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One Heart, One Loss, One Day


As we journey through this uncertain life
We live, we love, we laugh, we grieve
We can hope that days will be joyously filled
But we lift our heads high and try to believe.

We are given one heart and we protect it
Not that we won’t make mistakes in trust
Broken can be mended, just don’t harden
Give freely when in love, not just for lust.

We deal with the loss of those that we love
Sad, but one of the truths we must now live
We don’t forget them but we try to move on
Knowing they would want us to still give.

We are given each day the things that we need
However, wants that we have are not always met
We make the most of the time we are given
Hoping that love and life is what we might get.

Charles Townsend

Christmas eve



All was quite on Christmas Eve

Not a sound could be heard

For I was waiting for Santa

In the silence something stirred


I heard the sound of tinkling bells

Echoing through the night

Could this be Santa Clause?

On his sleigh all bathed in light


O please Santa don’t forget me

For I have been good and true

O Santa please don’t let me down

I would like something special from you


Instead of bringing me presents

I ask nothing at all for me

Just wrap all the spirit of Christmas

And deliver it for all to see


The spirit of Christmas is magical

Lets touch those in need

Let it touch those that are starving

Giving nourishment for all to feed


Let it comfort the lost and lonely

And to all those and their own

Bring the spirit of Christmas

As they sit alone at home


Bring laughter back into this world

Let it lift up and sustain

Shower it down on those that suffer

To bring peace into their life again


As the tinkling bells drew nearer

I hoped Santa heard my plea

That all my prayers would be answered

And the presents he’d leave for me



Malcolm G Bradshaw

A Little Prayer – Promote Yourself


Before I sleep, when the night’s at peace;
I caIl on Him with the dancing bees;
I don’t do this for you to be pleased;
but for me to be able to live with ease.
Trials and hardships have tested my faith;
A way out isn’t a problem ‘cause there is to create;
There are a lot of things that I wish to state;
but it is for you to discover, so go and change the fate!
As time passes by, we all move along;
Trying to find the place where we really belong;
Some are confused but please don’t get them wrong;
Because they couldn’t have seen yet the lyrics of the song.
There are problems that seem to last forover;
Stand up, face them, be strong and clever;
Don’t forget that you can cry on His shoulder;
You’ll feel a lot better when you say a little prayer.

Shavaun Lemieux

Sizing Up – Promote Yourself

gun head

There is laughter there
In-between broken ribs and bent souls
In being alone, in touching your own wounds
Salted funny

I needed to tell you I was crazy; in promise
You would not reject me because
I have an art about forgiving and still losing everything
Telling the preacher himself
So that I don’t feel so lonely
When you sit your sin right beside me

A mass of contradictions
You told me right and taught me wrong
Thinking that all I have to do is tell the truth; be strong
When the rope was dangling there all along
You sleep soundly
Thinking you have killed me, but I loved you
That was always the right choice to me

They all want to wreck me
And I want salvation
You want portraits of the condition I am currently in
Still waiting
Seeing the light through your cavernous body
Hoping my spirit clings to the correct things
And not the dampness of your dark

Taking what you give me
Even when it hurts me; you left me
Feigning and sickly; scrawny
From the lack of dreams where you would hold me
Sometimes I feel your fingers foreign
And I lack the self-respect to
Stop them because it’s been so long since
I’ve had someone’s whole palm to lay my cheek in

My tears will never be enough restitution
I could bleed your vanity and still be too thin
To complicated to kiss
Unaware of your efforts
Claiming to have good intentions
But all I feel is shame creep in

Memories of when just your form could make my entire structure unsound
Your smell could make me forget I ever
Saw hell in your eyes
The way they matched perfectly with your voice
That spoke to those words
Making me put a Smith and Wesson to my head

With still no kiss to my temple
The love I feel from you is lethal
But I know I’m more than thankful
Because if I was like you
Selfish acting noble
I would feel even more so unlovable

I have hope and
You don’t; say;
I’m sorry but I wouldn’t either
If the only good part in my entire day
Was watching a beautiful girl decay and slip away

My reality
And still you have the audacity
To say ‘leave me be’


Hi my name is Kelley Stephens I am from the United States in Oklahoma. I have a degree in nursing and I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I just started really concentrating on my poetry the last year or two. you can find my blog here Hope everyone enjoyed!

Kelley M. Stephens

Prayer for the world



Dear Father we come before you,

With deep concern in our hearts,

For all those that are suffering,

Here, and in far off parts.


We think of those who are afraid,

Those who are lost and alone,

Those who are caught up in conflict,

Who through war have no home?


We think of the children, Father,

Those that are sick and dying,

The emptiness in all their faces,

Bewildered, bemused and crying.


Father we ask you,

To instil into the minds of men,

To irradiate war and destruction,

And never to fight again.


Let us all pray for peace,

Together we will command,

A world of perfect harmony,

To spread throughout our land.


Malcolm G Bradshaw
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