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Have I got the January blues?

Have I got the January blues?

I want to shop and buy some shoes

I’ll go down to the January sales

Somehow it never fails,

I can beat the January blues

I will buy my brand new shoes

Red, blue, black or white,

I know what I have in sight

The January sales here I come,

No January blues

I have my new shoes

You have not won

The January blues,

The tinsel and the sparkle has gone

But I can’t go wrong

In the January sales,

Somehow it never fails

I have beat the January blues

I have bought my brand new shoes

Gillian Sims

Spending Time With the Blues




There is that rhythm

Like a slow breathing woman

Playing with my senses

She knows I’m in love

With the way she moves

The way she grooves

I’m just along for the ride

Hoping she might abide

To my dreams kept tucked away

Those notions that are for her today


“This old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind”

While I dance a little jig in my mind

Waiting until the next rift catches me

Takes me for that ride again

Drifting out the door of this room

To a different place, a lovely place

Where everyone is dancing, and dancing

Where everyone is together

Feeling, laughing, playing

And nothing really matters

‘cept the blues keep rolling by


If they let me I might decide to stay

While the music continues to play

I will only need to leave

If the rhythm may lose that hold

On the memory driven songs in my head

Pain and agony just seem so far away

Like a needle in my arm to cloud the day

I will just hold you next to me

And let the heat of our energy

Give me a reason to stay with you today

All that other daily trash just slide away


I remember glancing at you from a distance

Sweet your eyes that day gave me 

Thom Amundsen 2014

*Blues Queen* – Promote Yourself


She finally made it back to Birdland.
It feels like just yesterday she was here in New York City, spray-painting this bitter, hateful earth with the blues. Now she is on Heaven’s replica stage being backed up by the greatest bluesmen that have ever lived accompanying her commanding voice as respective maestros of the
Sweet sax,
A pair of trombones and a double bass:
What a Difference a Day Made.
Oh she’s still got it. It feels like Radio City here in the clouds…with flashy lights beaming down on the messengers of song. The stage is overflowing with music and taking center stage is the very physical and spiritual representation of the Blues. She stands before the audience oozing blue, it’s wrapped around her skin, and from her soul it pours from her pores…the moment she begins to roar.
She is the Blues.
With clenched fists and an open heart — she Rules the microphone…
Victoria and Elizabeth can have their jurisdiction…
But on this stage there is but only
One Queen.
I present to you:
The Queen of Blues.
All Hail.

Painted by John Penney

©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.

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