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Gasping for Air – Promote Yourself

The air and it’s clouds

Wispy wonders that flow through the air
Or bubbly blobs that move here and there
Cirrus and Stratus an unlikely pair
Whilst Cumulonimbus brings rain and despair
Up in the air there’s a candy floss land
That no-one can touch with a regular hand
Try as they may, try as they might
Most of the clouds come out late at night
Then one day, from out of nowhere
Came Cirrocumulus bibbly bubbly everywhere
He flew up and down making mackerel sky
How wonderful did everyone cry
Then as the night came, our bobbly friend
Whispered away the early day clouds
Waiting for sunrise to come over the land
He looked at the watch he kept on his hand
Drifting away he closed his eyes
Dreaming ’bout a wonderful surprise
As Cirrus did go, Stratus did come
A lovely time, oh what fun
By Erin Holmes and Mollie Smith(both aged 13years)

Mystery of Death

When you lose some one to spirit,
Whether expected or not,
At first everything is in turmoil,
Everything just goes to pot.

The disbelief it’s happened,
The anger and despair,
To be taken away is a mystery,
For the grief is hard to bear.

Turning it over in your mind,
Of the things that were said,
I am living in an unreal world,
Now that you are dead.

If only I could touch you,
To feel the warm of your heart,
It would ease the pain I am feeling,
Now that we are far apart.

If there are answers to these feelings,
Then I would like to know,
Does life end within the grave,
If not, were do our loved ones go.

My child you are feeling,
The pain from the bond of love,
You are experiencing the separation,
To the spirit world above.

You have only lost the material,
The bond of love will remain,
Nothing can separate what you created,
For you will be together again.

It will take time for you to settle,
For the hurt and pain to cease,
Remember I shall always be near you,
To give you everlasting peace.

I am not all that far away,
We are not that far apart,
Look in a different direction,
Send your feeling from within your heart.

All the thoughts you have sent I’ve received,
I will see you through darkness and despair,
I shall watch over you and the family,
And join in the experience that you share.

We shall all have a joyful reunion,
The moment you receive that call,
In the mean time enjoy your life,
As a place I shall prepare for you all,

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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