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Eternal Love – Promote Yourself


The touch that flows from youth immortal,
in never ending sensations of devotion;
crimson in perpetuity, nev’r dost fade
Lips divine and steadfastness of heart,

like the light that dawns on newness of day;
in similitude of your love that renews,
a joyous life, thou bringest within,
springing in love eternal

Dara Reidyr

She is the ocean: The winner of the international poetry competition 2011 – Sponsored by Don Holmes a local Nottingham poet

I love the depth of the ocean

As it matches your gamut of emotions

Darkness, mystery, abundance and

To those who strive for vilification

I love the vastness of the ocean

As it matches your eyes description

So wide, so pure and lacking fiction

Calling me to dive without vacillation

I love the alterations of the ocean

As it matches your unexpected actions

That makes each scene with different

To lubricate the wheel of our interaction

I love the breeze of the ocean

As it matches your fascination

I feel King in your captivation

And you are Queen of my passion

© Chaouki
April 26th, 2011

International poetry entry 2011

The winning poem 2011

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