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A winters night

A Summer’s breeze

A Winter’s night 

A Spring leaf An Autumn bright 

These are the things I no longer see,

Due to the things that haunt me

A torn limb, shattered bones,

Broken dreams and awful wounds

Why should one forego these scenes?

Learn again to live your dreams 

Cooling breeze on a summer’s night 

A roaring fire, curled up tight 

Dew drops on flowered fields 

Falling leaves into piles I can dream,

I can hope For old scenes to help me cope

One new day I shall see,

Old welcome memories

 But for now, I can only see,

new scenes that taunt me

In my dreams, in my head,

haunting things full of dread

Of a life lived too fast,

Wishing to regain my past

Something good and something fresh

A bright new view for me to look to,

A whole new world for my future……

Dan Fry



I love the colour of the autumn leaves

Blown to the ground in the gentle breeze

The air now feels so cool and fresh

The third season I love the best,

I love walking and watching the sky change

Until it changes bright blue

Then when dusk comes around

I find myself walking through the leaves so brown,

I  continue walking  along the side of the burbling brook

I feel so glad to be alive

Taking in such wonderous sites,

suddenly the sky turns red

Was it something  I said?

By Abbe Cutforth

9th Competition

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