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Tomatoes – Promote Yourself

Image result for Gardeners Delight Tomato Plants

My peat-free Grow-in-the-Bag has three new plants –
or implants – wound-in green plugs tied to willow canes.
‘Grown from seed?’ my friend asks, and I nod.
Truth is they’re as alien to this soil as I am.
I imagine their threaded roots unwinding from the ball,
separating, trying to spread, and wonder if they’ll hit
the bottom quickly. Well, what do I know about tomato roots?
For now they are pretty things, my Moneymakers
and Gardeners’ Delight – like three Scarlet O’Hara’s
dressed in their emerald curtains determined to grow food.
Though a little voice inside me says: you wait and see,
with no glasshouse and nothing but that fly-about willow
to cling to, this soil could easily spit them out. And you.
Root by root, toe by reddening toe.


“Redeem My Love”: – Promote Yourself


Crossing a somber

make believe cosmos

where the sharpened brim

of restless nights edge

through raindrop eyes as

the blanketing escape of

your rising circulation

nears smiling threads

of measured perfections.

I feel the precise muscle

of your tenor nestling

my diseased nightmares

as if some lighted aegis

of a sheltered dorm.

My histories drain

through every mile

of a shaking fractured kiss

and my lost soul drowns

begging for some belief.

If you persist in this

perpetual revival…

then take care

as my spirit unravels lost

between the floating taste

and song of your sublime

free and fingered clasp.

Black Promote Yourself


As reticent as the undergrowth of a forest

As cold as a cruel man’s heart

As dreary as winter

As still as the darkest nights

As a crow at midnight

Preparing to take flight

As murky as a monsoon

As gloomy as the clouds of doom

As bold as a raven’s feathers

As shadowy as death

As lonely as a blanket of discouragement

The reflection of a cave

As mysterious as the depth of a lake

Misty, dreamy

Dim, stormy

Black is the richness of the earth

Victoria Rathernotell



I live on the streets that’s me

No home to call my own

I play hide and seek

That make’s my life bleak

No warm clothes to wear

And no-one to share

Life is so cheap

I steal food to eat

I live on the street

With nothing to eat

I see people spending money

But I have none

I cannot buy presents

Santa won’t be visiting me

My family pass by

But they do not see

The misery

I endure

They are so happy

I am so sad

I live on the street

With nothing to eat.

Thomas Sims

Responsibility of Life – Promote Yourself


Awakened – Promote Yourself


she tastes salt on her lips
and wonders if it is from the tears
in her eyes or the lathering waves

crashing upon eroding rocks
she gazes with white eyes
towards the blurring horizon

the sea has no branch
that’s what she’d been taught
and there was nothing to save

a drowning soul, nothing except
the lightening flash within
to awaken her from her slumber

as dusk comes to meet her
she catches her breath
begins fighting for her life

awake! awake! awake!

the wind stings like needles
and the thunder growls a warning
but her tears have dried

in lines like desiccated coconut
on the curved highway of her cheeks
she was awake
and it was time to return home.

  © Shery Alexander Heinis

Teacher – Promote Yourself

I no longer put on my face
Gave it up years back
A crusade of my making
Mirrors I gave away
Except the medicine cabinet
Having more time together
Happy my children and I played
Yet working today
At the head of a class
I stand before a crowd
But they don’t like what they see
Their demons awake
That before slumbered uninterrupted
They come, manifest groggily
Darkness filling broad day
Young faces change
I look into dead eyes
Nothing of light remains
Except for what’s mine
It blazes within me bright
But holds nothing in this place
I’m surrounded by night
Now welcomed to hell
Aware I stand my ground
And bide what is time
Until their demons are freed
Resting back in cavern’s cave
When night demons visit
Makes no sense to take fright
By Maggie Murrone (aka Myas ( or if you’re into something a little more macabre there’s
I’m a self-published author of two books, a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US, substitute teach at the local school district, and have had the joy to act as the granny-nanny for my grandson since he was 3-months old. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies , other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Bushmills 21-Year Old, Cabernet Sauvignon, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

