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Shining Star of Sunlight – Promote Yourself

Rainbows of Happiness LLC
Ball of light; glowing white-hot center.
bursting forth your rays, connecting sky to earth.
Illuminating the world from your perch;
amongst a field of blue speckled with cotton-colored clouds.
Brilliant morning star, sharing your light;
extending arms to every corner of the world.
Embracing Earth with warmth,
guiding all through darkness.
Beginning dawn with colorful visions;
weaved intricately in translucent spires.
Intensifying heat with day’s progression;
shining brighter as minutes turn to hours.
Reaching your precipice of strength;
you gather your numerous beams.
Sinking wordlessly into the horizon,
slowly disappearing with the first hint of evening.

 Jennifer L Roche

Oh Jemima!








A funny old ryhme my mother used to sing to us does anyone else remember it or know its origin:

” Oh Jemima look at your uncle Jim,
he’s in the duck pond learning how to swim,
first he does the breast stroke, …
then he does the side,
but now he’s under the water
swimming against the tide”…

Dedicated to my mum Josie Icke (nee Lomas) 11.11.1923- 20.10.93
Originally born Tideswell, High Peak but lived in Coniston Avenue, Litle Hulton, Salford 1952 -1993.

And my friend Nigel found another version of the same rhyme/tune.. was this a second verse or the original rhyme that was changed for fun?

“Oh Aunt Jemima, look at your Uncle Jim
Scrubbing out the passage with water, soap and vim.
First he kneels on his left knee
Then he kneels on his right
Now he’s knelt on a bar of soap
And skidded right out of sight”

Sent to you by Simon Icke #SimonIckeUK

Darians Freedom – Promote Yourself


Walk in circles
Run in squares
Skip in zig zags
Jump up stairs

Step over cracks
Walk backwards
Splash in puddles
Balance on curbs

No need to talk
Just love walks
Might sing a note
Off with my socks

Toes sparkle
Feet are so cold
Crunch of leaves
In no ones mold

Being free, young
What I want, I’ll do
No chains on me
You should try it too

 Bernadette Rivera USA

October – Promote Yourself



October, october i will never forget
Thank you for being the best part of my life yet
Thank you for looking out for me and bringing happiness to surround me
As the leaves slowly drop down and the wind heavily blows
Waiting for the whitest coats of snow
The thoughts, the joy and the sorrows to
The sun and the rain that brings colours through
Thank you with all respect, i hope winter is not what i expect
The cold, the miserable and busy too
Thank you october i do love you, as fall disappears
And the rain cry’s through all of the memories will be remembered too
Even if moments like this do not last
At least i can look back and say “I had a wonderful past”.

debby osami

Forgotten Memories – Promote Yourself

Forgotten memories materialized,
Solemn, raved, swift.
A heaven incensed with
Love, hearty smiles, dreams.
Faded into a hell, dark skies,
Rain blood, shadows, death.
The rose one day in heaven,
Now gory hands, headed down,
Alone in the midst of bare desert.

Robert Ahanes (

The Needless Facade – Promote Yourself



Come on, who are you trying to fool here
Why so determined to maintain that veneer
I see how you cling on unflappably
Afraid to let it slip lest they see the fracture within
The fear is crippling but I see the crack
Pour some honey on it, it’s courage you lack

You’re selling a you that’s quite untrue
Telling of a mangled image, nothing but a hack
The story without diverts from the tale within
Pour some milk on it let the mending begin

Still stubborn I see
Unwilling to pay vulnerability’s fee
It’s scary I know, it’s much easier to act plastic
But this adamant borders on the psychotic
The desperate hold you wield over the masquerade
Even an escaped drop of tenderness you quench or fade
Pour some ointment on it, soothe it away

While you have the opportunity, make hay
Before you become what you’d despise, make way
For the you I know to emerge
All are ready to sing the facade’s dirge
The song that marks your reality betrayed

So pour some wine and together rejoice
You hear the collective sigh
And the gratitude of your peers in one relieved voice

Setor Dzisenu
Accra, Ghana
Like and follow at

In Full Bloom – Promote Yourself



Guardians sow seeds, some few
While they influence and mold
Rain love, wisdom and view
The bud begins to unfold

Anchored firmly in the ground

Small brain sponges up the dew
Retaining complex hold
Directions to aspire to
The blossoming to behold

Sweetened tad above the mound

Teenage thorns, the stem come thru
Refusing to be controlled
In full bloom, defiant hue
Crippled petals start to fold

Yielding blossoms can’t be found

With age, time, plant will renew
Reblooming with praise untold
Soaking in lights grace on cue
The legend of thorns retold

Sower and seed forever bound

Hi my name is Bernadette Rivera. I live in the USA. I’m 53 and have been writing since I was eight. I write childrens books, poetry,and I blog.
Reading and writing are my passion.


