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Go Ahead And Put It Off

We can always find excuses for sitting back and letting the world pass us by. “I work too hard and need to relax”, “I don’t have time to get involved”, “It won’t do any good anyway”, and a host of others provide substantial validation to those looking for it. If our founding fathers had been as anxious to get involved,

I ought to love my wife today,

and spend some time, do things her way.

And pull my share, I really should,

but TV’s just too good.

I ought to spend time with my son,

teach right from wrong, and have some fun.

Quality time, I think I could,

but TV’s just too good.

I ought to see my minister,

and ask him now to administer

A prayer for hope, I really would,

but TV’s just too good.

I ought to write my congressman,

and let him know how fed up I am.

And speak my peace, I really should,

but TV’s just too good.

I ought to scream my thoughts out loud,

let others hear, create a crowd..

And do something, I really could,

but TV’s just too good.

I ought to hate my complacency,

getting late, for you and me.

Losing my rights, and you are too,

TV’s just no damn good!

Big business rules our world today,

could care less, who’s in the way.

Minimum wage, almost all they pay,

Repo’d TV away.

I got no way to fight or run,

lost my car, they took my gun.

I‘m just a slave, long as I live,

Got nothing left to give.

Why’d I stall, it makes no sense,

couldn’t start, come off the fence.

Procrastinate, thought it could wait,

But now it’s just too late.


A Quick Note…

No, the world isn’t going to end tomorrow. “Rome wasn’t built-in a day” and we won’t take care of our nation’s weak spots overnight!

However, what’s wrong with getting involved and starting the wheels turning? We’ve got a great country, but as with anything, it’s got to be maintained properly to run smoothly. There’s a lot of gunk clogging its injectors right now. It just needs some maintenance!

How about setting a two term maximum for both the Senate and the House of Representatives? There’s way too many lifelong favors and relationships built with industrial and special interest lobbies. How can we be represented when there are others ahead of us in line with different agendas?

The exceptionally wealthy have made politics a rich man’s game starting with the multi-million dollar campaigns. Instead of grass-roots politics, it has become “Silver Spoon” politics. Do you really think they have your best interests in mind?

Slowly we are becoming cattle. Business has coined the concept of “Political Correctness” to eliminate freedom of choice. Why should we be forced to give respect to someone who has not earned it? Are basic manners, that come with proper upbringing, so far gone that now laws replace them? If we don’t follow this concept for whatever reason, we are guilty of a crime and either terminated or prosecuted. Freedom of speech is also in danger in this concept! If the wrong person thinks you’ve said something that you haven’t, there is such a fear factor running loose for fear of lawsuit, that once again, you will be terminated or worse! If this doesn’t create a society of cattle, afraid to act, afraid to speak, afraid to express..”What Does?”

You can instigate change! But, you’re not going to do it watching reality television.


#Dambusters 70th anniversary of the May 1943 raid – an annotated graphic


Engineering & Technology magazine

The legend of the Dambusters – the 19 Lancaster bombers of the RAF’s 617 Squadron – was enshrined in war-time history 70 years ago, when the planes flew to Germany on the night of 16/17 May to drop their Barnes Wallis-designed bouncing bombs on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams in the industrial heartland of the Ruhr region.

Codenamed Operation Chastise, 56 of the airmen who set out on the mission did not return. Eight bombers were shot down, 53 men were killed and three men were captured. Today’s infographic salutes the incredible bravery of all those who dared to fly that night.

For the full story of the secret mission, check out the dedicated Dambusters website. The Telegraph also has a nice graphic and a timeline detailing the events of that night in May 1943.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

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617 Sqd… A lot more than just “Dambusters”…

A Voice In the Crowd


For those of you who the 617 Sqd name does not ring a bell, 617 was formed at RAF Scampton on 21 March 1943, and was allocated the unit identification code MZ for the period April to September 1939, (even though, the unit didn’t technically exist at the time.) and was the squadron that would go on to bomb the Ruhr valleys dams in Germany, later known as “The Dambusters”.

