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SPRING’S PROMISE – Promote Yourself




On a shelf I’ve been left
I feel forgotten and lost
Of dignity I was bereft
My pulchritude is at rest
Confined by a firm crust
Stifled by layers of dust
I still crave readers’ zest 
© Chaouki M’kaddem
September 24th, 2014

Chaouki M’kaddem
Senior EFL teacher
M’saken, Tunisia

The Feather – Promote Yourself


A Halloween poem – de constructed – Promote Yourself


Trying to write a scary poem
For the Writers’ Chest.
So many ways to start,
I wonder which is best.

Do I go for ghoulish,
Or something more refined?
Do I make the horror clear,
Or leave it to the mind?

Then there comes the rhyming
Of all those scary creatures.
Zombie? Vampire? No rhymes.
Do I focus on their features?

And how to make things scary,
In the structure of the rhyme?
It’s hard to make the reader jump
When they can guess ahead in time.

Maybe I should back off
Leave this one to the writers.
Poets are tender lovers
But terrible monster fighters!


Scary Mary’s Halloween Adventure



It was a dark night on Halloween

As a young man ventured down a lonely road

The owls were screeching and hooting

 In the hedgerow he came across a toad


Excuse me young man, “said the toad”

Will you please kiss me on my cheek?

The young man was quite willing

 He then kissed the toad that let out a screech


Then in a puff of smoke and fire

The toad turn into something hairy

The man then recognised that face

As the face of Scary Mary


She had been released from a goblins spell

 Thanked the young man as she mounted her broom

She set off with her cat like a rocket

As she headed straight for the moon


 Seen by all telescopes around the world

With her cat who sat at the rear

His eyes were now bulging

All his fur turn white with fear


Scary Mary was by now quite dizzy

As her broomstick was now in a dive

Boris her cat by now was apprehensive

As he prayed that he would survive


Scary Mary managed to control her decent

She guided her broomstick on to the road

Where the devious little Goblin was waiting

Who then turned Scary Mary back into a toad?


Malcolm Bradshaw

The Raven and the Pumpkin – Promote Yourself



The raven with the sleek physique,
Popped the seed into its cheek.
From the seed a pumpkin grew.
The raven coughed it up, and flew
Up, away on broomstick sleek.

It draped itself in night’s mystique,
Searching for the ancient sign –
Golden countenance divine.
Having found this rare antique,
Was carried back within its beak.

The pumpkin, carved to match that face,
Brought living evil to that place.
Pumpkin crept without a creak,
And ate the bird before it shrieked!

So this year to protect your house,
Light a pumpkin candle… or else!




Nightly Reverence


When while a day goes quietly the nigh

soft hearts may ponder a delicate noon-

time pleasure. That is the moment inside

a dream slow to respond, yet urgency

calls upon a name to satisfy sweet

melody, a caress, play, we digress.

For when might anyone ask forgiveness

upon simple words, golden, a sparkle

of intent defines passing encounters.

Each streaming ray of hope dances our brows

well toward jest’s enigmatic interlude.

-patience beckons a rare emotion served-

When then we bask in the moonlight of love

we know surely, our lives are drawn above.


© Thom Amundsen

Goose Fair Experience



The time is upon us,

An atmosphere of excitement fills the air

Waiting for that convoy of vehicles

To start assembling Nottingham Goose Fair


In a matter of hours they start to assemble.

Like a jigsaw all has its place

A city of activity and manpower

Of steel erected at a furious pace


When all the construction has been completed

Transforming the whole area with light

The lord mayor of Nottingham presides

Ringing the bell, to the eyes it’s a wonderful sight


The sound of the music, and rides

All the people milling around

The excitement is tremendous

As they all ride the merry go round


The terrifying rides are an attraction

For those who dare to try

Spinning them all around

As in the night sky they fly


The kiddies enjoy themselves

On gentler rides at a slow pace

You know that they love the ride

By just looking at their face


There is candyfloss and balloons

Mushy peas and jellied eels

Everyone are enjoying themselves

For in the distance you can hear the squeals


So if you are ever visiting Nottingham

You must experience Nottingham Goose Fair

It’s an experience you’ll never forget

You then can tell your friends you were there


Malcolm Bradshaw

Things I like

Crimson kisses

Seashell whispers

Shy hello’s to French fellows

Soft and luscious marshmallows

Deep red roses

Babies noses,

Large rolling sea waves

Mysterious beach caves,

Deep purple crushed velvet

Treasures that I have kept,

Red and brown autumn leaves

Sweet memories of sweet dreams,

children’s laughter while they play

Meeting dawn, a brand new day,

Daffodils in the spring

All the pleasures that summer can bring,

Warm sweet mulled wine

The season of Christmas time,

Making strawberry jam

The beautiful sight of a new-born lamb,

Finding words for poetry

Sitting quietly with a cup of tea,

Walking the sands in my bare feet

Enjoying the ultimate barbecue feast,

Seeing the wonderful sights of the coast

Eating a lovely Sunday roast,

Watching the ducks swim and bathe

The aroma of freshly baked bread

Cascades of colour from fireworks

Up with the lark feeling alert

Seeing the stars in the sky at night

These are all the things I like

By Gillian Sims

Mangoes – Promote Yourself

As much as I try

I cannot make

The time

Go slower

I enjoy every second

Mindfulness in play

Make the most of

Length and breadth and depth

Of sight and touch

And taste and smell

And sound

All of it sound

Safe and sound

In memory

In my skin

In my teeth

On my feet

Tangled in my hair

Stained on my dress

Emblazoned on my skin

Mosquito bite

And sandal mark

Stubbed toe

Tears of joy and memory

Of love and hugs and hate

Of sorrow and regret

Rich silt

Precious fruit

Warm wind

And gentle wave

And mangoes.

