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We are all writers in our own right at Poetree Creations.We have many projects that we would  like to undertake.

Writing and publishing our own books we feel is a priority.In between writing,publishing, and running our workshops we have exhibitions and open mic sessions.We also write articles for community magazines,and write commission poetry for any occasion.

Malcolm Bradshaw is the producer of our videos that appear on this site and on YouTube under Gillian Sims and Malcolm Bradshaw.

Ron Gardner supports us with all of our proofreading and some English lessons in our workshops.

All members of our local writers group support us with research and input for this website.

We are  pro active in other community projects.

We are also in a very good position to publish other people’s written works.

We welcome any artists who wishes to promote their work on this website.

If you would like us to promote you on this site write to us

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  1. Good poets and organization. I appreciate this site. Keep up the great work.

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