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 the park
We started when autumn leaves stuck to the ground,
And rambled; bantered all around.
When morning dew smeared the vehicle’s glass;
Onlookers admired our repartee ’til trip passed.
Off to a park on a sky clear day,
You made your intentions known along the way;
My heart emerged to blast the bitter wind
And so I knew our union would begin.
Every day collected as a new secret shared;
If the unhidden had scarred, we didn’t care;
For laughter, thoughts and dreams we discovered,
Without seeing realities not yet uncovered.
Important moments, holidays, suddenly arose,
Though I wasn’t invited to share in any of those;
I excused the overlook as the newness of love,
Until the frosty cold forced me to peer beneath my gloves.
What I found were the same working hands,
That tried to remold; then you stopped and took a stand;
Stuck you have been in years of hardened ways,
Rebuffing my present efforts to settle and stay.
For your life has never truly belonged to me;
You made that clear from day three;
That love has eluded you, its constancy, too,
Still your heart wants to begin with me anew.
So out with long-standing, tired ways,
We strive to forgive, to mend broken days;
Packed baggage we open and hope to toss;
Happy memories saved, unhappy lost.
For pain hasn’t resurfaced with the fallen rain;
No, I’ve been there before and probably will again;
Decades I’ve traveled: body tired, not spirit;
Naysayers may dither but I won’t hear it!
Wendy Shreve

Ode to Friesian

wendy 1
Ode to a Friesian (a.k.a. Ode to Milo)
A rare Chestnut among your peers,
Baroque in body, an athlete’s frame:
Well-chiseled, short ears,
Compact and strong of limb, a stallion’s name.
A war horse with a passive heart;
Classical lines, pure soul, a breed apart.
Free spirit, though workhorse when reined in;
Spurred to full gallop, you fly with the wind.
Your past, though fraught with labor,
Cannot keep you from what you savor,
To step outside your confined walls,
And show your worth to whomever calls.
For you stand tall,
Your legs rise and fall,
Muscled, toned you walk with grace,
But these don’t diminish your strength, your pace.
Power emboldens your ancestral pride;
You are never taken for just a ride;
Body groomed to take action,
Yet a disciplined mind keeps your traction.
Dedicated to the  Man I Love

Will you be my valentine?


Will you be my valentine?
Will you share my shame?
Will you be my everything,
Even when I have no game?
Will you suffer my agony,
Will you dwell in my mind,
Will you spend days with me
Even when I’ve mentally died?
Will you be there when I cease,
Will you cure my disease?
Will you be there forever,
Till death do us part?
Will you hold my hand as we grow old
When life simply tears us apart?
Will you comfort me in my gloom?
Or will you be my impending doom?
Will you share with me bed time stories
Even when we have no good glories?
Will you just simply be
My valentine elegy


STOLEN HANDS – Promote Yourself


Sunday Evening…
All ready I’ve
Suffered enough
Of this
Hopeless rage.
I sit
To try and write it out
My feelings flowing
From blood
To words
On this unforgiving page.

See I once
Held hands
That i
While i plotted lives
With a cold hearted
Now my hands
Only to my
Own skin
The punishment
I deserve
There is no longer
Solace in a
Beautiful face.

I betrayed
My own
Beating innocence
It is now
A cold dead tomb
In which i am burdened
By its weight
With dark skies
And overdue consequences
Time has finally caught on
The price of lies
I’ve discovered
Is beauty
As hate.

Gabriel Denver

Early Spring by William Wordsworth -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM

I heard a thousand blended notes,
While in a grove I sate reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.
To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran;
And much it grieved my heart to think
What man has made of man.
Through primrose tufts, in that green bower,
The periwinkle trailed its wreaths;
And ’tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes.
The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure:–
But the least motion which they made
It seemed a thrill of pleasure.
The budding twigs spread out their fan,
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there.
If this belief from heaven be sent,
If such be Nature’s holy plan,
Have I not reason to lament
What man has made of man?


Wild Orchid – Promote Yourself

“The flower that walks”, the Indian; said, 
And walking spreads its crown-like roots 
Through forest glades and upland dales. 
Moccasin flower or Lady’s Slipper,
It matters not the name
Or if it be fair white or rose or tiny yellow kind
Tis ever rare and wondrous there 
This woodland beauty Bequeathed us from another age. 
A Heritage to guard with 
And cherish for posterity
That other eyes in future years
Mav see this Orchid walk the trails
As did our native Indian braves
And shy eyed maidens of the tribe.

A table for two

Candles lit

A table set for two,

Adrenaline flowing

But where are you?

Champagne on ice

Excitement running high,

Time ticks by

Food looking nice,

Pulses racing

Emotions wavering,

Where are you

When I need you most?

The table is set for two

Shall I dismiss you out of my head?

Is our romance really dead?

Wasn’t any of this really true

When you said I love you?

