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Sweet Smiles


Sweet smiles

Of a child

Sweet innocence

Radiant skin

Beautiful within

Hours spent

Playing, laughing

Loving life

Sweet smiles

Of a child

Turning to giggles

Radiant skin

Beautiful within

Laughter contagious

Demanding love

Embracing the moment

Just the two of us

Gillian Sims

Photograph copyright Poetree Creations 2013

THE MEANING OF IT ALL – Promote Yourself


When the light
shines on you just right
i can see our sailing souls on this ship
everything else is dark, but our emotions stay lit
as you walk through my emotional shores i see your foot prints


Directly to my soul on any given weekday or weekend
you’re leisure time during the evening
i’m full of substance, yet you make me feel weakened
no words needed to be spoken
cause this isn’t a game ; so there are no tokens
my doors are normally closed , but for you it’s open


I wish i would of never allowed you in
to my ocean with no life vest to swim
i put all my thoughts & feelings on the line
knowing that my passion towards you means everything


Shown me confidence & how it feels to win
& i show you the simplicity of love minus the burden
with nothing else to be heard
cause you’re the space between my words
seduction & action to all my verbs


You there is no you vs them
even if my ink pen
has gone dry these feelings will never reach an END


The Pardon – Promote Yourself


My dog lay dead five days without a grave
In the thick of summer, hid in a clump of pine
And a jungle of grass and honeysuckle-vine.
I who had loved him while he kept alive

Went only close enough to where he was
To sniff the heavy honeysuckle-smell
Twined with another odor heavier still
And hear the flies’ intolerable buzz.

Well, I was ten and very much afraid.
In my kind world the dead were out of range
And I could not forgive the sad or strange
In beast or man. My father took the spade

And buried him. Last night I saw the grass
Slowly divide (it was the same scene
But now it glowed a fierce and mortal green)
And saw the dog emerging. I confess

I felt afraid again, but still he came
In the carnal sun, clothed in a hymn of flies,
And death was breeding in his lively eyes.
I started in to cry and call his name,

Asking forgiveness of his tongueless head.
. . . I dreamt the past was never past redeeming:
But whether this was false or honest dreaming
I beg death’s pardon now. And mourn the dead.

Richard Wilbur

Forever and Always – Promote Yourself


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You possess my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


I will love you when your door is open,

On your best of days.

And I’ll love you when your door is slammed,

Right before my face.


My worthless soul is chained to you,

You own every part of me.

And if you find someone else,

I’ll be waiting right here patiently.


Whether you like it, or whether you don’t,

I’ll be here forever and always.

You can hurt me all you want,

But my affection won’t be fazed.


No harsh words can change my love,

For it has made me deaf.

I shall remain faithful,

Even though you left.


I hope that you are happy,

And she treats you like a king.

I hope she cares for your every need,

And succeeds your wildest dreams.


But if she treats you badly,

Please do not let her stay….

You deserve the finest,

No matter what they say.


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You posses my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


© 2013, Riley Willson

 ( )

What I’ve become – Promote Yourself



It’s easy to see why the women you’ve become
seems too much
when you’ve been through so much
Seldom sit with “content”
but in this overview all i can say is “What If”
my prowess would not be sufficient enough
but then again “what if”
Coy side would stop me short of
what could, something that i never understood
me being me is very complex
when it should be an easy role
Why long to be an audience
When you should always strive to be the main act
it’s ok if you stare long or look deep
because I’m me, i solicit all your needs
compassion attention; while giving you space when need be
Through your eyes while you speak
lost in all of what this life has made you see
but still intrigued on what could be part of me
May not beg for it
but i do long for it
teachings and blessing’s all of it
you inside of me
and me inside of you
lost in each others thoughts
with no monotony
just you having all of me
Back To feeling all alone
in the dark where its cold
on this stage
where i am enslaved
with the past deep down in a shallow grave
I have overcame
as Martin Luther king had to overcome
with no bullets and no guns
as my pen and paper moves like yarn being spun
I contemplate my beginnings and i come UNDONE
Who i am
is no different than what i’ve become
Lino Robles

TREE OF LOVE – Promote Yourself


First kiss up an oaken tree,
As we swung from branch to branch.
Boys who wrote notes
And hid them in my textbooks.
Holding hands ; laughing at a movie we hardly watched.
Unrequited love that they would never share,
But I would try anyway.
Big city, dark lights, a mini-skirt;
Only a brief encounter, lesson not learned.
Years of undefined relationships, leaving nothing.
Until I remembered that young girl sitting in the tree
And how little she wanted: only a kiss, a boy to call her own.
Decades later the woman has become all she could be
And all you will ever need.
She has challenges still to overcome ;
But you swear you do, too.
Forget the adult charades;
All that has passed before;
Only look at what we have.
Everyday a new adventure;
Every week a new discovery;
Cherished moments we have together;
Love, unqualified, until time is gone
And we return to love in its purist form.

Wendy Shreve

I AM LEGEND – Promote Yourself










Where do we begin
When you’re also my end
Day, night, am, pm, seconds
Weekday & the weekends


Destination can be shallow
That’s why true fulfillment can never be hallowed
I look at you with a smile & a coy laugh
Wishing you could be a camera; so with every touch you would just flash
All the lasting memories of the things I want to have


these thoughts believing in you always being my better half
i’m a man, but still like the touch of your hands
cause misery likes company & happiness loves temptation
& somewhere in the middle is our life’s celebration


why i live my life & let the others talk
i’ll be happy while they stand still & i walk
all that i’m saying is elementary & written on chalk
i just want to touch you till our lips lock


is the reason i comfort you with questions
you & i any suggestions
before i look you in the eye, is there anything else to mention
while i get ready to relieve any of your tension
i’ll only live once & you call my attention
others were your virus & just like the movie i am legend


Godefroy Dronsart :3 – Promote Yourself











No more brown coke with my fried bean to cup

No more binary synthetic harmony


No more processed elephant banter chit-chat

No more care for your surface black eye-rimmed eyeballs


No more menthol-laden ether tether dangling from the above sky


No more appointed love in appointed love-books


No more circumstance poetry


No more houses ogling at the bedroom windows of the other houses during ogling hours


No more labels for traumas under glass

No more silent time around exposed bodies

No more diagonal relief between heart beat-important patterns



(No more heart beat-important patterns)

No more time for addressing endings or give way to absence


No more impedance on the horizon

Hello !
My name is Godefroy Dronsart. I’m from France – and still living there for now. I was born in 1991. I have performed in London in the Poetry Cafe and in the Library bar in Islington regularly during Spring during an Erasmus exchange, then went back home and continued writing on a regular basis. I have been published in Poetry Weekly (a magazine now sadly dead and gone, but from its ashes might rise a new project, I am told …) and will be published in the Roehampton Student Anthology of 2013.
I enjoy poetry that takes twists and turns, and nothing delights me more than not understanding a line at first.

This can be found on my blog : (can this link be put at the end of the poem if it is published ? It would be great !) where I regularly share poetry with the world and reblog relevant articles about poetry found on other blogs.

Thanks for reading and for putting the Poetree blog in place !

Best wishes,






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