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Spring is in the air


I feel a spring in my step

Are you feeling it yet?

The temperature is better

According to the weather

The brollies have gone

The blackbird is singing his song

I see more smiling faces

Amongst all the races

People have more energy

Or is this just positive me

The skies look very blue

Do you have a spring in your step too?

Gillian Sims

On the bus

To meditate would not be easy

On this bus where raucous children

Run up and down although not meant to,

Laughing, giggling, almost, you might imagine,

Uncontrollable. A happy pair whose mother

Might restrain them, had she the energy,

And passengers might mutter to themselves,

‘Look at the scamps mountaineering bus seats,

Full of the life that in the rest of us

Has settled down to mild acceptance.’

Ron Gardner

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