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Bubblews; GREAT EXPECTATIONS … Popped -Promote Yourself


Mere months ago many wrote giddily (I, amongst them) of the great expectations
of a business model … that threatened … social media institutions.
Written then: “Between posts, tweets and bubbles, in a jungle that is [media] only
the latter of book, bird and bubble … shares … its money.
Between book, bluebird and bubble, only the latter is the innovatively pioneering,
first, FAIR ecosystem of the internet … truly … sharing.
Chachomanopapa is a poster, a tweeter and a bubbler too, decidedly unhappy
that Zuckerberger’s Facebook book be such … a common … bully.
Chachomanopapa is a poster, a tweeter and a bubbler too, but Twitter offers
little more than shout-outs and sales pitches from … 140 characters. is the new kid on a block populated by bigger and tougher boys;
but this boy is his own man … a man-boy committed to sharing … his toys.
The new kid on the block is a visionary willing to rock this bubble of a boat. We
bubblers too must share its vision … and rock this boat … visionarily.
The new kid is a rock and roller … rocking and rolling … the powers that be;
for … far more important than money … is community.”
Alas, Bubblews is but a mere bubble. And, as we all know all too well, it is not
in the nature of a bubble … not … to pop. 

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter


Love once swelled in a rising sea,
Only to erode with an ocean breeze.
Feelings would drift as windswept sand,
Till a shield was built to stand.
Where once water breached my porous heart,
Rocks have sealed the weakest parts.
Slippery steps on “thrown out”* rubble,
Could bring me closer to “toil and trouble.”
Yet, the sea once left to gorge and scour,
Has been becalmed by stony bowers.
And as I watch from projections,
My mind is stilled with reflections.

Sent in by Wendy Shreve

*Jetty comes from the French word jetée or “thrown out.”
And an acknowledgement to William Shakespeare for “. . . toil and trouble.”

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