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Like tear-drops

Freezing upon my face

Snowflakes form

Like crystal lace

Icicles hang

Like frozen fingers

Noses and toes tingle

On sleighs up and down

Blankets of snow

Put the land to bed

I see the prettiest picture

I have ever met

Gillian Sims


The Snowman

There’s a strange man

In my garden

With top hat and tails

He is looking rather pale

He’s been standing there

For some time now

Just standing and staring

And looking all around

He very often smiles

But doesn’t often frown

The squirrels and the fox’s

All adore him

As they pass by

He lifts his hand

To wave at them

And smiles to say goodnight

Thomas and Gillian Sims

I’m Still Waiting


I wait

And contemplate

Your call

I can’t wait for your response

But still I wait

So long

How long will it take you

To respond

I anticipate your call

The phone rings is it you

I think of all the things we’ve got to say

All the things we could of done today

But still there is no response

Deadly silence prevails

Is our life full of nonsense

Will you ever respond

But still I wait

I anticipate

Your response

And I am still waiting

For your call

I remember the promises

You made to us all

Now you’ve left

And I wait for your call

Your children so small

Wait for your response

Is our life full of nonsense

Still I wait

For your call

Still no response

I’m still waiting

Gillian Sims


Let it snow

Let the snow dance upon my face

Let the snow lay on the ground like lace

Let it snow,

Let me feel the ice beneath my toes

Let the snow dance upon my nose

Let it snow,

Let me know

When the children can take out their sleighs

When snow drifts are here to stay

Let it snow,

Let the rain go

I want icicles to appear

I want the snow to be here

Let it snow,

I need to know

The ground is white

Glistening and bright

Let it snow,

Let the earth light up tonight

with snow so bright

Let it snow,

I want to see snowflakes

From my window

Let it snow

Gillian Sims

The mask you wear


You wear the bluest summer in your eyes

You are like a raging river when you cry

You wear the sunset in your smile

You have the emotions of a child

You become the mask that you always wear

You build a wall when I try to care

I hear your laughter on a summers morn

Like the sweet sound of birds at dawn

As the daylight illuminates your face

Your sweetness I capture and embrace

Like marshmallows in your arms

I caress your magnetic charm

I steel your emotions one by one

I slowly peel away your mask

To expose the true you at last

Gillian Jane Sims



Mystique and magical fun

Wow it is Goose Fair

Where I have arrived

A magical land

Full of glistening jewels,

That stands before my eyes

Every one lit up like

Diamonds in a crown

Like a rainbow in the sky,

The beauty is all around

Like a magnetic field,

It beckons me

To the  mystique of the big wheel,

I follow the crystals

One by one,

Every one a different colour

Enticing me to discover,

Each and every ride

Is mystique and magical fun

By Gillian Sims



Let’s stop and pause

Put life on hold

Ask yourself

How many opened doors

You have entered

When you had an opportunity

At your feet

Did you press pause or delete?