UPON THE FRAIL AIR – Promote Yourself


And I sat there watching as she tip toes across the splashing shore
of a cold and wistful lake/

A tip toe here, a tip toe there, hardly a splash did she make/
She would look at me with that pale face and her rosy lips would turn/
A smile of a thousand years to be with her I would yearn/
Her windy gown would move in a gentle windy way/
I just sat there enthralled so lucky to be with her on this day/
Clouds were low and the sky was grey but her energy did prevail/
I dreamt the two of us together on the ocean for a sail.

She creeped out upon a lofty log that floated amongst the water/
A giggle escaped her lips as she teetered and then a falter/
I will never forget the scream as she slipped into the deep/
To this day my heart it skips and I sink into a darkened weep/
Sitting there I watched her gasp she tried to reach and splashing/
Now tangled in her lovely dress and hair across her thrashing/
One fatal yell was all that escaped and then just water whispered/
My body stiffened across the lawn my heart away now drifted.

I scream for aid from far away and none are there to hear/
Laying there wishing for death for her cries they made me fear/
My wheelchair dumped and spinning I am helpless in despair/
Then her voice she touches me from upon the broken air/
She speaks as that of an angel telling me with great care/

“All is a spinning wheel my sweet and as is here is also there.”

RA mccolley

Typical Sunday Night – Promote Yourself








Sitting here Sunday night
I’m anxiously awaiting something of importance
Anything with substance
I need to get my head right for distinguishing alibies and truth around

I want to cry out
Both tears and screams
I feel I need someone to examine me
Spinning I strikeout it’s about to be lights out I dread a black out

Agonizing over apologizing makes me fearful
Feeling like I’ve injured myself burning hot
Fire pokers impaling and vital organs need to heal
That’s always a losing battle having quarrels with rivals

Breathe damnit girl get it together
Do something of importance
Get off of your knees
Put on your armor yes you can stay bitter you just need to be calmer

Think think think
Over analyze the previous interaction
How will that help
Rethink Inner dialect and get a drink from the bathroom sink

I have no clue
What is going on
I don’t know
Subdue taboo thoughts of you

Need want lust love crave
Everything bad is good for me
My brain doesn’t work correctly
The way I behave will only pave my path to my grave

This is never ending
Loops circles round objects
Lot of disproportionate holes
Dripping on the floor pieces of me like I’m seeding

Pick me up water and plant me
I want to grow tall and stronger
I’m wilting and dying
Just agree even if it’s out of pity a masochist best describes me baby I’m so

For Tuesday mornings

 Kelley Stephens

Hi my name is Kelley Stephens and I live in Oklahoma, My blog is Casa de la K and you can find me at I hope everyone enjoys!

LETTING GO – Promote Yourself


Having faith to open your heart,
Broadening your mind to accept differences,
Believing in tolerance and showing it,
Being vulnerable to embrace love,
And accepting your partner though you risk pain.

Letting your imagination bring new challenges;
Making a choice to love without conditions;
Seeing that a shorter life isn’t a limited one;
Going beyond what you visualize
And making your dreams a reality.

Stemming past struggles to blossom in the present, thrive in the future;
Learning to trust yourself in order to trust others,
Finding what’s important means sharing life, not running from it;
Letting go of emotional chains that stop you from living,
And embracing your soulmate before your heart hardens; stops beating.

Wendy Shreve

FEAR ITSELF – Promote Yourself

Fear itself

A speech for the ages heard these words loudly read

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” was boldly voiced

Reckless words spoken without true understanding

Made to seem as if said fear is all just in your head

“Fear itself” comes in many guises but brings only dread


Fear is eerily quiet and stealthily ever so cunning

It paralyzes the body and holds hostage the mind

Exceedingly clever, steadfast and eternally patient

As it lies silently in wait, your downfall forthcoming

Yes the power of “fear itself” is really quite stunning

It hides in the shadows to immerse you in icy pain

It burns hot like the sun as it preys on your weakness

Ignoring your strengths it plays tricks in your head

It’s power undeniable until all sanity has waned

Abandoned rationality and hope are all that remain


The fight against fear is a persons battle of wills

The man who spoke that day knew not what he said

Fear is a force not to be discounted or mocked for effect

Or our blood will stain dark as certainly as it spills

Because the undeniable truth is that “fear itself” kills.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed this piece.

