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Let it snow

Let the snow dance upon my face

Let the snow lay on the ground like lace

Let it snow,

Let me feel the ice beneath my toes

Let the snow dance upon my nose

Let it snow,

Let me know

When the children can take out their sleighs

When snow drifts are here to stay

Let it snow,

Let the rain go

I want icicles to appear

I want the snow to be here

Let it snow,

I need to know

The ground is white

Glistening and bright

Let it snow,

Let the earth light up tonight

with snow so bright

Let it snow,

I want to see snowflakes

From my window

Let it snow

Gillian Sims

A winters night

A Summer’s breeze

A Winter’s night 

A Spring leaf An Autumn bright 

These are the things I no longer see,

Due to the things that haunt me

A torn limb, shattered bones,

Broken dreams and awful wounds

Why should one forego these scenes?

Learn again to live your dreams 

Cooling breeze on a summer’s night 

A roaring fire, curled up tight 

Dew drops on flowered fields 

Falling leaves into piles I can dream,

I can hope For old scenes to help me cope

One new day I shall see,

Old welcome memories

 But for now, I can only see,

new scenes that taunt me

In my dreams, in my head,

haunting things full of dread

Of a life lived too fast,

Wishing to regain my past

Something good and something fresh

A bright new view for me to look to,

A whole new world for my future……

Dan Fry


There is a light at the end of the tunnel


                         As I looked into the sky,                               

                          I saw a beam of light,                                    

                        It shone directly over me,                            

                             So beautiful and bright,                                   

                           I looked in amazement,                              

          As the light surveyed the ground,

Sweeping back and forth,

Searching all around.


The light had many colours,

Of reds, blues, and green,

A spectacle of brilliance,

The most beautiful ever seen.

Then from within its beauty,

A symphony of sound was heard,

Filling the air with music,

My very spirit stirred.


A haunting sound of peace,

Filled my heart with love,

Creating an hypnotic trance,

As the light shone from above.

I felt so warm and comfortable,

Bathed in that beautiful light,

Drawn to the end of the tunnel,

To a light that burnt so bright.


At the end of the tunnel,

Was a soul so gentle and meek?

Welcoming a lonely traveller,

Bemused I could not speak.

Welcome to the world of spirit,

This gentle soul he said,

For you have left the material,

Your body on earth is dead.


Now your spirit life is eternal,

And in time will expand and grow,

But now is the time to rest,

To be surrounded by all you know.

Enjoy your life on the material,

Put thoughts of death behind,

Be tolerant with one another,

So all will have peace of mind.


For me my earthly life as ended,

But my loved ones I will be near,

To help in times of torment,

To elevate all fear.

 Rest assured my spirits free,

 Free from all earthly pain,

So be strengthened in that knowledge

     For we all shall meet again.

Malcolm Bradshaw

Dear April

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                      ((((((((((((Never lose hope))))))))))))<br /><br />
                       (((((((((((((APRIL JONES)))))))))))))<br /><br />
                                     xxxx ♥ ♥♥ xxxxx

A little girl so precious and bright 
Her family go on and still they fight,
Early mornings long devastatingly days
Cold wet and lonely at night,
Their little girl taken in a flash
The cold hearted person a piece of spiteful trash,
In strangers thoughts as people pray 
For a beautiful girl home safe today,

Outside she played is that so wrong?
But evil was around and she was gone !!
April Jones we hope you’re safe home
You should come and let justice be done !!

Gemma Cutforth

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