Cheryl Bhagwandin

(after a trip back to Guyana after 27 years)

Modern Mania



We are in a free state

our words are rampant,

abundant, thrown with fury

as our fingertips express

what our eyes might easily hide.


We have liberties

our lives are fluid,

we stroll by one another

on city streets, in corridors,

alone upon intersections

without connection,

islands traveling in unison.


We are a smart folk

adapting to the machine-

mania of new-world communication;

texting our ideals,

snap chatting our privacy

allowing our massive peer group

to react accordingly hiding the visual.


We are alone now

gleaning our devices,

a blue-tooth discovery

working its blatant magic

in separation, in desperation,

a distant eye on body language

cannot suffice the human condition.


We need to breathe with eyes in elegance,

share the touch, share the beauty, share the love.


© Thom Amundsen 2014


“Waiting on Fall” – Promote Yourself


Another day of waiting upon nature’s turn,
in expectancy that the gold and red colors will envelope me,
and turn the damp heat into cool, crisp breezes of autumn;
I can hear the sounds of the hay wagon’s wheels,
smell the straw that’s stacked upon fields of emerald jewels,
and taste the sweetness of the candy corn and cotton candy clouds,
where youth’s draw, entices the playfulness in all-
Oh, how I long, to rest and draw up my feet,
my hands wreathed around a warm, comforting mug,
while listening to the muse of autumn’s love, sing her songs of joy

Birthday Boy -Promote Yourself


Another birthday, you’re turning four,

Spoilt rotten, presents galore,

My little hero is growing so tall,

His footprints no longer tiny small,

Time goes by so very fast,

We need to make memories to last,

We spend the day with family and friends,

You’re wishing and hoping the day never ends,

Cake, sweets and faces covered in jelly,

Playing games and filling your belly,

To see you laugh, smile and play,

Is always the best part of every day,

Blow out the candles and make a wish,

Things couldn’t get more perfect than this.

Abbe Cutforth

Gentle eyes – promote yourself


As the eyes which I can not see, its the sadness that reaches within me.

My vision is blurred, am I going blind or do my eyes deceive me, its all in my mind.

My sight I may be losing its sad but true, I worry about the very thing and about you.

The pain and suffering  I may have to bare but not seeing you grow up is beyond compare.

This is my life now  eyes which I can not see will I be alone with only you and me?

The future I had  I must learn to face the eyes are not needed, its no disgrace.

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, that you know to be true but that’s not the only thing for me and you.

Patricia Bourne

Love Never Die’s


When you loose a loved one,

When within your heart it’s breaking,

When you feel the emptiness inside,

When your whole body is aching,


Not knowing how to express the torment,

When a loved one passes away,

Feeling the hurt and all the emotions,

That you are experiencing day after day.


Asking self difficult questions why,

Why is this happening to me?

No getting all the right answers,

 Wanting the pain to go, to set you free


It was then I remembered these words,

My loved one once said to me,

If I should die before my time,

In your heart I will always be.


For excepting the loss of a loved one,

In time will stand you in good stead?

Remember I will always be with you,

For in Heaven I am alive not dead.


I will always be around you,

When the tears are in your eyes,

And remember my darling

That our love never dies.


Malcolm G Bradshaw



Down, down I feel so low.
Trapped in a tunnel, with nowhere to go.
Cut myself off from all my friends,
I’ll work this out in the end.
Dark, dark that feeling inside,
Nothing looks good; I just want to hide.
There must be some people in whom I can confide,
Understanding friends, who are on my side?
One day at a time is what I hear,
No need to live life full of fear.
Do you really need that anti-depressant pill?
With hindsight every mountain becomes a molehill.
Don’t give in to this dark mood,
Fun and laughter can be your food.
Love yourself and say, ‘I am what I am.’
Ignore this hard world you know you can.
Just take the time to work this out,
To overcome a life full of self doubt.
God loves you, the way you are.
You are unique, you’re a star.

In memory of the Hollywood genius Robin Williams 1951-2014: he made us all laugh so many times yet was often suffering from depression on the inside:
I hope this poem helps more people understand this terrible condition of the human mind:
by #SimonIckeUK

Your First Day – Promote Yourself


You Don’t Expect




You don’t expect to out live a child

To experience a loss that breaks your heart

All the love and protection shown

When your world has fallen apart


The ache within is unbearable

Feeling you have no way to turn

It’s an ache that will not go away

For deep within your soul will burn


Why couldn’t it have been me

A question that’s always on your mind

The helplessness that you experience

Will ease one day you will find


You will blame yourself for everything

For thinking you could have done more

You will feel the need shut yourself away

By closing the emotional door


In time the hurt will ease away

All the happy memories will return

Knowing that you did your best

As you shown great concern


If you believe in your God

Then you will know your child will be safe

For they will be loved and cherished

In a spiritual and loving place



Malcolm G  Bradshaw

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