The table was set for two

By Gillian Sims

This little old house by Thomas Sims

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THE WRONG HOUSE – Promote Yourself


people sweeping dust
into another’s eyes
parents losing faith
upon their own child
father demands for medals
while the mother
wants credentials
But the boy
only wanted to paint
so he did
a portrait of him
on the wall,
on the wall 
that is crumbling down
Nipun Bajracharya



Like tear-drops

Freezing upon my face

Snowflakes form

Like crystal lace

Icicles hang

Like frozen fingers

Noses and toes tingle

On sleighs up and down

Blankets of snow

Put the land to bed

I see the prettiest picture

I have ever met

Gillian Sims




In daily life we go through emotions,
Prostration, Stagnation, Frustration;
Occasionally there’s a lability,
Alternating Happiness with Irritability,
Down in doldrums; then ecstasy

The Mind power is Overwhelming;
Reaching down in the ocean ,depths, where darkness rules
Forging forward in Cosmos, conquering galaxies;

So I have churned my own philosophy,
Man is as sacred as Diety,
I endorse the teachings of Humanity,
Hopefully, to be able to keep everyone happy!!!

Aisha Idris

…and everyone should have paid attention – Promote Yourself

The Angels have overslept
and left you lying
your face trailing off
your hands grasping in vain
It is (oh!) so unjust
to be left behind
it is (oh!) so inhuman
to be still alive
the Gods were occupied
and left you dying
your spirit fading low
your body parting away
It is (oh!) so unjust
to be left behind
it is (oh!) so inhuman
to be still alive
The Spirits have languished
and left me crying
my mind fighting out
my heart struggling along
…and everyone should have paid attention
when time could have been reversed
too late now:
Only flowers can follow your flight home
Eva van Beek, 
 Dear Poetreecreation

I visited  your blog today and saw your call to send in poems, which I could not resist. So I am sending you two of my poems, which you  liked on my blog . They are below. And I am very happy to send them. If you can publish one of them on your blog that of course would be fabulous. But regardless of that: thank you for the great initiative and promoting poetry on your blog, I think it is fabulous!

Voices – Promote Yourself

So many voices around me
But all seem stranger
Such busy bustling tone
Of the people unknown

Feels stranger like a wide sea
Loud waves crashing
Without any notice by me
On and on they go at the sea

Seldom calm, often wild
Enjoying the present time
Carefree like the sea
Are the people around me

By Grace Linton 
You can find the original post here on my blog:

When her heart sprouted wings – Promote Yourself





If hearts were like feathers,
Hers was the lightest,
it caught the vividest
she roamed
in a  world,
made of  those
She reached for love,
She reached for colour…
In a bed of thorns
She was the only flower…
She danced with death,
her laughter;her power…
LIFE became her lover
when her heart sprouted wings.
By: Phusathi Liyanaarachchi, Sri Lanka

Should I speak or should I smile? – Promote Yourself


Should i speak or should i smile?
Its two and two Still i am looking at sky
Whenever i m so fast ,
When m so light..
Its the time which pushes me ..
Drags me aside ,
Under the clouds of heaviness
Sheering among dark floating bouys..
I’m feeling shattered like them Running aimless ,
Raining ups and down , covering the skies.
I know today its darker..
Tomorrow, after sometime morning will smile.
I dont know how to think..
What to decide..?
From where i have to move
From where to make a  start..
Should i speak ? or should i smile ?
Feeling helpless ,
Letting myself drag with lee of the time,
I am just listening to the waves
Which are touching me & moving around ..
I know this well ,
 I have passes been through many troughs before
Clocks makes thing easier ,
hopes burning bright..
Coming Monday will be beautiful and
Course will be fine..
But today; With confused expression
To breathe in suffocation ,
To feel alive I am
Asking this unwished pleasure ,
With bleeding conscience of mine..
Should i speak or should i smile..?

Check & Mate – Promote Yourself


Sunken eyes ,
tired face Standing by in d row Its life ,
still half left, Have long to go..
Don’t wan to think Widou drink ,
letting all my comfort to shrink.,
I know nothing is going to change,
Within single eye blink..
Now i dont dream ,
don’t imagine I am just living I sleep fr morning Not for a dream
Nomore reasons to see the watch Its not my time
I am notta poet heart lover
Not a moron common head I am lying on lies
Walking on nightmare’s  I am a dried feeling ,
Like a unfold waves
Which comes and goes I am pedestal wo is challenging bishop
When d game is no more ..
I feel
I am one wo is asked to check After getting mate .
By Atul Shukla

Caffeinated Love – Promote Yourself

 caffeinated love

Sipping artificial sleep From a coffee cup
Feel caffeine
Prop up drooping eyelids
Lingering Feeling of a bus stop
Somewhere in Europe
With you Droopy-lidded beside me.
Lauren Harvey
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