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Fish And Chips


Has I walk down  Hastings promenade

I stand and watch the fishing trawler net cascade

Seagulls following right behind

Swooping, diving, seeing what they can find

Holiday makers eating chips

Seagulls watch with an eagle eye

Looking at their fish and chips

Or any odd food bits

They will dive, and swoop,

Take a sandwich from your hand

Politeness they do not understand

They will come from miles

To pinch your chips

Happily on your head they will sit

If you come to Hastings or St Leonard on sea

Don’t forget seagulls love fish and chips

Just like you and me

Thomas Sims






Our eyes are closed to many things,

We look and don’t always find,

For things that are important,

To our eyes are blind.


Like natures wonderful creation,

It was created for all to see,

For all the things He did create,

Were meant for you and me.


Open your eyes to suffering,

Open your eyes to pain,

Open your eyes to understanding,

So that you may see again.


We only see what we want to see,

The rest is hidden from view,

Seek out the truth and you will find,

Clear vision will come to you.


For your eyes that once were blinded,

Are now open so wide and clear,

So don’t be blinded by deception,

Jealousy or fear.


We are all Gods children,

Equal in every way,

Only man has failed,

That is why we have problems today.


So don’t be short sighted,

Thoughtless and blind,

Just open your eyes and be honest,

Be truthful, loving and kind.


And remember as you go through life,

Your eyes are there to survey,

Do not stumble in the darkness,

Don’t let problems get in the way.


Just ask for help,

And you will find,

Those that now see clearly,

Were the ones who once were blind?


 Malcolm Bradshaw

Seagulls Cry


The wind blows on cliffs so high

All you can hear is the seagulls cry

The crashing waves

Echoes in the smugglers caves

Children walking on the cobbled beach

You can hear the crunching

Beneath their feet

Fisherman trawling

Crabs are crawling

To escape

The fisherman’s bait

The sea is rolling waves so high

All you can hear is the seagulls cry

They sit and wait for the fisherman’s trawl

On Hastings cobbled beach at early dawn

Gillian Sims


The thing that I must do today,
Is to take another step upon life’s way,
I must make sure that my step is firm,
And that my feet do not slide away.
For the highway of life is very narrow,
And many sirens are calling to me,
I must press on to reach my destiny,
To the place where I hope one day to be.
It is the place to where all redeemed souls will go,
A resting place for those who have shown they care,
No one knows where eternity is to be found,
But I’m sure the highway to life will lead me there.
Some people think it is a place where the streets are paved with gold,
Where the music of heavenly choirs will abound,
I prefer to think of it as a haven of solitude,
Where peace and tranquillity will be found.
When I first set upon this journey,
I could not be sure that my feet would endure,
But by day my confidence has grown,
Now, I know that eternity will be mine for sure.
This is the place where there is room for all,
Those who are able to ignore the distractions on life’s way,
Now could be a good time to start the journey,
Why don’t you take your first steps today?
Ron Martin




When Jesus walked this earth

He had one message in mind

To teach the world to love one another

And to each other be thoughtful and kind


Spreading his message to the people

With his disciples by His side

Teaching the words of his Father

Who was his mentor and his guide?


Rebuked by the establishment

He still stuck to his task

Spreading the word of God

Knowing that it would not last


Crowds would gather at his meetings

He would heal those in need

The cripples would walk again

And the multitudes he would feed


But alas the establishment arrested him

There he was put on trial

He was cleared of all charges

He thought he was free for a while


But then he was paraded through the streets

Carrying a cross with thorns upon his head

And as he was nailed on the cross

These were the words he said


As the heavens opened and the earth shook

Father forgive them for they no not what they do

But the seeds Jesus had planted for all

Would blossom in this world anew



  Malcolm Bradshaw

Autumns symphonies – Your Favourite Poem

yearning for sevdah*
(for lesya)