Feel free to drop by my blog for more.


FULL CIRCLE – Promote Yourself



HO! I greet you on this new day
I am here, on wings of melody & light
This birth thus sets me on my way
The music keeping the cosmos within sight
The sounds of life take me to a new height
I thank you for the melody & the gift of the voice
So I greet you on this new day


The eyes of a child are filled with wonder
Enchanted by all there is to see
How I long to live, to command the thunder
To be as king, and humble servant to be
For the Voice shapes the cosmos, the land & sea
No matter how tall, strong, how I make my choice
The eyes of a child always filled with joy


Shadows of the season don’t comfort today
For I know I face a mountain tomorrow
And I know tomorrow must come what may
With all it’s bountiful promises of sorrow
The child now speaks, words, that ring as hollow
The Voice is distant, and gives no reason to rejoice
The shadows cannot comfort today


Lost wisdom now has forsaken me
I tread a path with timid steps & a heavy heart
I have been graced, but will not see
And ears that refuse to hear what the Voice imparts
The road I’m on tears me apart
I’m on my knees, tears streaming for the Voice
Lost wisdom has forsaken me


Those eyes of wonder open once again
Ears once deaf now are ready to hear
To the void, all my doubts I abandon
Now I know I have nothing to fear
I welcome the Voice, for now I can hear
The child speaks twice, he has made his choice
And those eyes of wonder open once again…

enjoy, and thanks for the opportunity to display my work!

Nathan Carlson, composer

hi guys, my name’s Nathan Carlson,and I’m a composer of music from Australia who’s trying his hand at poetry:

True Within My Soul


When I am alone
Blue skies, in autumn
I delight in the splendour

I can discard the hate
That swells around me
When people wreak allowances
Coursing through their veins
In a supported fashion of

Back here I lay my body on the natural earth
And feel the fabric of my existence
Envelop me with little regard of self worth
Only the Grace of no resistance
Eyes searching the brilliance of a sky
Pleasure in the chaos of human kind
Losing its way; a struggle that will not defy
This languorous journey in my free mind

Walking on the street
I would hear laughter
We realize that man
Builds up an ego to
Imaginings of a certain love thought alone
At risk
If only for a moment of hateful spite

Yet this quiet brisk windswept fall whence
I will realize the quest of God’s nature
To allow my soul to rest in the earth with confidence
Knowing I can be so happy and free to be sure

The pattern of life begins with every new sunrise
Knowing only our beauty of love will be the wise

Thom Amundsen

Godefroy Dronsart :3 – Promote Yourself











No more brown coke with my fried bean to cup

No more binary synthetic harmony


No more processed elephant banter chit-chat

No more care for your surface black eye-rimmed eyeballs


No more menthol-laden ether tether dangling from the above sky


No more appointed love in appointed love-books


No more circumstance poetry


No more houses ogling at the bedroom windows of the other houses during ogling hours


No more labels for traumas under glass

No more silent time around exposed bodies

No more diagonal relief between heart beat-important patterns



(No more heart beat-important patterns)

No more time for addressing endings or give way to absence


No more impedance on the horizon

Hello !
My name is Godefroy Dronsart. I’m from France – and still living there for now. I was born in 1991. I have performed in London in the Poetry Cafe and in the Library bar in Islington regularly during Spring during an Erasmus exchange, then went back home and continued writing on a regular basis. I have been published in Poetry Weekly (a magazine now sadly dead and gone, but from its ashes might rise a new project, I am told …) and will be published in the Roehampton Student Anthology of 2013.
I enjoy poetry that takes twists and turns, and nothing delights me more than not understanding a line at first.

This can be found on my blog : (can this link be put at the end of the poem if it is published ? It would be great !) where I regularly share poetry with the world and reblog relevant articles about poetry found on other blogs.

Thanks for reading and for putting the Poetree blog in place !

