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hush a little baby daddy’s sad – promote Yourself



crying dad

Hush little baby Daddys here

Hush little baby dont you fear

Hush little baby as i hold my tear

Hush little baby dont you hear

Hush little baby daddys son

Hush little baby daddy will see you soon

Hush little baby Daddy did try

Hush little baby dont you sigh

Hush little baby as i start to cry

Hush little baby daddy never got say bye bye

hush little baby mummy took you away

hush a little baby daddy misses you every day

hush little baby will daddy ever see you again.

colin thornton



You show me love every day,

You show me right from wrong,

You cuddle till I fall asleep,

You wipe my tears when I weep,

You make me giggle, laugh, and smile,

I know for me you walk for miles,

I’m so proud to have you as my dad,

Every day you make me glad,

To be your son and have your love,

To me there is no one above,

You are the best one I hope you know,

My cuddles and kisses is how I show,

I love you daddy you’re the best,

Your so much better than the rest.

By Orion Woolvett

Age 8 and a half months

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