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In My Mind


two loversxxxxxxxxxxx

Memories are always part of us
Whether we share them or hold on
The mind can replay when needed
Especially from dusk to dawn.

Thoughts spill forth of you still
The curve of your face and smile
Scents of a shower or your perfume
Eyes closed you linger for a while.

Soft cotton slips to the floor
Candlelight dances on your skin
Light kisses and caresses flow
Emotions heighten once again.

Two hearts beating in unison
Fingers laced as we make love
It might be just a moment now
But still fits like a glove.

Dreams might be all that’s left
Keep them safe and hold them tight
The sunrise will bring a new day
For now, there is still the night.

Charles Townsend


Travel – Promote Yourself

Out of windows overused
into the rounded distance
where time does not stand still
but swarms in coexistence
of all things past and present
of youthful thoughts –
forgotten knots
that never really come or go
relentlessly they slide on waves,
the memory’s tetchy ebb and flow.
And as the grown-up mind
flies dreams at half mast
you gently push away the veils
to see them come undone
into explosive streams of rust.
Hey, I have just read about you on the blog and I really liked your idea, although it is probably a lot of work for you:) Hopefully, you enjoy it and get all the beauty you can from it.
I’m sending one of the poems I wrote recently just in case you might be interested:) There are some more on, some in English and some in Romanian. The verses I’m sending now refer to the feelings that travelling triggers, namely that purgatory or world of the inbetween, where people are no longer their usual, ordinary selves, where they reunite with all their former selves into a form of energy rather than anything else. This is not a concrete, terrestrial phase, it does not have a clearly defined body or face, it is a luminous place of memories, experiences and dreams. It feels like a personal mythical time capsule that spreads energy into the being and gives some sort of substance and sense to an otherwise fickle existence. And since it makes it easier to understand with the help of a picture, 
Hope you’ll enjoy it and best of luck with your project!
Adina Pop-Coman

Would You Save My Soul Tonight?


Would you save my soul tonight
Would you hold me close and tight
Would you dream the dream I dream
Would you feel the same emotion
Would you still hold me tight
All through the night
Caress my nightmares
Share what I share
See what I see
Do you believe in me
Would you save my soul tonight
Until the morning light

Gillian and Thomas Sims

Go on – Promote Yourself

                    mending hopes
                     building dreams
                     my life is…
                      yet voidness
                       always drags
                       me down…
                      time is ever
                       on the run
                      better keep pace with..
                       all along my way
                       i’ve realized
                       there’s so much to be done….
                 (by: Sharon Calingasan)

Hope and Happiness


We walked along the sandy beach

Tbe sunset bright just out of reach

Ideas and dreams filled our heads

Our feet walking in rythem

To the words we said

Love came easy when the wind took hold

Whispering secrets never to be told

Our laughter danced through our hair

While we walked for miles without a care

When eventually we closed our eyes

We slept in pockets of surprise

As the new day dawned

The sunset crept upon us

And we made a truce

To live in hope and happiness

And agreed to settle for nothing less

Gillian Sims



Not in the past where your tempests raged;
Or in the future, when unknown forces could shatter dreams;
Not in your soul, skewered by hatred and resentment;
Only in the present, as an open heart awaits.

Not by running from what is given;
Or hiding in bitterness and acrid thoughts;
Not in your head, where too many goals are left unfulfilled;
Only in hope, not beyond your reach.

Not in innocence lost or violence found;
Or misguided battles, conflicts unresolved;
Not in your body, ravaged with time and pain;
Only in forgiveness of yourself.

Not in others’ perceptions of who you are;
Or finding reasons to run from promise;
Not in your losses, though hard to bear;
Only in taking her hand; reaching for the sun.

Wendy Shreve











Enchanted, – Promote Yourself


Remarking on a word so full

Of wonder

I stare at this and insist

It’s case comes with power

Fulfilling dreams

And describing a magic

Of beauty

It seems it dares to be different

Even cogent it relies on thine eye

Of perfection

New and old both are

In the queue

Parting the waters with a hue

Of purple commenting

On it’s regal abilities

Sewing and mending

Something that’s heading

Into the depths of infinity

So projects my case

As not hiding

But binding to what owns me

Is my love.

Aimee Antozak

Stranger – Promote Yourself



My mind was filled

With too many thoughts,

Thoughts of the past,

Thoughts of the future,

Thoughts about my near and dear;

I began to worry,

I was unhappy,

I felt so heavy.

One night, I saw in a dream,

A stranger on a train

Sitting opposite to me

And asking me,

‘Why are you unhappy?’

I was shocked!

Had he the power to read my mind?

He said slowly,

‘Let go everything,

Fix your mind on the Almighty,

Think of Him

And He shall think about you.’

I woke up with a start!

Who was this stranger?

I thought,

Well, let me try.

I let go everything,

Began to think of Him,

My worries disappeared,

I felt so happy and so light!


– Geetima Baruah Sarma

A Glimpse

When silence has flooded the house
tin soldiers open their eyes
clockwork feet of a tiny mouse
attempting to surprise
a spaniel deep in dreams
of some endless summer field
of lake and starlit streams
no longer forced to heel
One long yawn slowly began
a twitch of a shiny nose
and a growl at a figure like Pan
a bark that would surely impose
in darkness, by fireside, a white beard,
that gleamed as if part of a crown
the dog and tin soldiers n’er feared
the figure in the red velvet gown.
Stephen Holloway
9th competition

Fire and Steam

Grinding metal
Hissing steam
Stained black faces
Bodies lean
Wheels that ran on
Rusting dreams
Through an age
When money preened
Look inside the flame
Of progress
Heat of revolution
Coated with a sheen
Of labour
Coal thrown through
Then all is vapour
Vanishing era that shrank
By Beeching
Consigned to history
Assigned for teaching
Out of the gloom
She snorted once more;
Into a vortex we assume:
Fireball finds the trapdoor.
By Stephen Holloway
9th competition

Love life

Silver streams

Midnight dreams

Faraway places

Rainbow chases,

Desert islands

Faraway lands

Mediterranean cooks

Babbling brooks,

Tanned skins

Bodies slim

Smiling faces

Summer days,

Stars twinkling

Babies blinking

New-found wealth

Good health,

Loving lots

Photo shots

Sunny weather

Living forever,

Secrets shared

People care

Silent night

Loving life

Gillian Sims

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