Best wishes,


: EVERY TIME I WRITE – Promote Yourself


Every time i write you get a preview
it’s easy to say i want, but in reality i need you
sometimes i want to lay with you as you sleep
then whisper my name in your ears & watch you squirm in between the sheets


keep nourishing your feelings so plate me
no part of us in the menu includes maybe
cause i’m breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
food for thought you’re appreciated greatly


a whisper & a thought
cause honestly the true you i want to unlock
i just want to love you as i do myself
you & i combined will always equal oneself


will save her in my youth with a cape
& in old age with a cane
she will always have a place
in my heart, body & soul cause my brain is all yours
every time i write is for it to be appealing to you when i explore
your deepest thoughts of course


just want you to know; while others take you for granted
i’ll love you the way you’ve always wanted
& this is coming from the bottom
i fall, better yet fell for you before autumn
you may have not been looking for unconditional love, but in me you’ve found him

Lino Robles

A RARE FLOWER – Promote Yourself


Grrriiinnnggg! It’s morning.
I check the mirror and find myself set
Purposefully, I walk into the Garden where Adam once found himself alone
Taking a meditative stroll in the company of the early morning sun,
I see it
Either by coincidence or by Divine providence, I cannot tell
But it’s right there, in the far corner of the Garden
A young bud sprouting,
A rare species, a jewel in any man’s eyes,
So beautiful and natural,
Intoxicatingly delicate, the pick of them all.
Instantly, I’m in tune with it

Zzzuuuuppp! The Indian music in my ears stop and
I find out that I’m in a fix:
Do I leave it to nature, or do I protect it
from the many non-existent wandering predators of my imagination’s creation,
Who have no other agenda than devouring all in their paths.

For a while, I step back from the garden and withdraw into myself,
Only stepping out occassionally to discuss my plight
with the self-proclaimed elders in the perimeter of my consciousness

Yet, the familiar still small voice lovingly warns me
of all the dangers and perils of nipping a rare scion so soon.
Alas, my conceit captains the suggestions of the ‘know-alls’,
and they all urge me to follow my ‘seat of smartness’

I’m back in the Garden, and I tell my Self, ‘Fish out your bud’
I’m excited and carefully become a wee bit careless
However, with crude expertise, I cut it off,
from whence it knew as home.

I saddle myself
with the responsibility of fending for it.
It is resilient, and with a stubborn desire to survive.
It thrives, but only at its normal rate,
Not less, but I’d never know whether it could have been more

So, what was all my fuss about?
I commune with my heart,
during my pillow-talk at night.
And the intuitive, inner, inspirator interferes once more, saying,
‘The Father in His Nature wills the Perfect rather than the Permissive
for His own’

I wake up.

(Dedicated to Oluwayanmife Ilori, though it actually means more than that)

 by Tewogbola Promise

There’s this girl. – Promote Yourself


There’s this girl,
She has a dimple in her smile.
There’s this girl,
I’ve known her from a while.

She wears this stupid look,
She has a cute nose.
Have you seen those models?
She looks like one of those.

I could drown in her eyes,
Again and again.
She asks me what am I looking at?
And I can never explain.

There’s this girl,
She keeps coming in my dreams.
There’s this girl,

I have fallen for her it seems.Hi. My name is Jidvish, I am an Indian and I live in Mumbai. I came across your blog, and absolutely loved the idea. Kudos to you for that. Anyways, here is the poem I would like to submit.

My name is Jidvish but I also go by the name JD, it’s simpler. And my blog link is

I’ve Got One In (A tribute to Albert a Fulham fan)


‘Mine’s a light and bitter’, Albert would say.
‘I’ve got one in,’ before the fray.
I’m here in my corner, reading my paper,
Checking that life’s still in order.
Ready to talk to my many friends,
Never thought it would come to an end.
‘I’m from Battersea Dogs Home’ Albert would say.
My manor was Fulham, every day.
On my “bi-cycle”, the black and whites way.
Came to Aston Clinton, with only a few quid.
Married my wife Pauline, I am so glad I did.
As ‘Peter the Painter’ I plied my trade,
And soon became known, far and wide.
So many memories I had to share,
So many stories plucked from the air.
Never boring with Albert our mate,
Always had the time to talk, till late.
I didn’t think I would be leaving quite so soon,
Thought I had time for another tune.
But that’s life, never goes as you plan.
So I hope when I get to heaven,
‘I’ve got one in’!
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for being with me to the end.

By Simon Icke Aston Clinton, Bucks. UK copyright 2008

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