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A man with no name

Clint had a glint in is eye

Eastwood my name

With stubble on his chin

Black Stetson and poncho

And a colt 45 strapped to is side,

Fast on the draw

He wasn’t good, bad, or even ugly

With a fistful of dollars

The man with no name,

He would blow cigar smoke

Right into your face

He would play cards

And pull out an ace

Or you can try a magnum for size,

He is a high plains drifter

A man with no name

Who knows,

Dirty Harry, Josey Wales,

And an orang-utan Called Clyde

Play misty for me Clint

And make my day,

He sits at the bar in ‘Hogs breaths inn’

Look here comes the honky-tonk man

Have you seen the film’s,

City heat or Firefox

So what’s your name?

Rowdy Yate’s, Dirty Harry, Josey Wales

Or are you the man with no name?

No it’s Clint Eastwood

The mayor of Carmel

In the U.S.A.

Thomas Sims

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