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Remembering Valentines Day

red hearsts


I remember all my Valentines

They are deep within my heart

Every one  was so special

Until the  day we had to part


You see my loved one past away

After many years together

All the  memories of Valentines Day

To me I  will always treasure


Red roses were always given to me

And a candlelit meal for two

Every  time Valentines comes around

My  everlasting love I send to you


And on this special day

I place  by your picture frame

A bunch  of red roses in memory

To ease  my heartache and pain


Malcolm  Bradshaw

The Ghost of world war one Hundred Years ago




A young boy stood outside

The recruitment office door

One dark and foggy night,

The door’s swung open

The boy got a terrible fright

A Sergeant stood before him

bellowing with a thunderous voice,

Have you been here before boy?”

But the the boy just stood his ground

And eventually replied,

I’ve come to fight the war sir

I have experience you know,

I fought in world war one”

The Sergeant just laughed and said,

But that was a hundred year’s ago”

Oh no” the boy cried,

When a green mist appeared

It’s a gas attack”

Can you smell the stench

Of the chlorine-gas?”

He shouted out with a panic stricken face,

The Sergeant started to cough and splutter

His eyes became all sore,

The boy said “Don’t you remember

Was it you that sent me off to a war?

It was me that stood at your door,

One hundred years ago

But you must realise that I am just a ghost”

With this the Sargeant shook is head,

Then he remembered the story

Of the farmers boy,

who roamed the streets at night,

Was this his ghost?

Of that boy who lost his life

One dark and foggy night

One hundred years ago


Thomas Sims



The first German gas AttacksDate, Thursday 21 April – 25 May 1915….Field Marshal Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief of theBritishArmy, wrote:….At first the French officers assumed that the Germaninfantrywere advancing behind a smokeAfter thefirstGerman chlorinegas attacks


The Ghost of world war one by Thomas Sims





Sunday Afternoon


Jan 1 (5)


I walk to find

 Peace of mind

By the water’s edge,

River bursting from the rain

Still it feels the same

White feathered friends

Swim by my side

Like a dedicated friend,

Creating ripples

Causing no harm

Creating ripples of calm,

A window of still life

Walking by the waters side

A gust of wind now picks up my hair,

I’m in a place where I really don’t care

We should all take the time

To go somewhere tranquil

Searching that  peace of mind


Gillian Sims

The mid morning blues


You are sitting at your desk

Time for a well earned rest

To drink coffee or tea,

To look out of the window

Where there is plenty to see,

People rushing by

A man stares back at you

With a glint in his eye,

Then you hear a baby starting to cry

You notice a robin,

Perched by the water’s edge,

Weaving and bobbing to eat his bread

The clock strikes twelve

Your break has come to an end

Your coffee cup is empty

Still you cling to it, like it is your best friend,

The telephone is ringing

Your client awaits

You have redeemed all of your coffee breaks,

Until tomorrow looms

When you will once again

Meet the mid morning blues

By Gillian Sims

The gift of nature By Malcolm Bradshaw

Listen to a Citizen! – Promote Yourself



Blah… Blah… Blah…

Hush and hold still!

You sent me through the mill

You made my head a landfill

You’re only casting a chill

That chains both my soul and will


You’ve made me constantly ill

You’re no longer a bitter pill

It seems you don’t know the drill

Leave the stage to those who fit the bill

As you’re already over the hill


© Chaouki M’kaddem

January 22nd, 2014

A Safe Place – Promote Yourself


Hello, poetree people,

This is a poem co-written by two people the other day. I, as a teacher, suggested the topic, a safe place. The student was willing to comply. So we each wrote something separately, the content unknown to each other.

We put the two papers on the table, picked out what we wanted to keep, and blended the two pages.