Put life on hold,

Take a deep breath

While you make your life complete

Place the pieces in the jigsaw

You desire more from life

You need,you want

You have the world at your feet

Now is the time

To put things in place

But you’re just a number

In the human race

Let’s stop and pause,

Let’s applause

What you have achieved

You have found the missing piece

In your jigsaw

Now your life is complete

Gillian Sims


The month of September

Is the month I remember

Of the honeysuckle aroma so sweet

Farmers harvesting their wheat,

The month of September

Is the month I remember

When shorter days are to come

Darkness starves the early morning sun,

We pluck the apples from the trees

We prepare for our Xmas cider feast,

The month of September

Is the month I remember

No perspiration falling now

No hot sun,hitting our brow,

I glance at the beautiful landscape

It is one that God could only create

Gillian Sims

I look to you

When I feel I can’t fight the world anymore

I look to you for an open door

Your shoulder to lean on

Your hand to stroke away my tears,

Your soft voice to console all of my fears,

Your reassurance that you will protect

Me from harm and neglect,

I look to you for an open door

When I feel I can’t fight anymore,

I need your gentle hand

To guide me through

The rough exterior of this land

I look to you for an open door,

Where I know I will be safe

Not lost anymore,

I know you will be there for me

When I feel I can’t fight the world anymore

I will be reassured

Once I have entered your open door

Gillian Sims

Let it rain by Gillian Sims

kiss by Gillian sims


I am the one

Who sat upon

The highest cliff

Reaching out to

To the loudest waves

When a man approached me


Though his eyes were sad

He needed someone to talk to,

I did not acknowledge him,

It was at that moment

A teardrop crept from his eye,

Falling and crashing deep into the waves

He followed,

Leaving no trace

When he jumped into the waves,

Silence clung

Like a glove,

All I could feel was his pain

Around my heart


I remain solo

I wish I had spent the time

To talk to him,

The stranger that I ignored

I wish I had been brave enough,

To hear what he had to say

I was his last hope

Now I will never know

The hurt he held inside

I will never know,

How many times he had cried

About whatever secret he held inside

Why his tear drops fell

Into the hungry waters,

Whilst I sat upon the highest cliff

Reaching out to the loudest waves,

Still I remain solo

by Gillian Sims

Poems about Grandfathers


One does not have to do anything to become a grandfather. It simply happens when your child has a child. It is up to you to decide how involved you will be in your grandchild’s life. There is an inherent biological relationship but the emotional bonding between grandfather and grandchild comes only with effort. It happens when the grandchild sees that you are open to forming a relationship. It happens when you get off your easy chair and make the effort to see what matters to your grandchild.

My Granddad

You are my Granddad

You are not just a fad

Like an x box, tablet or phone

I know you tend to groan

But you are my Granddad

Who makes me happy and sad

You can be very annoying

But when you’re in the bath

And I hear you sing

I am glad you are around

When I hear that sound

You are like a Victorian pear

You have always been there

Very mellow and soft to touch

Granddad I love you so much

Gillian Sims

My Dads Dad

My Granddad came to stay

My Dad bought him a card

I’m only four

And not sure

What this card was for

And this puzzled me

Was Granddad doing his family tour

I’m not sure

I’m only four

Was it Granddads birthday

So I asked my dad

To explain to me

What this card was for

He said it’s Fathers day

And your Granddad is daddy to me



The Impossible Dream

I went to a place where penguins were sliding
Down a chocolate mountain
Where monkeys bathed in a marshmallow fountain,
Where sea lions swam in an ice cream sea
At the side of a bench, lions were writing poetry,
As I walked along the sands I found
A giraffe singing, it was the most beautiful sound
A butterfly kissed my nose,
A llama handed me a red rose
It was almost like they had been expecting me
Like they had invited me for tea
When I looked up into the sky
I could not believe my eyes,
Angels flew beneath the clouds
I heard one shout out loud
Although this is only a dream,
Capture every moment and believe
You can create what you want to achieve
That life is for living the impossible dream

By Gillian Sims

They say it’s going to rain today


They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

Houses were built

To make kid’s bored

Whoever said that

Was right for sure

And so here I sit

Wearing my football kit

Still waiting for it to rain

My sister is already

Driving me insane

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

Now my dad has got out the paint

I think I’m ill I’m going to faint

Now my sister

Is picking her nose

That’s what she’s good at I suppose

Now here comes the dog

About to pounce like a frog

Now he’s knocked over the paint

I think I’m ill I’m going to faint

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

My dad is screaming at the dog

They’re jumping around like a frog

Oh no here comes mum

I feel ill

Oh my poor tum

Now here comes gran

With her wooden leg

“Watch out gran” I said

Oh no it’s too late

She’s slipped on the paint

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

By Gillian Sims


The midnight hour



When the sun sets

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Did I have a productive day

Will I progress in the month of May

Will tomorrow run as fine

Will I ever write that very last line

When the sun has set

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Tea on tap

Computer in hand

Sitting in silence

Isn’t life grand

Gillian Sims


A Thousand Pictures

If I could paint a thousand pictures

Each one would be of you

I would place them all around my room

So I wouldn’t feel so blue

I know you would always be close

So close to my heart

If you were ever away

I know we’d never be apart

My eyes would follow you around my room

To admire my pictures of you

I would go to sleep well rested

Not feeling at all blue

I would dream of you looking at me

Whilst I silently sleep

I would breathe you in the morning

My pictures of you to keep

Gillian Sims

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