Handpicked By Wng. Cmdr. Guy Gibson (whom was awarded a Victoria Cross for his part in the raid), it included amongst its ranks contingents of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force and was formed for the specific task of attacking three major dams in Germany: the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe. The plan was given the codename Operation Chastise and was carried out on 17 May 1943.

largeWng Cmdr…

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For The King And St George



Order of the Garter

St George and Dragon

Honi soit qui mal y pense
Evil to him who thinks evil of it

Edward III established the Order of the Garter on St George’s Day 1349, his aim to bind into a brotherhood a select group of knights, twenty-five in all.

An honourable intent?

The Black Death raged across Europe. The monks in their monasteries, the lords in their manor halls and castles – the king’s own family – the paupers, the hard-working, the idlers, indiscriminate of whom it infected, the plague wiped out between a third and half of all England’s population. Famine and starvation followed. Yet the king ordered a grand tournament – the main event to be a battle to decide which of the countess of Salisbury’s two husbands had the legal right! And for the accompanying festivities the king’s court dressed in their finest. Unsurprising, the monks, clerics and priors objected.

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Painted Egg Cartons


Inspiration Rose

Painted Egg Cartons

Painted Egg Cartons

This is a nice idea to put chocolate eggs in, decorated eggs as show here, or even to add some colour to your fridge instead of boring cardboard.

Painted Egg Cartons

Egg Carton
Paint Brushes
Shredded Paper (optional)

Painted Egg Cartons

Step One: Paint the carton any colour you like. I painted mine turquoise and coral with gold dots for one and gold stripes for the other.

Painted Egg Cartons

Step Two: Place the shredded paper in the carton

Painted Egg Cartons


Painted Egg Cartons

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The legend of St George’s and the dragon

The Legend of St. George and the Dragon

St GeorgeSt. George travelled for many months by land and sea until he came to Libya. Here he met a poor hermit who told him that everyone in that land was in great distress, for a dragon had long ravaged the country.

‘Every day,’ said the old man, ‘he demands the sacrifice of a beautiful maiden and now all the young girls have been killed. The king’s daughter alone remains, and unless we can find a knight who can slay the dragon she will be sacrificed tomorrow. The king of Egypt will give his daughter in marriage to the champion who overcomes this terrible monster.’

When St. George heard this story, he was determined to try and save the princess, so he rested that night in the hermit’s hut, and at daybreak set out to the valley where the dragon lived. When he drew near he saw a little procession of women, headed by a beautiful girl dressed in pure Arabian silk. The princess Sabra was being led by her attendants to the place of death. The knight spurred his horse and overtook the ladies. He comforted them with brave words and persuaded the princess to return to the palace. Then he entered the valley.

George slaying the dragon

As soon as the dragon saw him it rushed from its cave, roaring with a sound louder than thunder. Its head was immense and its tail fifty feet long. But St. George was not afraid. He struck the monster with his spear, hoping he would wound it.

Fstival of History

The dragon’s scales were so hard that the spear broke into a thousand pieces. and St. George fell from his horse. Fortunately he rolled under an enchanted orange tree against which poison could not prevail, so that the venomous dragon was unable to hurt him. Within a few minutes he had recovered his strength and was able to fight again.

St George fights the dragon with his sword

He smote the beast with his sword, but the dragon poured poison on him and his armour split in two. Once more he refreshed himself from the orange tree and then, with his sword in his hand, he rushed at the dragon and pierced it under the wing where there were no scales, so that it fell dead at his feet.

The dragon is killed

How will you be celebrating St George’s Day?



Don’t be fooled

On the first day of April

Everyone tries to deceive you all

Some of us are easily taken in

Because we are not always on the ball


So, remember as the day approaches

You all will have to stay cool

Because not all of us

Want to become an April fool


Malcolm Bradshaw


Mother Poem -Single Parent


A single mother strives to succeed amidst overwhelming obstacles.