This is the result:

Come into my arms
You will not be harmed.
Behind the closed door,
a room full of familiar things–
tea and biscuits hot from the oven,
a checkered tablecloth,
dust bunnies and old slippers,
a day that goes on forever.
Come to this open space
where you can run if you need to,
or stay if you want,
a place where you can see for miles
all the things that are created.
The softness in your eye
marks you more than race,
coming in from the snowy day,
tears running down your face,
and crying over Beethoven.
I have identified you–
someone so sensitive,
drunk on air;
even one glass of wine
would be an overdose.
Come into yourself,
where kindness rules,
and no one is to blame.
All’s forgiven, even those
who think they have defeated us.
This soft eye has seen,
when the fist hit the face,
the satisfied smile of the fighter,
the joy at causing pain–
one curled lip, a rotten tooth.
He cannot hide from the soft eye,
but this place disarms us all.
Welcome, welcome,
to this safe place.
by Julie and Marian



Listen to mother earth,
Listen and you shall hear,
Something that is stirring,
Something that is near.

What can this excitement be?
That you sense is all around,
What is that vibration?
That is felt from within the ground.

Mother Natures is awakening,
For spring is in the air,
Waiting to give birth,
To jewels that she will share.

A treasure box of beauty,
Standing all in line,
Waiting to give pleasure,
Eager to grow and shine.

Miracles everyone of them,
As they struggle through the ground,
Waiting to bloom,
For everyone around.

Mother Nature is at her best,
When she carpets our entire world,
With breath taking colours,
When her kingdom she does unfurl.

So breath in all that she gives,
Sweet perfumes of delight,
A healing power of love,
From natures eternal light.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Here’s haiku I wrote. – Promote Yourself.

Here’s haiku I wrote.
strong winds-
the rag doll falls
in its own lap
felled poplars
blackbird’s new retreat
long winter
adorns the turnpike
creased map, blurred boundaries
nailed to a red cross
-The Manoj Arora.
Check out more of my works at-

Loving You At All Costs – Promote Yourself



I awake with one thought in mind
is she ok & has she seen today’s sunrise
As I’ve awaken to this morning light
Text her good morning before i make a sound
next i stretch & yawn before i move around
as my phone beeps & i smile in hopes its you
Much in love i don’t have to think it through
cause every time i think about her its times two
i try not to overload her with what she already knew
yesterday thoughts mirror today’s which isn’t new
Like my dreams equate to her happiness & smile
hoping she realizes the connection is true
& doesn’t ignore the one who
loves, cares & misses her too
I strive to be the only one who realizes who you are
hoping you don’t lose me in the form of the moon while counting the stars
since i love you at all cost
i give you time even though its hard
& if it’s meant to be, you know where it starts
Lino Robles

Things I Must Remember – Promote Yourself







There are things I must remember- for instance, blue skies,

Make -for a thunderstorm- a spurious disguise.

They are cotton candy, barely sailing through the air,

And summer’s breath is soporific- “Calm down, not a care.”


And upside down umbrellas made for throwing off the rain,

Tipped and turned and most reluctant, gather it again,

So pay no mind to people who believe just what they see,

For they will sneer behind their hands and whisper “Irony.”


Learn silence from the autumn for she is a cunning thief,

Her quiet empire grows with every crimson-tinted leaf,

And always tread with caution when within the woods or wild,

Step not into fairy’s ring or toward a dryad’s child. 


I must remember broken sheds, abandoned and yet regal,

And trespassing – which would be dull- but that it is illegal,

I must remind myself that I am clever, not a fool,

And most of my kind trap ourselves while breaking simple rules.


Smiling at October pumpkins, swelling in the sun,

Green and orange and glistening when the heat of day is done,

Snatched-up words from conversations, running rampantly,

Phrases improvised and cobbled into poetry.


Yes, all these bits and bobs and patience,

Quotes a-taken, inspirations,

Musings, snoozings, and distempers-

These are things I must remember. 

by Lune Lenore Violette (copyright 2014)

Here’s a link to my blog: And my other writing:

Thank you for considering my work

Hi, I’m Lune Lenore Violette. I live in the USA (New York City, to be more precise.) I’m a Christian aspiring author who loves books.

I’ve been writing poetry since elementary school where one of my first poems was called the Kindergarten Conqueror. It featured the immortal Kindergartenus Caesar, who stole the limelight with his expertise in babysitting. Nowadays I’m proud to be penning a variety of poetry on more sophisticated subjects, though I never say no to a little humor.