Asimina – Promote Yourself

When we met she told me I’m her first American friend
Historic for both of us on a March day 2010
Personable she is with such promise
An Engineering student competing
Building robots with her team
She was so much younger than I but no matter
Ageless we enjoyed the town
She’d been here before
A favorite student place to go I was told
Proudly she showed me
All the best places to be and enjoy during my stay
A star representing her home country
Everyone around the world should be this way
Differences between us would dissipate
Later she left for her connecting train
But we keep in touch even till this very day
I’m sitting at a bistro now like other Europeans
(A real part of them I am, through nationalities comprising me)
Next to flower boxes, yes flower boxes, looking across the street
Oops, I don’t mean flower boxes looking but me; I’m doing the looking
At the sea
Hmm, time out
There’s a better way to put that I don’t doubt.
Maybe later I’ll figure it all out and edit this piece with my audience unawares except I told you.
What fun I’m having with blogging to share.
Where was I?
On this street cars fly by
Lending a contradiction to peace I can’t help but feel
Just beyond assorted boats dot the surface, making specs
Like the border of the sky
Is that a battleship there, right there, look, straight ahead?
You see it?
Interesting thought occurs that this place knows
So much more than me in fact
Everywhere but my country is prepared for anything
From venerable experience rooted it would be
We are the youngest you see
Spoiled from those gifts the oldest bestow
Parents know but so should we
Ah, what I wanted to say
Back to the landscape over this way
A few days later back at my favorite café
It’s my turn to spend the moments before I board the train
To marvel one last time
At the unique scenery I will leave behind
Macedonian churches in the middle of buildings
Seeming out of place, but they were there first
Built long before these apartments existed
Before there were a trace, and now
New buildings look dilapidated some seem too tall
Together they make an eccentric horizon
As if the streets were tops of an elongated desk
As if the churches were massive paperweights
Anchoring the buildings down, unmovable, strong
Keeping leafs from flying, held in place, tethered against any storm
Such a vision historic and for future time
Throughout my life will never leave my mind
By Maggie Murrone (aka Myas: or if you’re into something a little more macabre:
I’m a self-published author of two books and working on a third that I am constantly distracted from by my blogs, flash fiction, short stories and poetry I write.
margaret prezioso-frye

Yes, my girl you are the star,- Promote Yourself

Rise up and rise above what crushed you
 Yes, my girl you are strong, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that despised you, be ashamed!
Aim high and reach heights where others dare not
 Yes, my girl you are able, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that failed you, be ashamed!
Explore the new, where others tread not
 Yes, my girl you are the leader, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that mocked you, be ashamed!
Believe in your dreams and make them true
 Yes, my girl you are the winner, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that denied you, be ashamed!
Show the world what you got, show them you can
 Let the world see the fire that burns in you
 Strong and steady, guiding your way.
 Yes, my girl you are the star, shine forever
 Let the world see what you are worth!
Priya Krishnan

I live in Breads – Promote Yourself


Every morning
With our head raised to glory
The smell of the bread
Alarms our mind to call of duty
We gain the famous thought
Of every household
Gathered in our neighbourhood
Of the bread growing from
Our teeth, no less our nose
Our farm
No expectation less
For its the engine room
Where we test the tests
I charge the flames
With the beating chest
Of the precious mine
Spurning diamonds at our feet
The bread
Our proud heritage
Where we fuel
The inner mind of our friends

Hi friends! Kindly join me at Together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.

A Dream – Promote Yourself





A drift in the coldness of a dream

A laughter echoed with shivery

Haunting every unredeemed souls

Of those who are denied and weary.

Echoing yells and constant weeps

Those cries are more excruciating

Others trapped in a slime head deep Of treachery,

lies and self-deceiving.

That laughter grow increasingly

To every dampen corner faintly

lit Eerie eyes on every candle bases

Grudgingly watches a soul to slip.

Of what could be worst of them all

A view from afar of a soul left alone

Wondering what it did long before

In its eyes, it was me all along.

A Dream

-Jon Ida

In The Dark Alley – Promote Yourself


He stood in the dark shaking
With wounded and bloody hands
Looking at the distant dawn breaking
Frozen in an empty alley, he stands
Slipping in the shadows
He manages to get to his house
Initially too shocked to grieve his woes
But, now he spends his day to carouse
Drinking to drown the pain
Trying to forget about her, desperately
Couldn’t help picturing how she’d twirl in rain
And, the fights they’d had lately
How he’d lost his temper
When she wanted to leave
How he’d stalked her
And, saw her talking to someone else in disbelief
He lurched forward and punched the other man
After a fight, successfully knocking him out
He looked up to see as she ran
Afraid of him, without a doubt
In that moment he knew she was gone
Along with his chance of ever winning her back
Whether he liked it or not, it was essential to move on
To leave the place that left him a wreck
He passed out drinking
Drowning in the memories
And, woke up with a new dawn breaking
Deciding to leave behind his worries
Little did he know he’d killed the man in his rage
Little did he know,
She’d saved him from getting immediately caught
Surprised he was when he saw his name on a package
Instructing him to run in the time bought
From a letter he learned the whole story
And, dedicated his life to right his wrong
For he was truly sorry
As every other day he carried along
The sin he’d committed “In The Dark Alley
By Grace Linton, 17. You can find this poem here on my blog: I’ve promoted two other poems via this blog-“Cold Night” and “Love And Loss”- and here’s another one. If you like my poetry, please follow me at:

Be Mine – Promote Yourself



If I could cut my heart out of my chest, send it express,

then clean up the mess. Would you be impressed?


Or would I deal with all the stress just to battle with neglect,

and stand there stupid while you calmly walk off with my self respect?


I catch a high off eye contact.

Its such a rush.

I trust that I’d combust if we should ever touch.


Let me hold you in my arms and keep you safe from harm,

and if the sky is storming,

I would soothe your every fear and kiss your forehead in the morning.


How can I make you mine and no one else’s?

Yeah my thoughts are selfish, think I love you, just can’t help it.


As for this message, don’t know how to end it.

Just know that I meant it.

Every single sentence.

Seunfunmi E. Tinubu 

, I am 19 years old. My blog is

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