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Red Bull Zombie – Promote Yourself

broken panes

Headlights blinking. Screens winking.
Flickers fast. Pulses past.
Faces. Stories.
From behind the glass.
Red Bull zombie—Zopiclone dreaming.
Rivers dammed. She is damned.
For counting cars. Memory jars. Covering scars.
Parked paces. Fragmentary faces.
Jeering. Leering. Revering?
Fleeting factualities. Through misted lenses.
Broken panes. Growing pains.
Ever-numb. Silently dumb. To the humdrum.
Ever-dark. Too bright. Plain socks dim the dizzying light.
Quickly gone. You dwelt too long.
You don’t exist anyway—Neither does she.
Blink. No change. Tries to focus—Out of range.
Nevermore. Hopeful of abating. Endlessly waiting…
To be me again.


I Miss Her – Promote Yourself


A melancholic feeling draped the room.
Sad people in every direction.
Standing still, teary eyed, in mourning.
Tissues drowned in a flood of tears.
It was so depressing.
The room seemed colorless.
Everyone wore nothing but black.
Light refused to shine through stain glass windows.
Beckoning the reaper to bring her home.
The crow flew up above the building.
The wooden man hung on the cross began to cry.
Women’s black veils hid their sad expressions.
But, I knew the tears were there.
I knew how miserable they felt.
It was dispiriting.
The church choir sung dreary hymns.
Disheartened voices echoed through the room.
In my ears the music seemed like crying.
The slow songs made things worse.
I wanted it to end more than anything.
Dismal minutes became cheerless hours.
I wanted to go home. so badly
All the sadness overwhelmed me.
I didn’t know what to do.
I couldn’t even distract myself.
Happy thought were forbidden.
The room was filled with,
empty feelings and people pleading with god.
The sadness was infectious.
As people looked at the body,
I watched hearts break one by one.
The mother cried so much she couldn’t speak.
The father couldn’t bring himself to look.
I slowly felt myself becoming despondent.
I could fight the sad, empty feeling.
A tear rolled down my face.
I miss her.

Dyllan Brown- Bramble


I saw an old man down in the market
I thought he look terribly depressed
He had tears rolling down from his eyes
I wondered what these tears expressed
I said “What’s the matter old fellow
Surely your life can’t be that bad
It upsets me to see you crying
Please tell me why you are so sad”
He said “I am eighty two years of age
My wife has just turned thirty eight
She makes love to me every night of my life
I’m sure that many would envy my fate”
“She does all of the washing and cleaning
She is also a very good cook
She never asks me for any money
I know that I have had my share of luck”
I said “I cannot understand your depression
You’ve had your share of the blessing that life can give
Please tell me what is the cause of your upset?”
He said “I can’t remember where it is that I live”
By Ron Martin
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