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A Thousand Pictures

If I could paint a thousand pictures

Each one would be of you

I would place them all around my room

So I wouldn’t feel so blue

I know you would always be close

So close to my heart

If you were ever away

I know we’d never be apart

My eyes would follow you around my room

To admire my pictures of you

I would go to sleep well rested

Not feeling at all blue

I would dream of you looking at me

Whilst I silently sleep

I would breathe you in the morning

My pictures of you to keep

Gillian Sims

BLUE,ANYONE? – Promote Yourself

Blue is a funny color;
It’s not like any other.
Why defined as “sad: when
“The blues” often make us glad?
Boys born are wrapped in blue;
Why can’t girls have the color, too?
Azure, midnight, sapphire and true;
Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, who knew?
Persian, Maya(n), Prussian, Egyptian,
Indigo, teal, electric and cerulean,
Endless varieties, too many to list,
So, please don’t tell me what I’ve missed.
Topazes, diamonds, tourmalines; sapphires,
Cheese, my book cover and gas-fed fires,
Simple beauties: flowers, seas or skies,
Berries, birds and butterflies.
Naturally my favorite color is blue,
And now I’ll ask, “What about you?”

Wendy Shreve

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