<> -Albert Camus

yearning for sevdah when

before there were roses and pomegranates
is sevdah is there is where is sita is

not then yearning for sevdah

rare lovers meeting finding unbroken harts
snowflakes melting sweet wilting fruit blossoms
is rama is where is there is sevdah is

not when yearning for sevdah

true lovers falling weaving love’s tapestry
transcending sorrows inside fermenting plums
worms emerging spreading lucent dragon wings
refining liquid gold into worlds of glory
is sevdah is there is where is is mira

not then yearning for sevdah

when true sailing beloveds unraveling kiss
as uncertainty completes certainty so
tragedy quickens comedy as all is
cupidity transfiguring chastity so
lovers probing discover love creating
is sita is where is there is is rama

when not yearning for sevdah

sevdah as lust is sevdah as sorrow is
sevdah as bliss is sevdah as nothing but
lust finitely quickening infinitely love as is
the beloved seeking lovers as all sevhad
is rama is there is where is sita is

then not yearning for sevdah

all creatures probing those quickening our musk
true love kissing pure love endlessly while
amidst stardust orchards become deserts so
is mira is here is what is mira is

now all is yearning for sevdah

is sevdah is here is what is sevdah is
crystal tears baptizing fermenting vineyards
rama’s arrow piercing brahman’s hart of harts

then yearning for sevdah is

after there were roses and pomegranates
remains what is here is love is sevdah is
sevdah yearning for yearning sevdah is love

not nothing if not krishna beneath phoenix wings
mere lust tantalizing unrequitable love

even gods cannot articulate sevdah


chrteién marc valentin

Let it rain by Gillian Sims

Friends – Promote Yourself


Why are we here, why do we walk on this earth? From the moment we come out of the womb we are left behind wondering why we are here.
As the young child looks to her mother for an answer to a question she doesn’t even know.
Her eyes gazing upon the beauty of her mother looking for a semblance to a reason to be in this place, even as a child we wonder why, what, how, and yet the answer still eludes us.
We get lies, conjecture, half-truths, and ideas on why we are put on this earth but still nobody knows, it is at this point that we begin to look for a friend to wander through life with. We ask the same questions, why and for what, the questions are many but the answers are very few.
Friends don’t come around very often, so when we do stumble across one we must nurture this relationship like a mother to her children, listening, learning, caring  showing, not thinking of our selves only wanting to be strong for our soul and our friend.
Together we go on and take on the world feeling each other’s pain and happiness sharing in the wonderful gift of life we get from each other.
The greatness of a friend is like no other it is the one choice we get that we have total control over and has the potential to change our live forever. When the bond is made the magic that befalls us is soothing and complete. There is no better gift in life than to have someone who cares for you unconditionally and without fail; it is this test of metal that defines our lives.
I am looking forward to a life long happiness that begins and ends with my friend, all through life we go on asking the same question and we get know response, But maybe we don’t and wont get the answer we want or we may not even want to know what it is, and since we are not going to be happy with this so called reply , it is enough to know that ready or not for our true calling in life we can go forward knowing that at least we had a true friend to pick us up along the way.
True friends are hard to come by so please whoever you are reading this remember, We need as many true friends we can get, if you only get one, that’s more than most people get so hold on and cherish them because in this day that is a rare find. But you will be rewarded with a happiness you will not find elsewhere. Love your friend and they will love you..
Sean P Warren

Cinders – Promote Yourself


‘Tis indeed a pitiful dwelling, left to Time’s evictions;

It rests amidst a vibrant town,

Where it must watch, through the immortal frost,

As lives are lived and lives are lost,

As days are reached and days are past

Beneath the gaze of skipping stars.


I stand alone in that forgotten heart

As night pirouettes and gracefully parts,

Almost as though it remembers

That hollow den.


Out in the orchard an owl hums,

Hooting beneath a moonless sky.

The faded curtains host the silverfish,

They flap gently as the zephyr

Rasps through the broken windows;

The vines creak.


The higher floors are nearly faded,

Woven back into the fertile earth.

The rafters o’er head are draped

In dark-born cobwebs which sway like hopeless fingers

In that sorrowful house.  


On a peeling wall, riddled with mites,

A woeful portrait sleeps in tragedy.

The wonky hinge tilts the frame,

Crumbling in the half-light,

Towards the precarious floor boarding.

That sullen face sheds tears of cobalt

Which trace the loose threads of fabric.


Pulling back the snickering vines,

Stubborn in their stances,

I find a hefty bureau cast in pine.

It holds within its shivering clutches

Some sun-worn letter:

Yellowed parchment whose words are soft;

They are barely audible,

But just decipherable.


A solemn farewell those final lines convey,

And yet how ‘twas known their end was nigh,

Truth’s lips cannot be swayed.


As I ponder captured thoughts, I behold

A morose phantom sitting in the sycamore tree;

As the sun seeps through the heavens yond’

I see him clearly in the whim of dawn:

A forgotten soul, lost amongst the cinders.


