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If i wanted to be a lion and hang as tall as a tree i could, but that would be irrelevant can’t you see
I am a man, a wo-MAN, a fe-MALE so that would make us one … am i right?
I may not be a girl i may not be a boy i may just be a being living in a world
What is creativity if you look inside and see its understanding your subconscious self and questioning your reality
If we are made in God’s image and all Religions say God is creator then we are also creators, projecting our inner light called “creativity”
We can’t all be painters the world would be ugly! But we can all be creative and express ourselves individually
One colour on a pallet will make the plain paper look dry, but many colours on the paper will create a story of why?
Not wanting to be yourself will erase your story, paintings and more colours will manifest your glory
Beauty is individuality so express it and be proud even if others don’t like it at least you stand out from the crowd


Baby – Promote Yourself



You are

A long time




All time is



My time is

Yours since



But your

Time is

Not mine


It is yours

I get to

Watch it


To feel how

You are

Not in me


But you were

There you



Into a paw

Of blood

And time


It felt good

To share

To receive


Now I live

To give

You time

 Ana Maria Caballero

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