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Earth angels

Angels are all around us

Look out for them on this earth

They have been with us all the time

From the moment of our material birth

There are many other angels

Who all come in different sizes

People who walk this world

Show themselves in different guises

Ordinary people passing by

Close friends and family too

For when you are in trouble

They will be there for you

You are yourself and angel

When you feel someone’s pain

Seeing those who are suffering

Wishing them all well again

Not all angels are angelic

Be aware what you say and do

For those that looks least likely

Could be an angel standing next to you

By Malcolm Bradshaw

The Christmas Box – Promote Yourself

My name’s Christopher Flame I’m 22. I’ve been writing for a number of years.
I come from east London – UK.
I’m currently in Swindon waiting to start a course to go onto study English literature at university.
I love to write about a variety of things really. the one below is quite a personal one of mine, its also featured on my blog. (I believe you gave it a like)

but I love to observe, people watch, as do a lot of writers and artists. sometimes to the point you forget your own life and existence a little bit.
but anyway, I hope you like it.


christmas treexxxxxx

We are not a family.
But the question intrudes
On a year of apathy.
“When is the tree going up?”
“Soon.” She would say.

We left it as long as possible.

Then my dad would enter the loft.
And reveal the Christmas box
Harboring the nostalgia,
The smell of old tinsel,
And last years dusty smiles

Christmas inside of a cracker,
Joined by it for a brief second,
A pull,
A snap,
and it’s gone.

We are not a family.

But hell,
I can be drawn in.
By the hypnosis of the fibre optic tree
Or the coke advert on t.v.
And believe its real for a moment.
As if we are held together by tired pieces of sticky tape,
Straight from last years multipack.

Then, at the end.
We make a relic of it all,
And pack the love and laughter
Back into the box.
Back into the loft.
For another year.
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