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I gave us to The Collector – Promote Yourself


The Collector comes knocking 

rustling through bin bags for time, 

memories and broken promises

and I hide us in defiance

locking the doors, stopping Him 

from sensing what we are

(what we have broken) 

like a child, I hide the rubbish treasures

of glued-back promises, wrap the careless hurt between my sheets

(but darling, the cracks never do go away) 

and I have grasped these broke pieces so tightly 

the jagged edges of uncaring words and shattered hopes

have sliced straight up my arm 

so tonight, I succumb to His demands, 

I dig out the saved kisses from my jacket pocket,

and remove the flowers that lined my collarbones 

I put all of us into a bin bag, 

leave the remnants of our love 


and wait with bated breath for His appearance 

I gave us to The Collector, 

our love a sacrifice, turned to ash

darling, we were in ruins 

(now, I fear we are naught)


Nicole Ooi


my wordpress is, I’d rather not leave my name. but I’m a mixed (asian) student who is currently in boarding school in the UK! 🙂 

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