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Thank you for the flowers

Thank you for the flowers,

Their fragrance smelt so sweet,

Your kindness I will treasure,

Until once more we meet.


The sorrow you have shown,

The tears that you have shed,

No words need be spoken,

For in those tears all was said.


Try to understand,

That life will carry on,

My spirit has entered a better place,

Although my bodies gone.


My life must continue,

To achieve the very best,

But first I must compose myself,

And take a well earned rest.


Such a lot to do,

Of that I am sure,

For time does not stand still,

But carries on for ever more.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Tears for the world


I cry for the world in turmoil

I cry for the world in pain

I cry for the lost and lonely

Who cry in the wilderness in vane?


I cry for those that are grieving

For all the tears they have cried

For all the emotions they experience

For the confusion deep down inside


I cry when nature is abused

By mans obsession for wealth

Stripping the world of its minerals

Interfering with this planets health


We are destroying our environment

Many more species are now extinct

It is time we changed our attitudes

In the way we all act and think


We have all been given a beautiful jewel

That is spinning around in space

It is everyone’s responsibility on earth

To make this planet a better place


Malcolm Bradshaw

Now that you have left me

Now that you have left me
I think of you each day
I am so lost and lonely
Since you passed away
The sun has lost its warmth
The songbirds lost their song
The flowers have lost their beauty
Now my love you have gone
I have cried all my tears of sadness
My heart has broken too
The ache is now unbearable
I just don’t know what to do
My faith has been severely tested
I feel so frustrated and angry inside
Nothing seems to console me
Since the tragic day you died
My child, grieving for a loved one
That’s when your mind is healing
Emotions you experience are natural
And everything else you’re feeling
You will feel the warmth of the sun
You will see the beauty in the flowers
Remember you are truly blessed
For all the memories you have are ours

By Malcolm Bradshaw

Prayer for the world



Dear Father we come before you,

With deep concern in our hearts,

For all those that are suffering,

Here, and in far off parts.


We think of those who are afraid,

Those who are lost and alone,

Those who are caught up in conflict,

Who through war have no home?


We think of the children, Father,

Those that are sick and dying,

The emptiness in all their faces,

Bewildered, bemused and crying.


Father we ask you,

To instil into the minds of men,

To irradiate war and destruction,

And never to fight again.


Let us all pray for peace,

Together we will command,

A world of perfect harmony,

To spread throughout our land.


Malcolm G Bradshaw
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