

Then I realise it was all a dream

Replaying the life I have seen.


Thomas Sims

Would You Save My Soul Tonight?


Would you save my soul tonight
Would you hold me close and tight
Would you dream the dream I dream
Would you feel the same emotion
Would you still hold me tight
All through the night
Caress my nightmares
Share what I share
See what I see
Do you believe in me
Would you save my soul tonight
Until the morning light

Gillian and Thomas Sims



I went back to the town
Where I once lived
I hitched a lift on a lorry
That seemed to be
Travelling my way,
We reached the outskirts
Of the town
No-one was around,
The lorry driver dropped me off
With a toot and a wave
He drove onto
The motorway,
As the street lights shone bright
I turned right
Into the street where I once lived
Some thirty years ago,
The house was still there
But looked kind of bare,
The door was still painted Blue
But windows were new,
Then the door opened wide
And I glanced inside,
To my surprise
It all remained the same
As I remembered it
Thirty years ago,
When I bought this house
I had money and fame
But nothing remains the same,
The good times had gone to my head
I remember the drink, the drugs,
And the shame,
That brought me down to my knees
So I’m asking you please,
Don’t live in the past
Because the good times
Will never last

Thomas Sims

The Snowman

There’s a strange man

In my garden

With top hat and tails

He is looking rather pale

He’s been standing there

For some time now

Just standing and staring

And looking all around

He very often smiles

But doesn’t often frown

The squirrels and the fox’s

All adore him

As they pass by

He lifts his hand

To wave at them

And smiles to say goodnight

Thomas and Gillian Sims

Who am I? By Thomas Sims

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My name is Jack Phillips    

I’ve arrived in Belfast

To start a brand new job

As a wireless operator

This is the best job I’ve ever got

On White Star line

Olympic class ocean liner

Called Titanic

The worlds biggest ocean liner

The world has ever seen

They say it is unsinkable

It’s written in all the papers

For every one to read

On one April, morning She slipped

Out of Southampton docks

Heading for America

Far across the seas

Capt. Edward John Smith

Piloted the vessels course

To sail across the Atlantic ocean

Such a long time ago

But a big iceberg intervened

That fatal day in April

The time was 2-20 am to be precise

The Titanic slipped away and died

Broke its back and was devoured

By the murky Atlantic sea

And the band played on,

Myself Jack Phillips

The senior radio officer on the Titanic

The morning after that fatal day

Sending message after message

Frantically on my Marconi radio

Which I could barely keep alive

Then the power went and my radio died

But I sent out my last message. It read:


M.G.Y was the call sign for the Titanic

To anyone who could hear my

‘Mayday message’

On their radios

But the band played


As the Titanic sank into icy cold

Atlantic ocean over a 100yrs  ago

With a loss of 1517 passengers and crew

So let us remember

C.Q.D. C.Q,D. S.O.S. S.O.S. C.Q.D. D.E. M.G.Y.

That famous may day message over a hundred years ago

Thomas Sims

1912- 2015

Titanic Radio room

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German Laptop dancer by Thomas Sims



Robbie Robbie we know you

A Scottish poet through and through

Haggis Neeps and Tatties too

Nip of Whiskey

Just for you

Keeps the cold out

Just as well

Scottish dancing all around

Listening to the bagpipes sound

Tam O’ shanter

Auld lang syne

Celebrate through the night.

Thomas Sims

Gillian and Thomas Sims Christmas poetry

It’s Friday 13th


It’s Friday but not as we know it

They say Black Friday is a day to fear

So lock your doors and windows

And lock in your luck

And watch out for Black cats

Black cats will hiss as they walk past

Is It a day of fear for you my dear

A ladder appears do I walk under Or do I past?

It’s Friday will I get bad luck or will my luck last?

Thank god It’s Saturday

I don’t know how but my good luck did last

But is it running out fast?

Thomas Sims

Its four in the morning



Orion Orion Its sleepy time

Its four in the morning

You should be in bed

You’ve had a bottle

And burped so loud

So off to bed

And lets not hear a sound

Its four in the morning

And I am half dead

So please Orion

Lets go back to bed


Thomas Sims

1958 Rolls Royce Honeymoon Express By Thomas Sims


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