I sit and look out upon the life of a single parent
I hear the single mother’s selfless cries of loneliness for her child in the still darkness of the night
I see the mother awaking her child with a playful game of peek-a-boo with a smile as warm and bright as the afternoon sun at its apex of the day
I mark the loving kindness she expresses toward her son even with the all the trials and tribulations this world puts upon her
I observe the mother getting herself ready for work with the misgivings of the coming day (where are my socks, did I already put salt in the eggs, where did I put my keys)
I observe the quiet darkness of the child’s bedroom with the mother sitting on the bed with a Bible in hand telling her child of all the wonderful things of Gods love then kissing him good night
All these things are things a mother has to do to help her child grow
See hear, and be not afraid you can succeed with Gods help
© Tiara S. Winston

Garden Poems Wanted



We would love to see your poetry about gardening

Please send them to:



All was very quite as I sat alone

It was if I was surrounded by light

I felt at ease and all was calm 

On a journey I was taken that night 

A gentle voice said do not be afraid

Please take hold of my hand

I want to take you on a journey

To a peaceful and pleasant land 

My companion was a spirit guide

Who explain his world to me?

He was taking me on an adventure

For me alone to see 

He wanted to elevate my fears

That death is not the end

It’s the beginning of a new experience

This message to all I send

First and foremost you all are spirit

For the material is but brief

For as we leave the material world

Our spirit within is released 

You are then reunited with your loved ones

Who have all past before?

You then will be reunited

As you pass through the spiritual door 

Malcolm Bradshaw




Spirits in the sky


An old medicine man wandered into the Indian camp

To seek an audience with the great chief Sitting Bull

Who was sitting outside his lodge

His war council sat all around

He beckoned Sitting Bull to one side

Before you go into battle

Seek guidance from the spirits in the sky

Go to the great lakes

The homeland of your forefathers

Who went there before you

Where the grass is green and the buffalo roam.”

A great wind and cloud rose out from the ground

The spirits of the Wolf, the Bear, and the Eagle

Along with the ghost riders in the sky

The Warriors battle had been long forgotten

Where soldiers bullets just flew by,

You will Be safe my brave young warrior”

Sitting Bull rose at sunlight

Morning dew was still upon the ground,

He rode back to the camp where there were tepees

Scattered all around.

Next day the battle was upon him

War bonnet and paint he adored

On his white stallion he did ride

To meet soldiers in the Valley

Who were Spoiling for a fight,

Has Sitting Bull saw the soldiers

He galloped at them hard and fast

Whooping and howling

His war cry as he rode past,

The soldiers fired their rifles

But bullets travelled straight past

His warriors watched in amazement

From a bluff way up high,

Now they all believe in the vision

And the spirits in the sky

By Thomas  Sims



Who needs a super hero

When you’ve got a super smurf

With magic powers that you can’t see,

He would use his powers

And amused us for hours

But by using his powers

He got stuck to the side of his cage,

Because a magnet he ate

it’s a good job he didn’t eat too many,

The size of a penny

But one had fallen off the spider man’s foot

Then it got stuck in the smurfs furry cheek

For nearly a week,

Now Spider man’s been put back on the shelf

Then one day the magnet popped out,

Just leaving a graze at the side of smurf’s face

And Smurf is now back to his loopy old self

Thomas Sims



Re-living the Dambusters’ Raid – exactly 70 years ago today

The Westminster Collection

16th May 2013 – the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters’ Raid – the exact moment when, on 16th May 1943, 617 Squadron set off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire under Wing Commander Guy Gibson to destroy the dams of Germany’s Ruhr Valley with their ‘bouncing bombs’.

As part of the official Battle of Britain Memorial, 495 specially designed Dambusters’ covers will be flown on board one of just two surviving Lancaster Bombers over Derbyshire’s Derwent Reservoir, part of Derwent Dam – an area used by the pilots for training.


