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The start of a new day

As the dawn awakes from its slumber

As the night slowly slips away

As the sun arises to takes its place

It’s the start of a brand new day

The chill from the midnight air

Is replaced by the warmth of the sun

The flowers awake from their rest

A kaleidoscope of colour has begun

The animals grazing in the fields

Bird’s songs fill the air with sound

A gentle breeze disturbs the leaves

As they majestically fall to the ground

A woodpecker in the distance

Noisily tapping at the trees

The butterflies in all their glory

Collecting honey, the sound of the bees

The rain as it’s gently falling

Too nourish nature’s jewels

It replenishes all the rivers

And fills all the ponds and pools

A rumble of thunder in the distance

A rainbow across the sky’s

All filled with breathtaking colours

Bringing beauty to our eyes

When the new day is over

The dusk will enter with haste

The moonlight will cover the earth

Casting shadows all over the place

As we say goodbye to another day

Anticipating the start of a new dawn

Mother nature will not disappoint us

The treasures of her new morn

Malcolm Bradshaw

The tangled web

Soft satin sheets

Entice us to meet

The tangled web

That we create,

The lack of sleep

Overpowered by our love

Then slowly;

I see the dawn slipping through

The sharp white blinds

It is only time,

This is the last thing on my mind

I cannot foresee what tomorrow may bring

I want to see the laughter back in our eyes

I want the sun to shine and the larks to sing

I watch you silently drift to sleep

I want everything that love can bring,

I know I will watch with jealous eyes

In the morning when I’m still tired

But fired up with your love

Then when you leave once more

Without a second thought

To the one you say you adore,

To return back to her

I will remember the passion,

The fire in the night,

Your flaming hot lips,

The whispers that were there

The only moment we had together to share

Gillian Sims

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