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gypsy 3

She found herself quite lost

All memories a misty haze

Was last night a reality?

Or had she just slept for days?


Forwards confused, backwards perplexed

The most complex addition

Clutter and vacuum intertwined

A misfit of every definition


Nomad Gypsy Hippy Punk

One of all and yet one of none

Wandering day long night longer

Her thoughts became shattered undone


Not clear why she continued to creep

Perhaps feeling an incongruous force

But the story did continue on

Let me reveal it to you in due course


She stumbled across a gloomy track

A path somewhat untamed

It pulled her closer like a magnet

As if it already knew her name


And so her journey did embark

Down that path untraveled

She felt the cold prickle her skin

And mysterious beginnings unravelled



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