W.A Moorfoot: United Kingdom, aspiring writing of poetry, fiction and philosophy. 



MIRROR – Promote Yourself

You killed her !

Oh , poor sweet child 

savagely tortured by her own kind.

What a strange world !

slowly they killed her innocence , 

wounds and bruises she carried around ,

friends she had none

to cry upon , 

she smiled sweetly still

but her eyes !

Oh ! Beautiful wary eyes

how they shone of the longing,

longing for humanity perhaps ?

perhaps you were terrified of her

intimidated by her intelligence , 

so you thought better ,

slowly and with ease
you took everything away from her , 

and made her believe ,

it was better of this way.

what greater crime can be committed ?
than killing the soul of an innocent child , 

i still see her sometimes
looking around warily
with the same eyes that ;
shine for humanity .
i still see her sometimes , 

when i look in the mirror ..


Anger’s a Waste -Promote Yourself


The look in your eye

Anger’s painting your face

Your stance is strong, intimidating,

With a presence of disgrace.

You’re unhappy I see

There’s no use in pretending

It’s obvious to everyone

The vibes you are sending

Are of hatred and venom

They flow through your veins

You’re victim to this hostility

Body, spirit, soul and brain

Despite your poor mood

And the feelings you’ve spewed

I refuse to absorb it

It’s happiness I choose

To be happy is much lighter

Than it is to feel blue

It feels so much better

Than feeling the way that you do

Ignore all those feelings

Cast them aside

Your voice will allow us to

Hear what resides

In your head that is causing

Such tension and grief

Let it out through your words

So that it can no longer be thief

Of the happiness

You once possessed

You wore it so proudly

On a puffed up chest

Now this display

Of what once was a man

Is a poor excuse for a human

That belongs in the can

Full of venom and trash

Toxicity and worse yet

This show you are giving

Is one you’ll regret

We say things in the moment

We wish we could revoke

We do things in spite

Later wishing we could joke

The damage is done

You can’t un-ring that bell

While I am evolving

Your soul’s damned to hell

Stay angry and bitter

It’s your choice you know

But at the end of the day

You reap what you sow

Don’t cry of your karma

It is your recourse

For holding onto this anger

And feeling no remorse

If the day ever comes

Where you learn to be grateful

Perhaps you can teach

Someone else who is hateful

Appreciate the here and now

The gifts you have been given

One day they will all be gone

And you will then be driven

To a beautiful place

Where good spirits are favored

Or stay on this path and

The devil’s your neighbor

Anger and hatred

Are such a waste

Of your precious time

And of my precious space

So rid them of your mind

Seek peace for today

You can’t do it alone

So for you, I will pray

Anyone else filled with venom

Should heed to the same advice

We’re only given one chance

We don’t get to live this life twice

Ignore all the demons

Consuming your bliss

Throw them to the wind

And choose happiness

You’ll be rewarded

When you learn to be grateful

But punished the same

If you remain hateful

Be happy today

And each day that follows

Life is a gift but

It may also swallow

The ones who don’t care

Who are filled with hate

The ones who are angry

And don’t wish to create

A peaceful lifestyle

Filled with laughter and love

Those with such rage

Don’t advance up Above

They spend all of eternity

Swimming in shame

In the shallows of hell

With no one to blame


Love – Promote Yourself


There are so many different variations

From puppy and kittens

To God’s newest creations

The love between two in a relationship

Whether brand new or old

Is one that won’t quit

Try as you may, but your heart just knows

That the one you are with

Is the one that’s supposed

To be spending your nights out looking at stars

or taking day trips

By bus, train or car

You lie down at night and give them a kiss

You know in the morning

It’s their presence you’ll miss

While you spend your days working, from each other apart

The longing you feel

Grows deeper in your heart

You miss him, and he misses you

You text and you email

But none of it’s true

It’s not until the day is done and you’re once again together

Your heart settles down

It’s now as light as a feather

You’ve all made it home safely at the end of the day

To spend time together

To eat, play, and pray

Pray that tomorrow is easier yet

To spend more time apart

From the one you cannot forget

The one who is constantly consuming your mind

The one who has captured

Your soul, so divine

The one that you crave with every change in your mood

The one who you love

From here to the moon

The one who completes you and makes you your best

The one who comes home

Fulfilling your nest

Maybe tomorrow will be easier yet

Because I know in my heart

Where my head will rest

As we close our eyes and drift off to sleep

It’s the one I love most

Sleeping under my sheets

With me in his arm wrapped tightly against

His warm muscular body

And his muscular chest

His scent drives me wild, this I admit

But I can’t stay away

He’s my drug of choice, I’m an addict

Addicted to love, so pure and so true

One that never existed

Until I met you

~Kate McKie

I Stopped Watching

man crying


I listen to music

puts me in certain frame of mind

I want to be sad

like the tears welling in the moment

I want to feel pain

for nothing will match their fears

I want to ask

is there anything we have control of in our lives.

