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Goose Fair

Goose Fair has been celebrated from days of old

When geese came to Nottingham to be sold

Thousands would gather together for the sale

Whilst many people came just to drink the ale

With so many people gathered there

The sale gradually changed into a bustling fair

An annual celebrations to be enjoyed by all

A time for entertainment when autumn mists began to fall

Folk gathered to watch the wrestlers and the performing bears

Feats of skill by jugglers they had practiced down the years 

There were side shows with freaks thought to be funny

And folk could have a laugh if they paid the entrance Money

You could get your fortune told if you paid a penny

The gypsies told their stories but did not convince many

They were taken in good humour, and some hoped it would come true

Especially when they were told ” Good luck will come to you”

The barrel organ was invented, the music was loud and shill

And this added to the pleasure of those looking for a thrill

The development of the steam engine led to the carousel

Which wants to join the action when the lord mayor rings the bell

At noon on the first Thursday in October every year

The lord mayor gives a welcome to everybody there

They have come from far and near, there is excitement in the air

The geese no longer come , but they still call it Goose Fair

By Ron Martin


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