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Carol Singing


It was on the eve of Christmas in nineteen forty five

When I was singing with the local church choir

It was a cold,cold freezing night

Something happened which set my heart on fire

I was singing with a group of young people

And unknowingly I had a stroke of good luck

For I was the one holding the torch

And I shone it onto a young ladies hymn book

From that time we began our courtship

And eventually she became my wife

Shining my torch on her hymn book

Brought a wonderful change to my life

We’ve been together now for sixty seven years

And we’ve known many wonderful days

The fact I was holding the torch that night

Has brought me happiness in so many ways

I have some advice to would be carol singers

For there is something of which they should be aware

Don’t shine your light on a young ladies hymn book

Unless her life is something you are hoping to share

Ron Martin

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