As well as poetry, I’ve also written several novels, the most recent of which are Arch Nemesis, a modern-day fantasy, and Confessions of a Teenage Jewel Thief, a crime thriller which is still under editing. I also hope to release my first poetry collection, titled Things I Must Remember for the poem below, this February!

Aside from writing I enjoy diving into a good book, watching musicals, working on set and costume designs, cosplaying, and fashion. In my spare time I watch far too much BBC Sherlock and eat far, far too much Nutella.

by Lune Lenore Violette (copyright 2014)

The Burial – Promote Yourself


he scoops shovelfuls of dirt
into a mound
as I watch
in agony,
unsure why I’m feeling
something other than relief
as the dulled metal edge
too quickly,
into the hole
before he replaces
the dirt
one shovel
at a time
until the worn glint
of the hatchet
fails beneath
so much earth.
Hello, I am Michael Prihoda. I am from Wisconsin, USA and am currently a professional writing major at Taylor University in Indiana. I am an author, poet, and photographer, among other things. 

The Most Beautiful Love Poem In The World YOUR FAVOURITE POEM-


The Most Beautiful Love Poem In The World

by Eddie Corbano


Iwould like to share with you a little romantic love poem I discovered some years ago.

I sort of like it, because in my opinion it differs a little from other poems. You literally feel the electrifying intensity. It moves you to depths you never knew about.

Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder they say, but this poem conveys a certain truth we all know, or hope, exists – and we all long to have it in our lives.

It gives us a short glance how life should be – sweet and passionate.

To me, personally, the following poem is the most romantic love poem of all.

Wait a minute, you might think.

Why does Eddie Corbano show me such a poem, beautiful or not? Hey, this wouldn’t be a LovesAGame article if there was nothing to learn from it, right?

Now, after reading the poem below, I want you to ask yourself the following:

“Have I ever felt in such a way? Do I have a fundamental understanding of what this poem is about? What is my concept of feeling love?”

Furthermore, if you are in a fulfilling relationship, I want you to let this little piece of art elevate you to a new level of passion and sensibility. Read this poem together with your partner, and together find the truth in it for you.

If your partner is currently not by your side, send them this poem by letter or email, along with some personal words from you.

If you are suffering from a recent divorce or break-up, let it remind you that it still exists. It’s still out there waiting for you to find it.

It’s certainly not dead.

So, obviously, I’m sharing this with you for three reasons:

  • to delight you with some insightful piece of art
  • to elevate you and your partner to a new level of understanding of true love
  • to remind you that the love in which you believed once, still exists

So, no more talking, here it is the most romantic of all short, love poems, enjoy:

Looking For Your Face

From the beginning of my life
I have been looking for your face
but today I have seen it

Today I have seen
the charm, the beauty,
the unfathomable grace
of the face
that I was looking for

Today I have found you
and those who laughed
and scorned me yesterday
are sorry that they were not looking
as I did

I am bewildered by the magnificence
of your beauty
and wish to see you
with a hundred eyes

My heart has burned with passion
and has searched forever
for this wondrous beauty
that I now behold

I am ashamed
to call this love human
and afraid of God
to call it divine

Your fragrant breath
like the morning breeze
has come to the stillness of the garden
You have breathed new life into me
I have become your sunshine
and also your shadow

My soul is screaming in ecstasy
Every fiber of my being
is in love with you

Your effulgence
has lit a fire in my heart
for me
the earth and sky

My arrow of love
has arrived at the target
I am in the house of mercy
and my heart
is a place of prayer

Beautiful, isn’t it?



My Guilty Pleasure

There are lots of different kinds

Each just as yummy,

Milk, dark, or white

Some with nuts or honey,

As you bite into a piece

That release of pure pleasure,

Helps forget your worries

The taste you cannot measure,

I don’t care which brand I have

I don’t even care how much,

As long as I have a little piece

Just to taste and touch,

I couldn’t live without it

An addict I admit,

I cave in every time

I need just a little bit.

Abbe Cutforth


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