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A mountain to climb


The first time something is done we may regard it as spectacular,

We can appreciate the effort, the dedication and the stress,

But soon the deed becomes quite common place and banal,

As it is repeated it impacts upon us less and less.


For many years man had tried to climb Mount Everest,

And then one day there was a photograph for all the world to see,

Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tensing standing on the summit,

They had ensured that their names would go down in history.


Once man had reached the summit of that mountain,

Once it had been shown that man could ascend its height,

It seemed that the task was not so difficult,

And today people standing on the summit is a common sight.


The same is true about many of man’s achievements,

Once achieved they became easier to repeat,

But it is the name of the first who is remembered,

Theirs is the record which goes on the record sheet.


Down the ages there have been those seeking to be first,

To achieve something which has never been done before,

Many, many people have failed in their efforts,

But their efforts have inspired others to try even more.


Man had dreamt of travelling into space,

No on ever really thought it could be a reality,

But in the last century these dreams were fulfilled,

When man harnessed the power of rocketry.


Today man travels into space with regularity,

It still fills people’s mind with fascination,

Now we are told that in the future many men will go,

And that in the future space will be a holiday destination.


What mountain is it that you would like to climb,

What is it that you are hoping to achieve,

Is it something which has never been done before,

Or something in which you fervently believe.


It may well be that you will never fulfil this ambition,

But failure should not fill you with despair,

If you have done your best you can feel satisfied,

Knowing that to be the first to achieve something is very rare.

Ron Martin

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