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Nature’s Mirrors – Promote Yourself


Puddles on the pavement,
pools of light beneath brooding skies,
reservoirs of captured rain,
unique displays of movement,
as brilliant white swirls through oily black,
and the storm erases memories of the sun.

A flash of colour, of life, as I pass,
there a moment, but gone now, forever,
a puddle has no memory,
and life is brief in nature’s mirrors.

Next, I pause a while, transfixed,
staring into shallow depths,
imagination runs wild, searching,
knowing only tarmac resides,
yet seeing other rippled worlds,
over my distorted gargoyles face,
perhaps a warning, a guardian?
Fantasies, devoid of reality,
removed from my mind, as
only a mind’s eye has power here,
lost in the moment, drawn down,
lured into the murky lagoon,
where incubus and angels do battle.

Lightning flashes now,
breaks the spell, smashes melancholy,
I surface once more,
gasping for stifled air,
haunting images, crystal in clarity.

I am back, yet will I remember that,
which nature’s mirror will not?”

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Happen – Promote Yourself


If the world stood still for a day,

do you think any destruction could happen?

or do you think we’ll all freeze, still, never moving forward

If peace was a reached goal for the world,

is it possible that we could keep it that way?

or would we search for a battle

to cause pain, hurt and death that has become such second nature to us now

If time traveling was the way to the future,

what would happen to the past and the present?

would curiosity kick in and compel us to go back and fix what could be fixed, save what could be saved and create a future that we have always visioned as a nation

The past is over that’s why it should be left there,

to settle in its former glory, to collect the dust of times that go by

you have to focus on today because all we really know and what we can be sure of is what is happening right now around us

so live each day to the fullest

breathe as if it’s your last breath

and love with an open heart


By: me (Bea Militante)

my blog is

I live in england for school, but im originally from the philippines, im mixed raced and im currently in year 13 at secondary school. I really want to have my own poetry book so I decided to create my blog purely so i could see how people react to my poems. They are all deeply personal and based on my life, mainly my childhood so I would love it if you could publish it on your blog for me, you follow me actually and favourited this one.

The Jervis bay

What do you know about the geography of our land,
Do you know where the Jervis Bay is located,
You can search the maps without success,
Your search for knowledge will not be placated.
For the Jervis Bay is nowhere to be found,
It actually lies deep on the Atlantic floor,
It was one of the ships lost in battle,
It was sunk there during the Second World War.
The Jervis Bay was in fact a lightly armed merchant cruiser,
Whose duty was to protect an Atlantic convoy,
It did not have a lot of armour to defend it,
Compared with the German ships whose aim was to destroy.
Suddenly a German Pocket Battleship appeared on the horizon,
The whole of the convey was in danger of destruction,
But the crew of the Jervis Bay knew what they had to do,
And they did it without any further instruction.
They turned to face the enemy and went into an attack,
In itself this was a most courageous act,
They knew that there was no way they could win,
This was something they all knew to be a fact.
Their action gave the other ships time to scatter,
And all but three ships managed to survive,
The crew of the Jervis Bay sacrificed themselves,
 To ensure that many others could stay alive.
This is but one example of an heroic act,
The bravery of these men in this attack was revealed,
We must ensure that these deeds are not forgotten,
For it was by such acts that our victory was sealed.
By Ron Martin
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