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EARTH DANCE – Promote Yourself


I am watching a story
Get written across pages
Not necessarily by this hand.
And only as creation
Is it in perfection.
Screaming off the cloak
Of all that binds,
Obliterating chains
That paint stories
And structures
Now only held by time
And it’s meditative fixation
On all we embody.
Ignition by awareness
That not even you
Reside in time.

Idealistic focus
On never present function
of a distracted
Conscious expression.
but insidious Its grip.
Words of more than
Breaths intent.
Focus upon horizon.
Slip within,
A dawning near
To a formative course.
Fear slips in,
A deceptive curse
To speak the jungle
Without each member by its name
Knowing too well
The tint of blood
That runs through the vein
Of all that IS
All that consumes
That sleeps
That dreams
And bleeds
A truth
That is nature
That is order
Pulsing to the council fire
Burning quicker than before.
Gathering intent
Brings those you seek
Feel the dance of life
In bones
More ancient than your own.
And Earth her body
My body
Aches to feel Part Of
Not Of
Part Of
Part of the movement
Part of the growth
Part of the dream
Part of the death
And what steps
Bring us forward
A march intent on
Thudding steady.
And what takes us
to the wisdom
of when the form began?
Seven directions set the tone
Exploding into what is known.

What a gift to be able to share my creations! I am ever so grateful for the Poetree Creations community and feel you are of great service to this world. My name is Emily Andari, I am 23 and am excited to begin producing more work, all of which based on my spiritual journey and transformation. It has been a wild and magical ride!

Emily Andari

Have I got the January blues?

Have I got the January blues?

I want to shop and buy some shoes

I’ll go down to the January sales

Somehow it never fails,

I can beat the January blues

I will buy my brand new shoes

Red, blue, black or white,

I know what I have in sight

The January sales here I come,

No January blues

I have my new shoes

You have not won

The January blues,

The tinsel and the sparkle has gone

But I can’t go wrong

In the January sales,

Somehow it never fails

I have beat the January blues

I have bought my brand new shoes

Gillian Sims

‘Ulalume’. by Edgar Allan Poe’ – YOUR FAVOURITE POEM


My favorite would have to be Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Ulalume’. One, for his sheer mastery of language. Two for inspiring a story of mine that was published. And third, for this YouTube version by Jeff Buckley.





-Dreams After Midnight- Promote Yourself







Dark silence,
Nothing stirs.
It’s no different than the night before,
Nothing ever changes,
The pattern never changes.
Deep thoughts,
Deep thoughts– they cut deep,
Slicing deeper than they had the night before.
The pattern won’t change–it never changes.
They boil,
The feelings–they change, they always do.
With every beat of the heart the feelings change,
Climatic pulsation.
Yes– the feelings change they always do.
They come.
They go.
They never stay– they change.
They’ve been chased away by the light.
There’s never room enough for the dark peace.
The light is good,
Sometimes too good.
Dark peace– the dark peace is good too.
The dark peace approaches,
I’ve been waiting for it.
Waiting for it for a while now.
It slowly takes me,
The drift,
Weightless, mindless drift.
I’ve been waiting,
Waiting to breathe dreams after midnight.

Hello my name is Shaneice Palmer,I am the owner and curator of my blog “Hello Paper I’m Pen” ( 


Music Life – Promote Yourself









Whenever your heart beats like adagio
Do not forget that we’re all legato
You’ll get through your problem, poco a poco
Call a friend, and you’ll feel allegretto

Nothing is wrong with crying fortissimo
For that’s one way of being expressivo
If you need to go down like decrescendo
Go! For it would be a nice start da capo!

When you climb the hill like crescendo
Climb it slow, perhaps moderato
You may hop and hop to do staccato
But keep in mind the right tempo

 Shevaun Lemieux

Twilight Tree – Promote Yourself

Hey poets at Poe Tree Creations,
Let me begin by saying that you all offer a fantastic service and I feel so lucky to have stumbled across y’all. I am a senior studying poetry and fiction at the College of William and Mary in VA. I am hoping to gain some exposure so that I can pursue writing with momentum coming out of college. I am from a very small rural town in Virginia and I feel that leaves me with a nostalgia for the countryside that comes through in my writing. I copied two poems at the bottom. I am not totally sure how linking works (very new to blogging), but I think it should look something like this: <a href=”“>A Writer & Virginia Gentleman</a> . Again, thank you for this service.

Happy New Year!
-Morgan Hensley








Twilight Tree

(Watching the amassed lightning bugs set fire to an otherwise unnoticed Magnolia)

I had my eyes shut tight
enough so that their effulgence
could just squeeze between my reluctant eyes
but not pass, forever forgotten,
through the sieve of my memory


Wankopin Creek Field Trip 

We straddled the rocks like

My left foot on the same rock
as her right foot
and my right foot
on the damp sand
that somehow found its
way into my Wellies.

We panned through
the silty microcosms
like forty nines. Finding
small winged things
and aqueous worms.

I picked one up and showed
it to the girl I like-liked.
Later that week she asked
me to dance
at Cotillion—
I said yes and gave her
a sweaty palmed foxtrot.

