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The Children of Gaza -Promote Yourself



I lie awake in the peacefulness of my bedroom

My neighborhood is quiet, sleeping soundly

No rockets, no gunfire, no army to fear

Only the dead empty faces of my society looms around me


I think about the innocent, the children and families of Gaza

Why does humanity destroy one another?

Lies, deceit, bloodshed will not end

Til we stop fearing one another and make amends


Hamas, like the new Dog Soldiers from times past

The Native peoples who defended their lands

The Cheyenne warriors who lashed out against genocide

They fought to protect their people from carnage


Neither side is just in violence and revenge

But what does one do when you are outnumbered?

Outgunned, and utterly defenseless you will flee or fight

When your back is against the wall, you feel there is no choice


My people, America, blind and confused

They do not see the truth, they are not told reality

The witnesses are the only truth tellers

They will ensure that the story is declared


While we watch movies, shop, eat, and drink

Death comes swiftly to those who are helpless

Unprotected and powerless against the machine

Mother Earth cries out for mercy and cease

Til no more death and crime awaits


Let us remember, learn, and uphold

Truth, justice, and love above all else

Never forget the faces of the innocent

Their blood, their sacrifice, their debt to us all


For killing begets killing but sometimes it is near

Near to us all, more so than we will ever know

 Kara Spain

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