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My Christmas Wish to Santa – Promote Yourself









Dear Santa,
As softly falling lace shaped flakes,
soundlessly cover the ground with white,
The world becomes blanketed in silence,
making all things impossible appear possible.
Staring out through a flurry of snowflakes,
mentally I check off, my life’s blessings.
Family, friends, warm place upon which to lay my head,
one wish, one desire consumes my mind.
Should THIS wish come true, life would be complete,
have purpose, meaning for me.
Santa, should you peruse this poem,
know it isn’t riches or material things requested of you.
My Christmas wish, is to become bestowed with a lifelong role;
of motherhood; which has eluded me this year.
This is my desire to fulfill for Christmas,
as the cold geometrical flakes descend upon me.
The season of Christmas sparks magic in the air,
creating unbelievable miracles for all.
Requiring a minuscule amount;
of Christmas magic bestowed on me, I hope with open heart and mind.
Believing in the wonder of what may be,
we are destined for amazing things.
If granted this wish; this magnificent chance;
to mold another’s life, to make a difference in the world,
Then my Christmas wish will become reality.
Eternally grateful I remain,
forever a believer of good things to come!

By: Jennifer L Roche

194 Souls … Counting


sandy hook








In Memory of Newtown, on the eve of Sandy Hook:

I read the news today
Lives, gasps, smiles, tears
On the eve of Newtown
We have lost 194
Children we love
From in our homes across America
When we imagine the skies
Over Sandy Hook,
A sunny glorious morning
Cannot bring back the lives
While we cherish their innocent souls.
From in our homes across America
We will recall stories
Of the lives of kids we
Took for granted
Only for a moment
Playing the sweet sounds of love
From in our homes across America
Florida, Texas
In California
Just today in Colorado
Nevada lost a mentor
Along with countless other names
From in our homes across America
When we realize
Our lives are precious
Seems only a notion
While a memorial
Grieves the reality of love
From in our homes across America
Outside the classic
Lighting drapes a world
In full celebration
In delightful
From in our homes across America
‘Respect Each Other’ is the plea
Monsignor Weiss of Newtown
Prepares a community
For a reckoning
Of lost lives and sweet hearts
From in our homes across America
As holidays arrive always remember,
From in our homes across America.

Thom Amundsen 2013

A Christmas Carol – Promote Yourself







O holy night, We praise thee for thy birth
Sleep thou now quietly baby-king of earth
Thou babe of bliss come from holy skies,
With the coming morrow thou shalt arise.

Thou shalt walk on water, turn it all to wine
Cast out the evil, chase them all to swine
Thou babe of bliss, yet born so low and base
With the coming morrow, thou shalt bruise Caesar’s face

Thou shalt preach and heal and make the darkness light
Yet comes the morrow, and for now goodnight.
Sleep thou gentle babe of bliss
Smile thy smile of glee
For those you love shall kiss thee
And nail thee to the tree

.Sandesh Bartlet

Despite being Anglican by birth, I do not subscribe to any denomination in particular. My faith in God however has made me realise that society celebrates Jesus’ birth more than it celebrates the completion of his life’s mission. I was inspired by a particular carol that to carries a similar message, thus I must not be credited for the idea or tone of the poem. The name of the carol escapes me now. 

Poetreecreations Christmas Poetry

My Ice Queen

The Ice Queen - Closeup

She stands before me with icy stare, 
I dare not breathe; do not dare.

For one cloud of breath toward Her Grace
may break an icicle from flawless face

Forced to my knees by daggers of ice, 
my back they stab, and my wrists they slice.

She stands before me, regal and royal, 
never content with Servants’ toil.

Snow-dusted willows attack my skin, 
the rule of my Queen will always win.

I say not a thing, for my words are strong, 
to batter her beauty all day long.

Attack like a bull, and shatter to shards, 
the Queen of Diamonds, with all the cards.

In her eyes hides longing gleam; 
burning desire to run free as a stream.

A candle I’ll hold, like never seen; 
an endless flame to melt my Queen.

Death of much; an affordable price, 
in order to rescue my Queen of Ice. 

Dan Brown

The Christmas Box – Promote Yourself

My name’s Christopher Flame I’m 22. I’ve been writing for a number of years.
I come from east London – UK.
I’m currently in Swindon waiting to start a course to go onto study English literature at university.
I love to write about a variety of things really. the one below is quite a personal one of mine, its also featured on my blog. (I believe you gave it a like)

but I love to observe, people watch, as do a lot of writers and artists. sometimes to the point you forget your own life and existence a little bit.
but anyway, I hope you like it.


christmas treexxxxxx

We are not a family.
But the question intrudes
On a year of apathy.
“When is the tree going up?”
“Soon.” She would say.

We left it as long as possible.

Then my dad would enter the loft.
And reveal the Christmas box
Harboring the nostalgia,
The smell of old tinsel,
And last years dusty smiles

Christmas inside of a cracker,
Joined by it for a brief second,
A pull,
A snap,
and it’s gone.

We are not a family.

But hell,
I can be drawn in.
By the hypnosis of the fibre optic tree
Or the coke advert on t.v.
And believe its real for a moment.
As if we are held together by tired pieces of sticky tape,
Straight from last years multipack.

Then, at the end.
We make a relic of it all,
And pack the love and laughter
Back into the box.
Back into the loft.
For another year.
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Lady of the Night – Promote Yourself








I have loved thee longer than thou dost know
Slept in thy caressing comfort and care
Touched thy smooth skin warm aglow,
Oh hair like sweet summer air!
Yet thou know-est not I breathe
And I know-est not who thou art
Thou must soon intercede
And draw all venom from this heart
Oh come thou lady of the night
And kiss away each fret of pain!
Ease my nervous, clear my sight
Draw it from the deepest vein
Oh thou angel from God’s great bliss!
I know thy sweet and honeyed taste
Yet, I know not how I resist
Come now with all great haste!

Thou art the night’s joyful sprite,
The reason I would sooner strive to sleep
And ne’er long for the morning’s light
As pain passes from each vein deep.
Yet, thou make the merry morn!
Thy smile and comfort beam
Brighter than some sun forlorn
In its darkened, blackened scream.
Yea, it contends with thy radiance
And pours forth its pompous light
But it ne’er shall touch thy brilliance
Thou angel of day and night!
Let woods and hills hide our flight
Let the larks all play their part
Yet none shall rival thy delight
None dare oppose thy art.

S.S.Bartlett,( Sri Lanka)

GIVING SPIRIT – Promote Yourself


Glittering fairy lights; red holly berries,
Pine trees and Jingle Bells,
Songs rejoicing days of merry,
Presents wrapped, with all wishing well.

Strands connected one by one,
Ornaments spread throughout the tree,
Laughter and cheer when dinner is done,
Family celebrating, not “Me,” but “We.”

Years pass; children grow,
Tangled lives that strain connections,
Parents gone with mistletoe,
Hearth-lit fires and confections.

Yet even when alone for Christmas,
When gifts and visitors are few,
Give thanks for all that nature brings us,
Then joy will always be with you.

Wendy Shreve

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