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Baby Jesus by Abbe Cutforth

The Energy Of Love

From the moment we are born

A spark of energy was placed within

Each and everyone retains that spark

For that energy is a living thing


It stays with everyone on earth

It keeps the body alive

For whilst on this earthly plain

This energy helps all to survive


What is this energy?

How do we explain?

Without this spark of light

In life we would not sustain


When life’s journey ends

And when the energy no longer burns

It is drawn back to God

To the spirit world it returns


A journey everyone will take

In to the arms of those above

As a perfect spiritual body

Re-united with all those we with love

 Malcolm Bradshaw



For the baby’s sake

Pregnant woman smoking,

Which bit will you damage next?

Perhaps a brain cell here and there?

Perhaps a heart beat could be vexed.

You never know, perhaps a toe.

Your inhaling has  in sight,

Or maybe the baby’s liver

Is to be rendered not quite right.

The choice is not entirely yours,

Smoke will have its own quiet way,

And, passively, the babe you carry

Simply has no say.

So, this is for your baby

Taking its hurt to heart.

Speechless little victim.

Let this poem voice your part.

Ron Gardner, 

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