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Fun at Nine Months Old – Prommote Yourself

Already you are 9 months old
I didn’t believe it when I was told,
“He’ll grow so quick, time will fly”
But the time really does fly by,
You’ve had your first visit to the park
We stayed and played until it got dark,
You sat on my knee as we slid down the slide,
I held you tight on the horsey ride
We’ve had our first trip to the beach,
Watching the donkeys that were out of reach
The weather wasn’t great but the wind made you smile,
Laughing and giggling all the while
We stood on the pier and looked out to sea,
Wait until you’re bigger and can paddle with glee
You will soon be crawling then walking away,
I’ll be chasing you every minute of every day
So until then I cuddle you close to my heart,
Then the invisible string will ensure we won’t be apart.

Abbe Cutforth

Donkey Rides

On donkey’s back in heat of sun

With childlike trust he journeys on

Our waves, our cheers, bring knowing smile;

The cut’s gates less than a mile.

We urged him on with waving palms.

He knew the end, and yet was calm.

He rode along, ‘ Neath father’s gaze,

His view was clear, no dusty haze.

He knew full well the tide would turn

His kingly stance, the crowd would spurn.

But he could see a prize to  win,

Man’s cancelled  debt. An end to sin.

Remember now, at Easter-tide,

To look again at donkey rides.

To see beyond the palms and fun,

To truth, not fantasy, to god’s own son.

Remember well that ride to death ,

God died for you, whom he gave breath.

So kneel and pray, and ask,

And he will show the way that’s truly free.

Dave R West

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