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The Craft – Promote Yourself



the poet’s craft-
to capture essence of a thing,
and cram it into sparing words.
even truer so, is the poet’s fate…
to burn with such intense, inescapable feeling,
that to put pen to paper is his only option.

baring this to all the world is the art.

-Nuella Onyilofor



An old ancient trade
To a new bag of tools
Skilled master craftsmen
With patience and guile
Show a young eager boy
How it’s all done, what not to do
Keen to learn, willing to graft
For in return, a gift, a craft
To use throughout life
This education of art
Taught to a boy, used as a man
Three years of indenture
In theory and practise
By brain and brawn
Viewed through the telescope of life
A journey that starts as a boy
With a new bag of tools
To a man with an old ancient trade.
Stephen Holloway
9th competition 2011


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