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Smitten with forbidden love. -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM


Divergent, yet so alike.
We’d never argue, we’d never fight.
I’d take it all, the weird and strange.
I’d give my life to ease her pain.
I cannot read her different mind.
Another like her, you’d never find.
I think she’s amazing, she’ll never find out.
She’s one in a trillion, without a doubt.
She thinks she is normal, just boring and plain.
There’s no one else like her, no one near the same.
If her mind was a book, I’d read it 10 times.
If her voice was a song, I’d replay till I die.
If her life was a movie, I’d laugh, love and cry.
If she’d ever have me, I’d make her be mine.

 Unknown Author



Be Not Afraid



Be not afraid when in darkness,

For you shall see the light,

A light that is everlasting,

For it burns so very bright.


It burns when your heart is heavy,

It shines when you have lost all hope,

When your life has lost its sparkle,

At a time when you just can’t cope.


Be not afraid when in darkness,

For God will show you the way,

He will lift the gloom that surrounds you,

And keep all trouble at bay.


So next time you feel sad and lonely,

When you feel you have no way to turn,

Think of the glorious spirit that surrounds you,

Switch on the light let it burn.


Be not afraid when in darkness,

Let God be your partner and guide,

Accept the love he sends to protect you,

Hold his hand, as he walks by your side.


Let him fill your life with his spirit,

And strength to make a new start,

Then feel the power that is within you,

Now that you have let spirit into your heart.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Echoes of the night -Promote Yourself

night ==

Foot steps in the dark ‘ I hear them make ‘ I hide in shadows ‘ make no mistake.
Foot steps in the dark ‘ I hear the sound ‘ not knowing who’s there ‘ it’s so profound.
Foot steps in the dark ‘ the shadows are there ‘ I’m running scared ‘ but don’t know where.
Foot steps in the dark ‘ I’m going home ‘ its not safe ‘ or to roam.
Echoes of the night ‘ I hate to say ‘ I’m keeping my distanced ‘ and out of the way.

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014

Refinished – Promote Yourself

RESTORATIONS – Promote Yourself


The ground trembled and moaned

like some mighty giant stirring from sleep,

like some force gone unnoticed wanting to be known,

And Naples crumbled,

And men died, and women died,

and children would never grow old.

Even dead Pompeii died, died even more that day.

And the earth was changed, and people were changed.

Workmen hurried to rebuild Pompeii

working hard to restore its timeless death.

And people groped in rain filled darkness

trying hard to rebuild shattered life.

And small towns, villages rival Pompeii in their death,

And death is more easily restored than life.

Walt Trizna

Here is a poem I wrote after an Italian earthquake some time ago.

CAMERA’S EYE – Promote Yourself

A Butterfly in Church – YOUR FAVOURITE POEM

What dost thou here, thou shining sinless thing,
With many coloured hues and shapely wing?
Why quit the open field and summer air
To flutter here? Thou hast no need of prayer.

‘Tis mete that we who this stone structure built
Should come to be redeemed and washed from guilt,
For we this guilded edifice within
Are come with every kind of human sin.

But thou art free from guilt, as God on high;
Go seek the blooming waste and open sky,
And leave us here our secret woes to bear,
Confessionals, and agonies of prayer.


 hot water

“Time” – Promote Yourself


“Melody in SF”: – Promote Yourself

A Thank You Note -Promote Yourself

You & I
against all odds
a candle burning.
You & I
withstood the dark
but blown by the wind
now we’ve ended.
You & I 
parted ways
you left me-
with only scars,
of the wounds-
you mended.
Nipun Bajracharya 
for more please visit

“Pristine Evening Ball” -Promote Yourself


Fish And Chips


Walking down the Hastings promenade

I stand and watch the fishing trawler net cascade

Seagulls following right behind

Swooping, diving, seeing what they can find

Holiday makers eating chips

Seagulls watch with an eagle eye

Looking at their fish and chips

Or any odd food bits

They will dive, and swoop,

Take a sandwich from your hand

Politeness they do not understand

They will come from miles

To pinch your chips

Happily on your head they will sit

If you come to Hastings or St Leonard on sea

Don’t forget seagulls love fish and chips

Just like you and me

Thomas Sims

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