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Colwick Park

Take a walk around Colwick Park

So much to take in, so much to see

A sparkling jewel within Nottinghamshire

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s all-free


Round a bouts and swings for the children

Long walks for all to take part

Taking in all of the beautiful scenery

It’s just knowing where to start


The lakes in all their splendour

With greenery and all kinds of trees

Wild life swimming across the waters

With dragonflies, butterflies and bees


The River Trent runs by the park

Adding beauty as it flows by

Fishermen fishing in the lakes

With ducks, geese and swans flying high



It’s a place where you can find peace

A place to sit with your memories past

Of relationships to reflect upon

On how long they’d last


Colwick Park has many things to give

And you can add to it’s magic too

For a short while lose yourself

In the panoramic scenery you view 

Malcolm G Bradshaw

A Mother’s Loss

I held someone very precious

A miracle that was gentle and mild

The most wonderful gift from God

Was my first-born beautiful child

This child had a heavenly smile

So tiny, so delicate in every way

But alas my dreams were shattered

As my child passed away

I was devastated at my loss

By now my heart was breaking

Everything stopped in my life

Every bone in my body was aching

I blamed myself for the passing

My health reached low ebb

I just could not understand

Why my beautiful child was dead

It was then as I lay sleeping

An angelic angel came to me

Cradled within her arms was my baby

She had brought for me to see

I felt all the grief and pain was lifted

These words to me she said

My child please don’t blame yourself

As your can see your child is alive not dead

Your baby in heaven will be taken care of

And God will ease your pain

Your child will be waiting

To be re-united with you again

  Malcolm G Bradshaw

Poppy And The Snail

Poppy the fairy was flying in the forest

When she came across Simon the snail

He wasn’t looking too good

In fact he was looking quite pale

Whatever is the matter enquired Poppy

I don’t know was Simons reply

I have not been able to slither

For my trail has been to dry

Poppy gently picks him up in her arms

Flew down to the doctor pretty quick

For she was very concerned about Simon

For she knew that Simon was very sick

She took him to see doctor dandelion

 The doctor would know what to do,

He examined poor Simon thoroughly

He diagnosed Simon of having snail flu

The doctor told Poppy to take him home

Put Simon straight into his bed

Make sure he has plenty of fluid

Place a cold compress around his head

Poppy made sure Simon was comfortable

As she tucked Simon into his shell

After a few days of nursing

Simon recovered very healthy and well.

Malcolm Bradshaw

Wanderlust of Rain – Promote Yourself

It was wonderful to come across your website and see a community of poetry lovers. I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my recent poetry on Rain. Would be delighted if this gets featured on your website 


A wait of months,

A struggle of a year,

and I was transformed.

I teared the clouds,

I swayed in the arms of air,

I can see what lies beneath.

I touched the cheeks of trees,

Knocked the windowsill

and kissed the ground.

I am floating, to mix with the sea,

the skies await,

A mingled chain, wanderlust of Rain.

This poetry is also featured on my blog Camera Lore.

Thank You & Regards,

Reema Sathe

The start of a new day

As the dawn awakes from its slumber

As the night slowly slips away

As the sun arises to takes its place

It’s the start of a brand new day

The chill from the midnight air

Is replaced by the warmth of the sun

The flowers awake from their rest

A kaleidoscope of colour has begun

The animals grazing in the fields

Bird’s songs fill the air with sound

A gentle breeze disturbs the leaves

As they majestically fall to the ground

A woodpecker in the distance

Noisily tapping at the trees

The butterflies in all their glory

Collecting honey, the sound of the bees

The rain as it’s gently falling

Too nourish nature’s jewels

It replenishes all the rivers

And fills all the ponds and pools

A rumble of thunder in the distance

A rainbow across the sky’s

All filled with breathtaking colours

Bringing beauty to our eyes

When the new day is over

The dusk will enter with haste

The moonlight will cover the earth

Casting shadows all over the place

As we say goodbye to another day

Anticipating the start of a new dawn

Mother nature will not disappoint us

The treasures of her new morn

Malcolm Bradshaw

Foot Patrol

In a swift second of acknowledgment
His eyes soared
vertically chasing
Fizzing metal,
Viewing a sky that
slowly rolled
Over him
And a sun that
shone for Satan
In a wilderness of
Heat and air
merged to
proportions, infused
With alloys of war
and hate that
Boiled by
waterless caverns of
Of lemon
Above a lone cloud
Soaring to
To grasp and hold
To cradle a
He blinked
Eyes silently
He fell where he
Head in his
As a man,
As a grain of
As an important
Restless Khyber
wind circled
With a belligerent
edge that
Cracked and spat
and blew,
Drifting dunes of
As hostile sand
A sign of
His mark of
Our print of
This empire of
By Stephen Hollaway
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