Morgan Hensley




Forecast: Winter Storm
Shovel handy, boots by door, 
Let It Snow, Snow, Snow

Snowed all day long
Winter Season has begun, 
The land is turned white

Snow came silently
Fell all day, turned Earth to a
Winter Wonderland

While waiting for Spring
Snow transformed the land to
a white fantasy

Snow came in the night
Turned the whole world white
A cold wintry site

The Blizzard Wizard
Waved His wand, crystal stardust fell
And ice fairies danced

Snow falling today
Creative juices flowing
Writer’s Block is gone 

Nancy Chambers

The Snow-Storm by Ralph Waldo Emerson -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM



Announced by all the trumpets of the sky,
Arrives the snow, and, driving o’er the fields,
Seems nowhere to alight: the whited air
Hides hills and woods, the river and the heaven,
And veils the farmhouse at the garden’s end.
The steed and traveler stopped, the courier’s feet
Delayed, all friends shut out, the housemates sit
Around the radiant fireplace, enclosed
In a tumultuous privacy of storm.


  Come see the north wind’s masonry
Out of an unseen quarry evermore
Furnished with tile, the fierce artificer
Curves his white bastions with projected roof
Round every windward stake, or tree, or door.
Speeding, the myriad-handed, his wild work
So fanciful, so savage, nought cares he
For number or proportion. Mockingly,
On coop or kennel he hangs Parian wreaths;
A swan-like form invests the hidden thorn;
Fills up the farmer’s lane from wall to wall,
Maugre the farmer’s sighs; and, at the gate,
A tapering turret overtops the work.
And when his hours are numbered, and the world
Is all his own, retiring, as he were not,
Leaves, when the sun appears, astonished Art
To mimic in slow structure, stone by stone,
Built in an age, the mad wind’s night-work,
The frolic architecture of the snow.

AIRING OUT LOVE’S ATTIC – Promote Yourself








We started when autumn leaves stuck to the ground,
And rambled; bantered all around.
When morning dew smeared the vehicle’s glass;
Onlookers admired our repartee ’til trip passed.

Off to a park on a sky clear day,
You made your intentions known along the way;
My heart emerged to blast the bitter wind
And so I knew our union would begin.

Every day collected as a new secret shared;
If the unhidden had scarred, we didn’t care;
For laughter, thoughts and dreams we discovered,
Without seeing realities not yet uncovered.

Important moments, holidays, suddenly arose,
Though I wasn’t invited to share in any of those;
I excused the overlook as the newness of love,
Until the frosty cold forced me to peer beneath my gloves.

What I found were the same working hands,
That tried to remold; then you stopped and took a stand;
Stuck you have been in years of hardened ways,
Rebuffing my present efforts to settle and stay.

For your life has never truly belonged to me;
You made that clear from day three;
That love has eluded you, its constancy, too,
Still your heart wants to begin with me anew.

So out with long-standing, tired ways,
We strive to forgive, to mend broken days;
Packed baggage we open and hope to toss;
Happy memories saved, unhappy lost.

For pain hasn’t resurfaced with the fallen rain;
No, I’ve been there before and probably will again;
Decades I’ve traveled: body tired, not spirit;
Naysayers may dither but I won’t hear it!

Wendy Shreve


The Meaning Of Motivation Changed – Promote Yourself


Self  desire for actuation, some valid motivation

Lift up the soul enervated, with a new cognition


By the moment I complain of heartache unbearable

A person gets back his life, when heart beats go stable

Survival from a heart operation, his contentment grow

The meaning of “Pain” clarifies itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I blubber missing my Love forsaken

An infant cries for the lap of his  Mother forever taken

Craving for his Mother’s touch, his hollowness grow

The meaning of “urge” bounds itself into a sacred vow


By the time I sob encountering nights sorrowful, sleepless

A person couldn’t sleep of his hunger growing limitless

In the need of food, His chastity of gratitude grow

The meaning of “want” enslaves itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to see the hope of future bright

Optimistic dreams are seen by a person with no eyes

Wishing for a better life, His frenzy eagerness grow

The meaning of “hope” confines itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to thank, by the time I do complaint

The poor,The orphan,The needy ,The injured and the quaint

Satisfy themselves for what they have, as the life grow

The meaning of “Life” envisages itself into a sacred vow


Desire is the key to motivation,a changed definition

A pinch of enthusiasm, A heap of determination !


By: Lala Rukh


Forget – Promote Yourself




Your legs turn to liquid
Feet weigh a tonne
There’s a firework show in your belly.

Your hands turn to stumps
Eyes sting from the light
And elephants dance on your forehead.

The drugs are next door
The water’s much further
But you attempt and your brought to the floor.

The world just went dark
There’s a bump on your head
Yet you get up an attempt the next step.

A loud noise is heard
Something has fallen
You open your eyes and realise that it’s you.

You’re tired exhausted
More than ever before
And decide that it’s now time to rest.

So you let your lids close
You relax every muscle
And forget to take your last breath.

Jade Anouka (UK)

twitter: @JadeAnouka

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