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Good Manners

I held the door to allow a lady to enter a shop
And as a result I got a very pleasant surprise
For she stood, looked at me, and said “Thank You”
Her good manners brought a tear to my eyes
For good manners are very scarce today
I thought they had been consigned to history
Why this should be is hard to understand
In fact it has become quite a mystery
For when we were young we were taught to be polite
To stand up on a bus to let a lady sit down
But that does not appear to be the practice today
As I observe when I travel on the tram into town
Are good manners not being taught in our schools
Are the teachers too busy teaching dancing and singing?
We should never underestimate good manners
For they are a sign of a good upbringing
It has been said that good manners cost nothing
But their benefits are hard to evaluate
They can have a profound effect on our charisma
And can lift us from being average to first rate
Good manners help to improve relationships
And these are important as we travel on life’s way
For we all expect other people to respect us
And it is important that good manners are taught today 
By Ron Martin

Modern Mania



We are in a free state

our words are rampant,

abundant, thrown with fury

as our fingertips express

what our eyes might easily hide.


We have liberties

our lives are fluid,

we stroll by one another

on city streets, in corridors,

alone upon intersections

without connection,

islands traveling in unison.


We are a smart folk

adapting to the machine-

mania of new-world communication;

texting our ideals,

snap chatting our privacy

allowing our massive peer group

to react accordingly hiding the visual.


We are alone now

gleaning our devices,

a blue-tooth discovery

working its blatant magic

in separation, in desperation,

a distant eye on body language

cannot suffice the human condition.


We need to breathe with eyes in elegance,

share the touch, share the beauty, share the love.


© Thom Amundsen 2014


‘These eyes’ – Promote Yourself


Tear my eyes apart

For I’m not one to see

Such beauty as yours

Is too much for me


To better myself

My only plan

What can I offer?

Only my heart, only my hand


It hangs by a thread

In the air like a scream

No thief will come by

They know I’m empty


My fate it was you

But yours I was not

No, instead the path forward

Has started to rot


All time I shall wait

With a hope and a dream

Because I know if you don’t

I’m the lock to your key

Carly Short


Silence – Promote Yourself


Silence of our tones is slowly suffocating me.
The uncertainty of your movements is mystifying.
Hasty circulation of blood running through my veins.
Disproportionate mental exhaustion due to your mystery.
Introspection of my wrongs,
Realization of my brain-work and the present error before my eyes,
Is bloody atrocious,
Because I dig deep within my soul,
I shove my nails into my flesh,
With ambiguity.
As I fail to understand your eyes,
What are they hiding from me?
Is it my boldness you fear?
Or did I do you wrong?
What are we?
You and I?
Because the vagueness of our passionate stares,
Is confusing me.
Is it the gaze of love you exude?
Or all you have for me is friendly admiration?
But of course,
You and I can never be,
If you’re powerful enough to rule the world,
And my fragility stops me from stepping out the door,
If you’re determined to do the impossible,
And my hesitation is moving me nowhere.
So whatever we may be,
Whatever you may be to me,
And whatever I may be to you,
Our silence is due to our fantasies.
You and I?
We never spoke.


Eyes of a child – Promote Yourself

the_innocent_eyes_of_a_child_by_olivia_mira-d3bur9kI sometimes look into the eyes of my child
And pray to God and the Holy Virgin for forgiveness.
I knowingly brought her to this world.

When I seek evidence of a soul,
I find it in her. Animated, trans-substantiated.
Her very being in existence.

Proof of the divine is not etched in stained glass,
Nor the Masons folly of heaven ascending spire.
Instead a window reflected in dazzling blue.

Was my sin in creation absolved, as rough nails drove home.
Am I to be punished more than in thought verse and prose.
Belief is not opinion.

What shapes the paradox of my sinful act of creation.
How can beauty and innocence be wrong.
I do not create this world.

I sacrifice upon its altar.

John Bullock 

My first poem in >30 years

(Middlesex, UK)

The onset of migraine

The onset of migraine

Behind your eyes,

Glittering, dancing,

A half-moon of thorns

In darkness crown you.

Not Christ, may this be lifted.

Ron Gardner 23/9/11


Migraines & headaches 

Migraines and other types of headache – such as tension headache and sinus headache – are painful and can rob you of quality of life. Migraines are common and according to the NHS affect one in four women and one in 12 men in the UK. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. Headache remedies include various types of pain killers. Migraine treatments may also include anti-sickness drugs and medications to prevent or stop headaches.


Our red hot lips met

Our tingling fingertips

Showing the emotion

Of a red hot kiss,

Our eyes met

Our hearts set

Showing the emotion

On love,

Like a fire

We set alight

The magic night

Triggered flames

We couldn’t tame,

Showing our emotion

Our thoughts

Our desires

To set the night

On fire,

Our passion

An emotion

We couldn’t resist

That started with

A red hot kiss

Gillian Sims

Father open our eyes


Father open our Eyes

To the failures of mankind,

Seek out all that is evil,

  Correct all that which we find.

Protect all the innocent ones,

The vulnerable and the weak,

Surround them with your love and light,

In your arms forever keep.

Father gives comfort to the bereaved,

Ease their sorrow and pain,

Fill their hearts with knowledge,

That we all shall meet again.

Father heals all those that suffer,

Give energy to all that are weak

Diminish their pain and torment,

Give encouragement to all that are meek.

Father we send our thoughts to the world,

For everlasting peace,

Open the eyes of those that are blinded,

For war and destruction to cease.

Finally Father we ask you humbly,

For all those that have been parted,

You fill them with your love and light,

To mend the broken-hearted,

  Malcolm G Bradshaw.

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