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Business as usual

I wish I owned a pie shop, I’d fill it full of meat

Big pies, small pies, pies you’d think were neat

Chicken, ham and mushroom, beef and peas in stew

Golden crisp and savoury, pies for me and you

Lots of sticky gravy, great dollops of mash

Mixing in the chunks with salt a little dash

I’d eat there all day and gain 100 pounds

Eating pies is lovely, to make your belly round

I wish I owned a pie shop with lots of tasty meat

I wish I owned a pie shop, a great place to eat

Dan Fry 9th competition 2011

The addict

His body frail

His face so pale

His eyes so dim

His legs so thin,

Once flying high

Once in the sky

Once drugs kept him

Once one so thin,

Now he’s greeted by the soil

Now kept in a coffin like a chicken in foil,

Now only tears can be shed

Now only words can be said

Now that he is dead

By Gillian Sims

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