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Curves – Promote Yourself

I miss the way
your mind curves,
the discovery
of each new path
laid out by
a seductive impression
of your view.
I miss the way
our conversations
seemed to color shapes,
an outline for some
new world to call
our own.
I miss the vibrant color
of your voice,
the passion of belief
intertwined within
tangible strings
of letters.
An aesthetic beauty
augmented by
the erotic grace
of who you are,
as if your soul added
to the pristine prism
of your body.
I miss the way
your mind curves.
I miss the way
you shaped me.
Nathan Lindsay

Question of a poet to a pair of eyes reflecting his – Promote Yourself


Love, if I grow fat
For passing the afternoon
Diagnosing the faults of the heart,

Or if my cheeks bear the
Heaviest of dark circles
For burning the evening
Formulating verses,

Or if morning by morning
My spines curves
With sleeplessness
Writing verses of love

Trying to feel
What my predecessors
Have failed to write
Of their lovers,

And if in each hour, in every second,
In the littlest movement of time,
I add a pound for every verse that I write
For you, who’s the everything of me,

And if my whole life
Is spent like that,
in this, writing and rewriting,

Dying in the morning, in the
Afternoon, and in the evening—

By dying I meant having the smell
Of a jackfruit, an existence reduced
To layers of fats comparable to
The rice terraces
And a posture never deserving of
A national monument

Will you, and still, and always,
And only, love me?

pen name: YVVA SVHOVAN
real name: wayne castillo
country: Philippines
living in: Manila

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