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BROKEN STARS – Promote Yourself

Shards of stars glisten brightly in noonday sun
pieces of dreams strewn across an abandoned yard
pick each fragment up, turn them over in my hands
these broken dreams of broken men that never mend
careful not to cut the flesh, dispose of  shards in a can
for I will not bleed another mans’ regret
many lessons learned but none greater I have met
when the sun shines brightly, stars still shatter yet
and sometimes Illumination is a lie that must be told
because this house was condemned long ago
-L. M. Mann

A winters night

A Summer’s breeze

A Winter’s night 

A Spring leaf An Autumn bright 

These are the things I no longer see,

Due to the things that haunt me

A torn limb, shattered bones,

Broken dreams and awful wounds

Why should one forego these scenes?

Learn again to live your dreams 

Cooling breeze on a summer’s night 

A roaring fire, curled up tight 

Dew drops on flowered fields 

Falling leaves into piles I can dream,

I can hope For old scenes to help me cope

One new day I shall see,

Old welcome memories

 But for now, I can only see,

new scenes that taunt me

In my dreams, in my head,

haunting things full of dread

Of a life lived too fast,

Wishing to regain my past

Something good and something fresh

A bright new view for me to look to,

A whole new world for my future……

Dan Fry


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