An Officially Approved Royal Air Force Commemoration, each cover features an original Dambusters’ stamp, postmarked with an exclusive cancellation dated 17th May, and an official 70th Anniversary Dambusters Coin struck in Solid 925/1000 Silver to the highest proof finish, its reverse enhanced with selective 24-Carat Gold-Plating.

Just 495 available

Due to the cover’s uniqueness and the fact that tonight’s flight will never be repeated,

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dambusters 617 SQUADRON


Dog of Night
  While Lancs go forth consuming flight
  ascending safe through edge of light

The dog of night keeps Scamptons Gate
caressed by sleep whence time will break

In dreams and thoughts another day
of aircrews, grass and hours of play

His restlessness his turn of eye
a welcome touch, a voice, a sigh

Forever held no more to roam
Hells darkened depth to be his home

When ships return may he awake
and from this hole, his life to take

Soon voices free will cut the tie
to bring together both on high.

John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action 



Count them back


I stand and count and count again                                                        
adrenaline blocking thought and pain

No more my friends their laughter shown
around this place now sombre grown

Oh! where Oh! where my thoughts run wild
as lips respond like gibbering child

I stand and count and count once more
then finally turn and close the door.

John C Haywood Copyright © 
Poetry In Action


The Real Aviator’s

Pilots and navigators, the adventurers of old
sometimes quite crazy, but most of all bold

Bleriot Sikorsky Alcock and Brown
they came from your city, they came from your town

And who would have thought it so long ago
that aerodynamics be part of the show

From Sopwith and Cierva Lockheed and Spad
so many killed though, the memories are sad

Handley Page, Messerscmitt, Short Brothers and Yak
remember the pilots who never came back

Then there’s our Amy, Lindbergh and Wright
the thrill of the take-off, the tension, the flight

But those with the calling were pioneers all
and they relished the flying, the lift, and the stall

I could go on for ever with tales of the few
about dare-devil aviators resting up in the blue

We won’t forget Vicker’s and Hawker, the best
in year 1940 they surpassed all the rest

From box-kite to jet plane in such a short time
they had a good reason and a good rhyme

Frank Whittle and Avro had come a long way
but air transportation was now here to stay

So when next in an aircraft think of these guy’s
watching your progress in their conquered sky’s.

John C Haywood Copyright © 
Poetry In Action

The Lanc’s of  Manby

Oh! faithful Lanc in flight so high, bearing airmen through the sky
Roaring Merlins carry back, commited airmen through the flack

Hour on hour of dulled distraction, signalled by the right of action
Born aloft from base in flight, returning wounded in the night

Surviving crew another day, carry those who have no say
Tour of duty in their stride, checked by ground crew with great pride’

John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action

Warrior of the Sky

On trusty stead I mount the sky, as whispered cloudlets rush on by
I dive, pull back, invert and climb, till blinding lights dull space and time
Then roll and turn, leave fields below, while power surges on as though
I’ve lost control of all I sought, adrenaline bending every thought
Regaining charge my head now clear, so close disaster seconds near
As one we ride through wave and crest, decending mighty beast to rest
To ride on high another day, foreboding foe for you to slay
With lions roar and proof of worth, caressing trees we kiss the earth.
John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action


Kirton Lindsay

‘I’d like my friends’ to tell a tale
of open sky’s and vapour trail

Our climb to height, our rush to Earth
all sinews taught, as if at birth

When whispered clouds brush metal skin
and face distorts all cramped within

The compressed torso cold with sweat
is forced by acts so quick to set

But nerves of steel come into play
and help us through another day.

Copyright John C Haywood © Poetry In Action

Tail End Charlie

I’m the tail end charlie at the rear of every ship
dreadfully cold, on each and every trip

Surrounded by perspex and stuck here every night
no room to manoeuvre, when the doors are all shut tight

I love the terra firma, but I’m the last to leave
you can say it’s rather silly, and maybe quite naive

But when the aircraft leaves the air, and we come into land
guess who’s last to leave the ship, now you’ll understand

Why the tail end charlie, on each and every mission
is such a solitary lonely guy, stuck in a daft position.

John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action

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