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The ring that he gave her was only nine carat gold,
For that was all that he could afford,
But to them both it was only a symbol of their love,
For she was the one he loved and adored.
If he could he would have done better,
Would have given her ring that was diamond encrusted,
For she was the true love of his life,
She was the one that he really trusted.
As they grew older he gradually became richer,
Then he offered to buy her a twenty-two carat gold ring,
She said she preferred to keep the one on her finger,
For to her that ring meant everything.
A twenty-two carat gold ring would be of more value,
But these was no way that it would ever be the same,
The ring reminded them of the vows they had made,
On the day he had given her his name.
He had put on her finger the day they were married,
It had been a most wonderful day,
That ring had been a symbol of their undying love,
And on her finger it would always stay.
Ron Martin
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