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Time and Love – Promote Yourself


If I could use the day light savings

I have seen throughout my lifetime

I would spend each hour with you.

Time and love, juxtaposed eons,

Microseconds measured on the chronometer.

The clock face moves on,

Today, Tomorrow,

Minutes, Months,

The pendulum swings.

Eventually we will see our sunset,

Our moment will end,

Morning becomes noon

Noon Becomes twilight.

Old father time will sing for us


But all my time is yours,

Each synchronised sunrise,

From dawn to dusk.

Because when I revel in your present

Time is not linear,

Its spreads and shortens.

Minutes match hours

Hours hold seconds.

Time delays and dances with truth.

Yet you are my always,

The sands of my soul,

My meridian.

Phen Weston

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