In my neighborhood

tonight I watched people on their bicycles

friends talking in driveways,

Sally was gardening,

Randy was building yet another section

to shelve things …

Society in a manner shelved MH370

after months of no more news.

A long time ago,

I heard someone say we are a forgetful world,

in lieu of fearing reputation,

we often hope they might not remember,

but please don’t forget about that missing plane,

as we now mourn the loss of bodies we’ve found,

splayed across the Malaysian countryside.

Meanwhile, I’m putting another

sad song solemn,

in Israel, we know loss of life

is far more prevalent than the busy days of war.

In my back yard

I look at the stars

I wonder out loud

how it can be possible

to live in a world

where such beauty to our naked eye

can be shattered in the evil shouts

of a planet gradually unraveling.

Tonight, someone posted a remark

about how in the world can this happen.

How many other people are gasping,

losing air because they have screamed that same


since the news took away their family members.

Those that died were on a mission

to raise awareness, fighting for more exposure,

to recognize there are positive ways in our world.

The people on flight 17 were fighting aids,

My God – had another plan.

I haven’t watched the news for weeks,

maybe months.

I won’t turn on the television tonight

I will step outside and glance at the stars

through the misty tears in my eyes.

I am sad and crying.

I listen to music 

© Thom Amundsen 2014

random – Promote Yourself

cars she’s past
on her way to work
curling gray
at the temple
wake with a start
its eyelids are dark
lulling into a whimsical hum
rolling joints
popping popcorn
like snapping a fallen twig in half
the tree’s already dead
lining the grooves
feeling shiverish
churning milk for butter
grease stains
dribbling from the chipmunk’s chubby cheeks
grimaces the dimples
eking the blood
the clinging vines embrace the forgotten building that once offered shelter
rustling twines of shushed regret
‘nother three-oh
years spent hiding.
Copyright © Jennifer McMillan and ArmchairQB 2014.

OUTSIDE IN IS NOT TRUE – Promote Yourself



Outside in is not true

But looks to be most common

To adore the heart before the shell

Is an idea most have forgotten


Outside in is not true

Non-thinking by the masses

Amalgamating together easier

As the extended time passes


Outside in is not true

And thoughts can’t always be trusted

Idle obedience has its disguise

But emerges broken up busted


Outside in is not true

The opposite must go seek

An uphill climb so difficult

But stopping is only for the weak


Outside in is not true

Why mistake to settle so soon?

For what lies beyond the tall sky

Is far more than just the moon





In daily life we go through emotions,
Prostration, Stagnation, Frustration;
Occasionally there’s a lability,
Alternating Happiness with Irritability,
Down in doldrums; then ecstasy

The Mind power is Overwhelming;
Reaching down in the ocean ,depths, where darkness rules
Forging forward in Cosmos, conquering galaxies;

So I have churned my own philosophy,
Man is as sacred as Diety,
I endorse the teachings of Humanity,
Hopefully, to be able to keep everyone happy!!!

Aisha Idris

Sadness – Promote Yourself

It is morning time so I must wake, another day of sadness I can not take 
I beg the lord to give me a sign, to ease these thoughts from my aching mind 
The sadness I feel to me is real,  please my friend help me heal 
I will repay you  I say with a scream, just one break from this angry mean 
My time is short and I want to go, I am ready to go 
I have looked to the world to find the good, but mostly it is misunderstood 
My mind races with thoughts of  doom and soon I will see  that death will loom 
She calls to me with her soft sweet voice it seems I don’t have a choice 
Please come to me and take my soul, I am ready I will go 
I am tired of the sad life I lead , there must be more for which I cannot see 
Night time is here and sleep will be, I will dream of happy for which will not see 
Another  false hope night has been given to me I, ask the Lord please leave me be 
For I ask for things I will not see, please go ahead and just take me 
Don’t let me wake and end this madness , not another day filled with sadness….
Sean P Warren
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